walking past the cake shelf

Of course those high-energy users like for example Amazon Prime delivery guys or builders etc., they need plenty of calories but myself, sitting in front of the screen a lot of hours, I really need to keep those cakes out of my shopping basket.

My concerns for Christmas are centred around getting enough fresh vegetables, salads and fruit. Having a nice and cosy home over the long winter break.

I won’t even bake a Christmas cake this year. Those cakes just give me an excuse to gorge myself on unnecessary carbs.

Whilst shopping I noticed some vitamins seems to be out of stock, especially cheap Vitamin D.

It is not easy to escape the constant dribble of having to buy gifts for Christmas. I remember the times when government was busy telling us to save our money, now we are being urged to spend it, to keep business going.

Fine, me buying stuff keeps someone else in employment but then, I also don’t need anything right now. Business will always try to find ways to make me want to buy something.

But if society was built on need to do rather than need to make a profit, we would change our ways of making things.

We spent a lot of money getting ready for school, buying tech to assist learning, paying for communications services is a very important part of spending the limited budget we have.

I think people shouldn’t fall into that trap, which tells them to buy a gift or be a dork. If you don’t have money, don’t buy a gift.

All cultures and religions have times when giving gifts is part of the celebratory regime. But in fact the life-cycle demands us to spend our money sensibly on choices, which further education, career and job prospects instead.

Advertisements are made for the few people who have lots of money because the many who have little money can’t possibly spend as much as they are expected to.

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