Wrestling with the washing machine

washerI have a rare Kenwood washing machine. It was just in the shop and the cheapest model at the time. I often buy odd brands when they are cheap and on offer.

Today, I wanted to put on a wash and the water inlet didn’t work. OH, my, I panicked. I filled with the spout of the watering can but that didn’t get me far.

I remembered that when in doubt check the filter. Trying to open the filter wasn’t a good idea with water in the machine. I was very happy to realise that the spinning still functioned.

Once empty, I opened the filter and a lot of water came out together with 2 large coins and half a lolly stick.

Once cleared the machine water-fill function works again.

Always check the filter first. I already looked online for washing machine prices and there seems to be a shortage at the moment. Prices are quite high, especially if you include installation and recycling and the waiting time is about a week on an average delivery.

Doesn’t surprise me that some families can’t afford one. Come to think I had to wash all the washing for a family of 7 in the bath tub, wash, wring and dry manually. I gotten quite strong through that activity and not realising how strong went to a local Kung Fu club at the time and some muscle men were surprised when I was able to push them over. Not the master though, he was just unreal.

Now, as I am nearing 70 – well I like to make myself older rather than younger – and I just had a severe gout attack, I enjoy my washing machine and I am happy I got it working again.

Oh, no, it was just an illusion. Apparently only part of the electronic circuit board is still working but the programs do not. The machine will not fill up with water.

Whilst there are repair programs in place, I have had years of experience with that, I think that it is better to buy cheaper machines and change them rather than expensive ones and keep them for decades.There is always a lot of grime building up inside the machine, even though I use cleaners and Calgon. It’s those hard to reach places, where germs breed inside the machine.

On our council estate, there used to be a laundry community area where residents brought their washing to do communally. Nowadays we all have our own flats with our own machines. I appreciate that this mass production of machines has a considerable carbon foot-print. Yet, I can see no attempt of town planners to change our life-styles in a hurry.

Communal laundries with extremely sturdy machines are one idea, but they need to be kept clean professionally constantly, perhaps with steam cleaning or something like it. It is just too much for individual householders to have all tha equipment. Our living spaces get smaller and smaller, we cannot store a plethora of gadgets on individual bases.

So another new machine it is for us.

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