An hour’s wait for home

Today I spent more than an hour waiting to be connected to the Home Office helpline, specially for those who have received EU settlement scheme letters in error.

Finally, after being patient for over an hour, the agent from HO came on the line.

Had to answer questions about NIS number, when entered Britain, old passport number, receipt of benefits, new passport number, email address, phone. Whether I changed my name recently.

I once was a Taylor when I was married but changed my name back to my European sounding maiden name after my divorce.

Quite amazing that someone can have a British passport for decades and the Home Office still have not got that on record or question the validity of the ID with such queries.

Just because of the sound of a name? Did someone clone my ID?

Well I sorted this today. Will get an up-dated letter soon. The letter asked me to ring within 28 days of receipt. What if I had not waited for over an hour to speak to an agent? What would have happened after 28 days?

It’s an utter disgrace that the Home Office pretends not to know who has a British passport. The letter seems to be genuine and only gives people the option to ring a number if they already hold a British passport, so they can up-date their records.

That seems really cynical to threaten immigrants from Europe that all their benefits will get cut off unless they ring this number within 28 days and then let you wait for over an hour to answer your call.

I think this is more racist than anything else. The Home Office can’t possible make us belief that they do not know whose been issued with British passports?

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