The muddle of Covid status

Whilst I have a valid Covid Pass, as issued by NHS England, I live with someone who recently tested positive for Covid and has to self-isolate over Christmas. My NHS Covid App flashes green, does not tell me to self-isolate. My NHS App still shows a valid green Covid pass.

I do not have to self-isolate but the person I live with has. But I was told by the NHS over the phone to get a PCR test.

So, yesterday, to make double sure I went for the PCR test and still await the result. But, today’s rapid lateral flow test again was negative.

Update: The vaccines do work.

My PCR test came back as negative, 22/12/21. Despite living with someone who is positive and had only one vaccine, due to age, and I had three vaccines and didn’t get ill, despite close contact.

This is probably due to the impressive array of injections I had:

yearly Flu vaccines, 2 Covid Jabs, 1 booster Covid Jab.

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