Assorted weirdos

Dominic Cummungs’ latest blog request for assorted weirdos has made the BBC headlines. I would not have known otherwise as I do not normally follow his blog.

It’s just a shame that this government doesn’t know its people and has to resolve to such requests to try and find talent that they do not know exists.

The well-ordered order, that currently exists is well corrupt and he knows it and is trying to get people to apply.

Ha, ha, ha, chaser.

He is trying to do an Apprentice on the sly without the usual publicity.

Yet unfortunately his views are tainted in that he will exclude anyone with a significant Labour history and that excludes a lot of talent. So he won’t last long. He is in fact already curbing the flow of equal opportunity and social mobility and  seeks to create the master race of civil servants. Pretty German isn’t it?


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