More food allergy for children

That is really concerning that more and more children suffer food allergies. I am not even qualified as doctor and often apply common sense and instinct when I look at something and often logic alone helps to resolve issues as well.

We are too specialised these days and often can’t see the forest because of the trees. Because everybody just looks at one very specific issue, we are unable to combine thoughts and are left to wonder what the cause of something is.

Severe food allergy reaction, which resulted in hospitalisation has risen by almost 100% in 4 years.

Allergies can be against, cheese, dairy in general, nuts, sesame.

Not all allergies result in a threat to life.

I blame lifestyle and eating too much pre-processed food.

agriculture barn clouds corn

Photo by Pixabay on I do not have any pictures from that time, so use a free pic.

My family used to run a farm, we made everything from cider to flour, from Sauerkraut to growing strawberries. We had geese, rabbits, cows, pigs.

I had a lot of contact with earth and the natural environment. All our food was basic and freshly prepared. My mother, nor her mother or the mother before that would go and buy any prepared food in a shop. In fact, in the village my family had a farm, the shop was the smallest institution in the whole area. It was tiny.

Whilst in a big city, all we see is shops. Our children live out of packets of ready-made food.

No doubt food selling has become a large part of our economy.

I’ve seen the changes here in London. So many shops have closed to be replaced by a shop selling food.

strawberryI still try to cook as much as possible myself. I walk past the cakes, I go home and bake one with ingredients I buy myself. You will be surprised how easy it is to make things from scratch.

Yes, it is more expensive. That is very unfortunate, because the more processed we buy and eat our food the less our stomach has to digest and that affects the microbes in our bodies and that is bad for us.

Probably food allergies are a reason why I could not buy any Tahini paste in my local Lidl nor in Sainsbury. Lidl didn’t even have any Humous in stock perhaps because it is made with Tahini, which is a paste made from Sesame seeds.

Can’t people keep busy doing crafts instead of buying everything ready-made, which  is a major cause of earth warming because producing things using machines, causes earth warming, instead of making food and selling it?


My home-made Christmas cake, it’s decoration is basic but it tasted very nice.

Yes, you can argue that the more people cook themselves the more ovens we need. Good point but health is the most important cause humanity can have.

We stick our children to sit in class-rooms all day and do not allow them to have contact with nature and then wonder why they do not know what a carrot is or where a chicken comes from.

Or, of course there is still apossibility that people always have been allergic to some foods but we just didn’t know it and they just died of something and it wasn’t clear to us what it was because science wasn’t able to detect the cause.

Enough of death, I just want to do something positive for the rest of the day, week, year.



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