Politics · Tower Hamlets

Strategic development committee

10. August 2022, see webcast

The purpose of this meeting was to determine a planning application to allow or refuse permission to gate a housing development or community. The buildings already existed without the gates since a long time.

A resident argued for the gates because of anti-social behaviour and to say that locals don’t use the access to the canal and open spaces constructively but that only the ASB elements in the community misuse the space.

It had not been formulated what was perceived to be good use of the space but only in general terms by council representatives that good use is having access in principle.

Quite an interesting discussion whether to shut out and keep out the rest of the population from a housing development, which gives right of way through it, to reach the canal.

Council refused the application to gate the area because the principle of public access and right of way must prevail. Saying that all ASB problems have to be resolved by working on the root of the problem rather then just shutting it out. Council was concerned that if they granted this application, others would follow and this could lead to an extensive amount of gating and removing the general right of way in the borough.