comfort food anyone?

Last summer was wonderful. The shops were full of fruit and in the hot weather, I do not fancy much to eat and my diet was going well.

Comes October, the shops are suddenly full of bakeware. Cakes, biscuits, puddings. I walked past them last year and did not do much in the run-up to Christmas at all in respect of carbs or calories.

Having raised five children on little money I used to stuff the house with calory laden foods to help those growing children grow but now, the kids have moved out, I do not need that much food stuff anymore but found it is comforting for me to have lots of food around.

Then I was invaded by thousands of micro-sized beatles. That prompted me to throw out all packs of flour and even dry foods that had those little fuckers inside.

The kitchen was disinfected and food containers now replace the paper-packets. My typical Christmas buffet was replaced by a selection of fruit and I resisted the tempation to cooks lots of dinners over the holiday period.

xmas-fruitI restricted myself to one traditional goose dinner and that lasted me for a few days. The goose-fat is a valuable source of cooking fat and keeps well in the fridge for a months or two.

Now I am back to eating watery soups. Cabbage soup is a very good way of feeling totally full up and comfortably fed and feeling full without having to consume a load of calories. To keep it real one can add some favourite meat to the soup and noodles to bulk it up.

Next year I will even reduce on the chocolates I bought for Christmas because I do not fancy living healthy all year to just destroy all my efforts over a week of binging. I am a small person and do not need a lot of calories.

I tried this year to add Whiskey to my tea because after watching a film about the Mary Poppins production that the author added Whiskey to her tea. It didn’t work well for me and the bottle goes back into the display cabinet. It doesn’t go off.

I think I just use Christmas in future as a time of reflection and cosy up with nice decorations and enjoy the family time.


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