How to survive the Corona lock-down

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This assumes you have internet and electricity and don’t have special medical needs.

  1. Keep your regular routine according to your body clock. Set a bed-time and wake-up alarm and don’t get out of sleeping and waking your regular hours.
  2. Don’t feel sorry for the food you amassed, thinking you have to eat it. Donate excess to local food banks, their phone numbers will be available on social media.
  3. Have regular, daily showers or a full-body bath, washing your hair and all of your body. Wash your hands as often as possible.
  4. Have extra moisturing cream available and apply to your hands, as the skin will get brittle.
  5. Rinse your mouth with mouthwash each time you feel a sore throat or a strange taste in the mouth. Also a daily cup of tea with Whiskey will help but not more than 2 screw cups full.
  6. Keep your exercise routine as much as possible. You can go jogging and walking. For at-home exercise there are plenty of sports clubs publishing exercise routines, anything from dry-swimming to running on the spot on social media.
  7. If you watch TV, use all commercial breaks to stand up out of your chair and do some movements. Whilst watching TV you can exercise with your arms, waving them around. (don’t hit others doing so). Avoid noises that annoy neighbours in adjoining flats/houses.
  8. Avoid extra conversations with those who are locked up with you.
  9. Respect other’s and find quiet chores like playing scrabble or games online or with your consoles.
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    Use headphones.

  10. Only play games in groups if it stays funny and entertaining. As soon as any type of squabbles arise break it up and all do something quietly.
  11. Help the Corona Virus research by downloading the Corona Virus Research App and report each day how you feel. Search for Covid Symptom tracker on your app store.
  12. For shopping use local small shops who stock fresh produce. It may be slightly more expensive but you probably buy less and have more joy out of it.
  13. Keep 2 metres away from strangers and all who do not regular live with you.
  14. Never touch your face when in public places before you wash your hands.
  15. Use anti-bacterial gel after getting off buses, leaving shops etc. Try to pay via ApplePay or card instead of cash.
  16. For school children having their GCSE or A-level exams cancelled, keep your minds fresh, regularly revise as school and education will go on.

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