is the best logistics invention for mapping. The world is divided into squares and each square is given a name made up of three words.

This is brilliant and it stops apps sending you to the wrong address. Because post codes are misleading as they encompass larger areas. The What3Words address is that one little square that actually is the front entrance or door to the building you want people to arrive at. It even works in the wilderness if you are lost. Put the app on your phone and if you get lost, you can find your What3Words location and let the emergency services operator know or your tracking uses it.

What3Words have an app you can download and is widely used by commercial suppliers, including Mercedes, it can be combined with Apple maps, which integrates the What3Words address into the search.

Previously, when I worked as courier, I had been sent a lot of times to wrong areas, around where I wanted to go, like to the back of buildings, the other side of roads. This app is very time-saving and fail proof.

Start putting your What3Words address onto all your correspondence and letterheads, to make it a staple for address finding for all your friends and business partners.

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