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I can highly recommend watching Andrew Marr’s mini series of the “New Elizabethans with Andrew Marr“. He has some excellent ways of putting things into a context that explains why the Queen is such a popular monarch. She doesn’t insist on channelling the sexuality of people to replace it with sheer and harsh justice.

Even Margaret Thatcher’s ideas of the property owning democracy is in a way revolutionary as it aims to dismantle the centralised ownership of the aristocracy and replace it with mass ownership of smaller parcels of land and property. That’s most likely the only reason why Tony Blair supported her so much.

Andrew Marr is one of the few people who grasps the basic and important concepts that drive social development. Why I woulnd’t go the same way as Mary Whitehouse and lament the deterioration of sexual habits, another intangible thing, is because it doesn’t lead anywhere.

Perhaps there is a sexual motive behind the police constantly stopping and searching black young men? There is a 2% sucess rate for searches. Yet, rioting and burning things down has not helped at all to reduce the social standing of black people in Britain. In a way, all poor people are treated like second class citizens, I can sing a song about that.

The British are great in winding up those who are easily emotionally stimulated. But carrying knives is – as many young people today seem to think helps them feel safer – is definitely not the solution.

Anti-crime is a better strategy than anti-sexual freedom.

I don’t think that the legal framework for individual ownership of all wordly property is fit for purpose. Home owners have a lot of uncertainties and problems to content with, which are far from satisfactory to resolve.

Example for this is that the Labour Party relaxed building regulations, which led to the installation of flammable materials, e.g. on the former Olympic Village 2012 in London and on Grenfell Tower. Because of the flamable material being owned by the owner of the flats, they now cannot sell the flats, nor can they afford to change the cladding on the 2012 Olympic village, leaving home owners unable to sell or move.

Home and house ownership makes people inflexible if they want to move. They rely on someobody else wanting to buy their existing dwelling to be able to move on. I spent a lot of time watching house-owner TV programs and some houses are in very remote locations or built in a very particular style and the chance that somebody else would want your existing property when you need to move for a job promotion for example are not 100%.

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