28 days to ring HM Government

I just wrote to the Home Office, because apparently the British nationality card is played by some government department to make threats cutting off benefits and entitlements, if one doesn’t ring them within 28 days.

See my previous post, where I actually did ring them, to be told that I get an update in the post.

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It seems a rather expensive tactic from the government’s side to remove all benefits and entitlements because someone doesn’t ring them within 28 days. Considering that people have to wait over 1 hour to be spoken to. The average working person could neither afford nor wait that long to speak to someone in working hours. What if someone is ill and can’t ring? What if someone hasn’t got the money to ring?

So I wonder what game HM Government is playing on people.

Just imagine what would happen if countless immigrants from Europe. who hold British passports, suddenly get all health care, other benefits removed because they did not ring a government line within 28 of a date of a letter when these people hold valid British passports!!!

That would cost councils, individuals and other service providers a lot of money to deal with the backlash of such actions.

Just imagine if landlords then remove all housing benefit entitlements, doctors refuse treating patients because someone in HM government refuses to accept the validity of a British passport because somebody didn’t ring them within 28 days.

This is the most ridiculous tactic a government possibly can use to sort out affairs.

Anybody being withdrawn benefits, would appeal against that, meaning that both sides would have to seek legal advice, cases would go to courts and keep the judicial process busy.

It’s more than ridiculous to do something like that and it is highly discriminating against immigrants from Europe who already have British passports, to threaten them again because they came from Europe.

I’ve been in contact with Citizen’s Advice yesterday, who never heard of anything like that happening before.

I spoke to ActionFraud to ascertain whether those HM Government letters are genuine, who they believe they are.

So I now emailed the Home Office to ask why British Citizens have to undergo extra scrutiny just because they come from Europe.

There is a pattern emerging that Britain treats all immigrants shabby, regardless whether it’s Windrush or Europe.

I have now made not only one but two official complaints

  1. Home Office
  2. Immigration service.

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