Student rent can be unfair

Students who live with parents, who own their home and merely pay rates do not get a change to rent or rate demands of the parents by local authorities.


if a student lives with parents who themselves are entitled to rent reductions get a huge change in their rent demands once they start going to university, even if they decide to remain in the parental home, in which they may have only one small room and share the home with others who may not have to pay any rent. In some cases students have to share their room at home with another sibling.

This pushes students out into student accommodation, which may be more expensive than a whole flat on social housing.

For example a 4-bedroom council flat in Tower Hamlets can cost £160 rent per week but a student accommodation of just one room can cost £200 per week.

Yet, if a student only occupies a small room in a flat with others, who do not have to pay rent, why should that student then be liable for the whole rent on the dwelling, also occupied by others.

University students do not get exemption from paying rent, regardless of where they live, if rent is due to be paid on a dwelling.

Hence students who can remain at home with home owning parents have less problems, which is quite unfair.

We cannot assume that all students move out from home once they go to university. They may be able to attend a local uni and remain at home.

It would lessen the demand for housing if students could remain at the parental home whilst at uni.

I think where students to remain in the parental home, they should also get a reduction in rent because they only occupy part of a flat, that is otherwise shared with other people who do not have to pay rent at the full rate.

It is hard to understand but explains why so many poorer children find it completely unfair to having to pay the whole rent on a flat once they go to uni. This problem is not unique to the UK as I learned on Yahoo today.

Source Yahoo

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