Annulla l’iscrizione

Much progress has been made by some e-mail providers in that Microsoft now allows users to directly report spam or phishing emails with the press of a button.

Other providers are not so accommodating. I have one e-mail address for which I started to received regular e-mails in Italian. I don’t speak a word of Italian and didn’t know what the term unsubscribe means in Italian.

I just deleted the daily influx of Italian e-mails.

Finally I got to Google translate and found that it means Annulla l’iscrizione. I pressed this and now received an email to confirm my unsubscribing.

It’s annoying that such small matters can take up so much of someone’s time.

On the other hand, I could have learned Italian instead but languages has never been my best subject. I don’t even particularly like my own Mother tongue – as they call it -. Even in school my German teacher remarked how talented I am for the English language, so here I am.

I regularly watch Inspector Montalbano and get along using the sub-titles. But then I love detective stories in any case and watch them whether they are from Norway, USA or Britain.

I find Italy fascinating as Italians have a very good and healthy attitude to feeding their school children. I think Jamie Oliver has contributed much to importing their food philosophy to us.

pepperoni pizza with basil leaves

We all love a Pizza or Pasta. Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

The Italian Paralympic team I remember fondly as they left behind a lot of their food supplies at the London Aquatic Centre after the most recent Word Para swimming champs where I was a helper.

I can hardly speak German now, though I do understand written text in German. What fascinated me about English is the melody of the language, which allows expressing complex meanings in relatively short sentences, using clever words.

German it’s harsh sounding in Comparison. Though to this day, I do not know the names of trees in English and have not mastered fluently the use of sophisticated English words. I often find myself searching the Internet for meaning of words for example when I watch the Parliament Channel.



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