Don’t do to others

what you do not want done to yourself, is the simple moral out of yesterday’s ‘Law and Order UK’ storyline.

A gay police officer was shot by a drug dealer and bled to death within 4 minutes as a major arthery was hit. His colleague, who happened to hate gays, was prosecuted for not helping because he put out anti-gay leaflets.

If that had been the other way around, the jury still would have found the defendant police officer not guilty because it was a life and death window of only 4 minutes.

There were two reasons for that:

  • The accused police officer for not helping could not have been able to save the shot officer because he may not have had the medical knowlede to do so. If somebody bleeds out within 4 minutes that must have been an extremely severe injury.
  • There was still an armed criminal on the scene who could have shot the officer who was waiting for back-up, which was also late.

I have seen loads of films where officers were not helping because they are told to wait for back-up. They are told not to endanger themselves when an armed criminal is around.

What I find disappointing in this context is that the CPS took so much effort into prosecuting this case when there are a lot of other deserving cases around.

In the end any officer can find excuses not to help a fellow officer but that sets a bad example and all officers who do not help each other for some reason or another or in retaliation only put themselves and their whole force in jeopardy.

Because remember officers are there to uphold the law and if criminals get support by officers not helping each other then the whole job is made that little bit harder.

I can’t really compare this with real cases as the series is purely fictonal.

But why get so hung up over gay or not gay situations. Personally I could not care less what orientation a person is because if I do not have a relationship with a person, I really do not want to know about their bedroom habits. What counts is the job and the aim of the job and not who somebody fancies.

All in all very disappointing.

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