The jewel in King Edward Park

Tonight’s Development Committee meeting of Tower Hamlets council was priceless. The patients and keeping cool at the worst of times, is what makes Councillor David Edgar, the master of chairs.

As the issue of the King Edward Memorial Park was considered, one Councillor wanted to have the matter deferred to keep people happy, but refusing the application, which was decided at committee to be polite and inclusive, would have resulted in the matter being deferred directly to the government for consideration.

This application dealt with an essential installation for the Super Sewer to be built and I suppose deferral would have put the whole project on hold, affecting the whole of London.

Out of politeness and to use the power of persuasion, I suppose, the chair allowed a vote, on request of Councillor Qureshi, to see if others wanted to defer the decision to make people happy. See as per agenda, the item was more a formality rather than a requirement to be heard. As Councillor Edgar put the item to the vote for deferral, Councillor Qureshi, actually forgot to take part and queries this as well.

What this proofed to me is that if you give people the opportunity to moan, they will moan and take it to the limit if allowed. I think the developers have gone out of the way to make the installation pleasant and Tower Hamlets will have a another great place to have an outing to. It’s educational as well as a pleasant walk along the river Thames.

I suppose the Secretary of State would have had to overrule the council if they had voted to defer or refuse, as the super-sewer is an absolute necessity for London and we all should be very happy to get it. See the webcast

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