Avoided a shop-lift

Lidl currently sells down winter jackets. As I know the colour is my daughter’s favourite and they had it in a size 8, I reluctantly put it in the basket at a price of £24.95. At the checkout, I put the item through the scanner and once put onto the packing area, the red light flashed up. Waiting for the assistant, I still pondered over the purchase, but when the shop assistant arrived, he allowed the jacket and cleared the content.

Just when I looked at the final price, I realised that the jacket cannot have been added to the bill. I told the assistant and he told me to check out what I had and do the jacket again afterwards.

After packing my other stuff, the jacket just would not scan, it came up as zero.

The assistant told me he could not sell me the jacket as it was not in the system, yet it was on the shelves and priced.

I thought, if I had packed the jacket, after the assistant had cleared it on my packing area, without it being added to the bill, I could have been arrested by shop security for shop lifting because I would have had the jacket in my bag without it being visible on the till receipt despite the shop assistant clearing the item on my checkout shelf.

I suppose I oculd not have proved that the assistant had cleared the item without referring to the security CCTV footage.

Having had a purse stolen previously at Lidl and police refused to look at CCTV for lack of time, I did not want to chance anything.

Unfortunately I could not purchase the item and I could not take it away for free without risking arrest.

So honesty has deprived us of a winter jacket we wanted.

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