watch out for the family trap

What I find quite astonishing is that many people now use the term family to try and extort assistance from somebody they know there is a physical relation to.

But as I pointed out in many posts previously, unless the relationships that children of a family formed were built with the express consent of the parents or grand parents, those younger additions to relationships cannot call themselves family member as there has never been any consent towards it.

When men pick out girls from their school education or engage with them to have yet another child without the knowledge or consent of the grandparents, they can then hardly expect those grandparents to provide help and assistance by stealth. Grandmothers just do not have to support the grandchildren their daughters had without their knowledge with some man the grandmother never met previously.

The term family gets used to exploit older women’s maternal instincts to provide help and support free of charge.

So enough of that. Many women fight hard to get equal treatment in the work place and have a say in public life, so girls stand up for yourselves and be very choosy.

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