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Closing popular bus routes

Another bit of drama created by Sadiq Khan is his desire to close the most popular bus routes because of ‘government cuts’.

Obviously it is designed for maximum anti-government protest. Nobody who has to make cuts would cut the most popular routes, as those routes obviously make money for the service provider. It is sheer maliciousness doing this. The bus review, laid on by Transport for London shows the most popular routes being under review, which in turn led to large petitions being raised, which again was countered by Sadiq, saying it’s all the ‘governments’ fault.

Sadiq knowns he has a fair amount of ready-made voters behind him and he uses that to maximum effect to create an anti-government protest movement, mixes in a bit of pro-Europe sentiment and anti-police strategies to make London more dangerous and hard to live in.

Photo by Ben Herbert on Pexels.com