Keep out of religion

Having been raised next to a Catholic Cathedral but as a Lutheran Protestant, I never found my peace with God. I don’t believe that there is a God.

Even at my Confirmation, aged 14, I thought the vicar didn’t like me and I didn’t fit in.

Unfortunately the media is full with quite a lot of negativity about religion too. Stories of exorcisms going wrong, mothers with children being killed. Most recent case in Panama, but there was also a similar story in Ireland . Religion plays an important part in both cases.

Living here in East London without much money and raising children, I felt compelled to use the church schools. But they force parents to attend masses and participate in religious rites, which are always connected to various money collections, no matter how poor you are.

I also heard (non proven rumour) that a Catholic school allowed an expelled pupil to stay on when the parent agreed to pay £200 bribe money to keep the child in school, I felt betrayed. Betrayed for all those poor people who could not afford to pay that much and whose children were forced to drop out of mainstream school. This offends my sense of equality, fairness and justice.

I never felt really part of the church community unless I paid money to someone.

Whilst I don’t oppose churches providing education, I am opposing the obligation of parents to attend their church services in return. After all the education is paid for by the state and only a small amount of voluntary contribution is required by parents, which should not be connected to church attendance.

I thoroughly reject the idea that exorcism is a valid form of treating anybody and I am very uneasy about this.

If you have a choice, stay away from church communities. Only take part if you have no other choice. Never agree voluntarily that you need exorcism, it makes you more vulnerable.

I would go so far as to say that I would not stay in any kind of relationship that involves me receiving any type of injury, accidental or not.


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