Viral spike

The death rate published by the Mayor of London proof to me that the Corona Virus does have an impact on national / regional health.


Just over 20% of all registered deaths in England are in London.

I found it hard to believe that anybody actually dies from a virus because I do not know anybody personally who is affected. Live goes on for us, just as it did before, just that we keep to social distancing rules.

Our sports club has shut, our local amenities and schools have shut and we can just go out once daily for exercise or shopping.

It’s very concerning that the actual rate should be much higher if one takes care-home deaths into consideration. Not only is the number bad, it is also the fact that those people seem to die easier in care-homes.

We just come back from our local park and it is full of healthy and fit runners. Perhaps we should need some targeted social distancting.

Previously I had severe viral illnesses twice and at that time no doctor was even keen to find out the exact nature of the virus. All they said, you have got a virus, there is nothing we can do. Perhaps in future doctors should investigate virual illnesses more precisely to avoid sudden upsurges of previously unknown viruses.



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