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Whilst our Prime Minister today announced the closing of all schools from Friday PM, Boris said that children should not be looked after by grandparents, as they are more vulnerable in catching diseases.

I don’t want to use improper language in commenting but instead say that a recent YouGov poll, on behalf of Age Uk established that 40% of grandparents, over the age of 50, provided regular childcare for their grandchildren.

Either Boris wants all working parents to take an extended holiday and full government funded pay or start to become realistic to the fact that grandparents do look after children.

Additionally, there are naturally older parents, who conceived and bore children later in life.

The general attitude that all older people are unsuitable to look after children because they are more susceptible to catching Corona are cobbeles.

There are also quite a number of grandparents who took over full-time childcare because the parents are unable to do so. At least 10% of children in London looked after by family members other than the parent, so-called kinship carers.

Boris Johnson’s remarks are purely age-discriminating.

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  1. pwei34
    Mar 19, 2020 @ 01:51:26

    It’s not that older people are more like to catch the Covid-19 virus, it’s that the consequences of doing so are more serious the older you are. Those over 70 are advised to self-isolate as much as possible. As a 62-year-old with diabetes, I am also at higher risk.

    Children, to quote one teacher “are little germ factories”. They are likely to have the virus with very few symptoms, but be capable of passing it on. I know of one teaching assistant who was sent home last week because she has asthma and other breathing issues, along with her 75-year-old colleague.

    Looking after Grandchildren may be inevitable, but it should be done with the understanding of the risks involved.


    • Johanna Kaschke
      Mar 19, 2020 @ 06:19:06

      Of course, thank you for the thoughtful remarks. There are people of all ages who are more vulnerable and there are people of all ages who are tougher. I am just a little reluctant to accept generalisations about ages.


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