age discrimination

why can’t all GP’s just be like Doc Martin? The miracle doctor just looks at people and delivers a diagnosis. He never fails? Sharp and smart pinpoints the cause of all ailments!!!

Doc Martin even realises that a patient in fact doesn’t suffer from Alzheimers or dementia but has carbon monoxide poisoning due to a faulty boiler.

The current media drive to declare all older people as incapable and out of it, is in my view unlawfully discriminating against older people.

In some meetings I attend, they actually ask for young people to take up posts.

There is no guarantee that any young person can either grasp the concept or deliver solutions because they are young. There is also no guarantee that they do not get ill, do not have accidents or do not move or die early.

Requests for young people are more related to hormone functionality and perhaps sex drive and or the breeding instinct of the person asking rather than a rational need of participants to fill posts.

so please dont’ ask for young volunteers, as it is discriminating and if you are running an organisation and looking for partners, please find another way of finding one, rather than asking for volunteers who fit your age range.

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