the 2 metre gap

I am trying my best to stay 2 metres away. Today I got up at 5am to get to the earliest available shop for 6am.

I think only shops, which do not have carparking facilities allow sparse amounts of shoppers. Those shops, which have large carparks give way to all those horders who come and empty shelves.

The shops with carparks are crowded and chockerblock full up. There is no chance of keeping a distance from anyone.

I shop with my rucksack and a bag only and could not possibly empty any shelves as I cannot carry the stuff home.

They should forbid shopping by car – unless people are core workers and have no other opportunity to shop. That will stop hording and empty shelves.

As I was waiting for the bus, to get home this morning at 6:15am, I was approached by a homeless man, who slept in the street, asking whether I have 50p for a piece of toast. He came from behind and stood quite near. I could not have anticipated that.

So why is it that there is no provision for the homeless?

Why are all retailers unable to accept online orders? Obviously having a good system of deliveries would invite people to stay home and not go shopping.

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