Ban them

Quite astounded to learn that YouTube has allowed Nazi-occultists on their platform but has taken down my own little video about the Freemasons.

Does this show how powerful certain groups are or still are or continue to be?

I had noticed that the list of banned and danger listed groups from Anti-terrorist police has not been changed since 2019 and since then new groups continue to operate in Britain.

All those with radical ideas, which commit crimes or severely disturb our public order should be banned and treated as such.

Insulate Britain, who clearly radicalise their members to show disregard to law and order are not on any list. They are treated with injunctions, which they continually breach and nothing much happens. They are mainly white, privileged activists, which remind me a lot of ‘Baader-Meinhof’, who in turn also were white-privileged activist, who turned nasty along the way.

All groups who show disregard to law and order and disrespect to working people should be treated as dangerous and not just allowed to continue their hell.

The radicalisation along the way often happens on a platform of arguments, which make some sense to many, seem to want to save the world from danger but use it to terrorise others.

Facebook had removed Koetting’s page also on Instagram but YouTube needs to follow suit and government has to ban such Nazi-occultists groups.

But it’s not just the direct murder it is also the direct disruption of civil order that should be put on the ‘action’ list of government to declare as dangerous groups.

It doesn’t matter whether they are right or left or whatever ideology they follow, if they breach the law, they are not lawful. If they are proud to breach the law as both Danyal Hussein and many Insulate Britain activists are, they must be banned. Government can’t allow one and deny the other, it must deny both.

Every civilised society must have laws all have to follow or it stops being civilised.