Coughing anyone?

I haven’t coughed a lot this winter, certainly no persistent new cough. In fact my breathing went exceptionally well this year.

Yet, yesterday, when I entered a local supermarket I felt something scratching my throat badly. Shock, horror, fear, could that be a Corona virus cough?

Also other people react badly if they see you coughing in the isles.

I put on my spare face mask and immediately the coughing urge went away. Also after I had left the supermarket and took the face mask off, I no longer needed to cough.

I suppose there was something in the air, that initiated coughing for me.

Saying this, it is always good to go through a process of elimination and go through obvious check points first before thinking that one has caught Corona virus. A face mask is always good in crowded places because tiny particles might be present in the air that we breathe.

Masks are not just good for keeping our droplets within but also to breathe clean and filtered air.

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