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Dougans’ terrible legacy


This entry is corrected on 29.7.10 at 13:30  BryanCave puts the story on their own corporate website. They also speak of the case being struck out for abuse of process but the judge has explicitly said in his judgment that he doesn’t strike it out as abuse of process. See quote here again:   “62……… Ms Kaschke entertains […]

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The fascinating psychology of the Stadlen – Kaschke – Dougans proselitysm

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Whenever I am involved in something I am most interested in the psychology of the situation and in this court case the psychology of all the parties including the judge is most interesting. Of course, to start most people would say that I am raving  mad to even write about a judge who is sitting on a pile […]

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Herr Dougans Herr Flick

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Just compare the 2 photos and you can make up your own mind. Robert Dougans <> Herr Flick just move the wig in your fantasy over

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out of the blue

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The past seems to catch up with me as I just received an email, from an individual, asking me to get in touch because he read my articles about Robert Dougans and he has been hounded by that man for years. May I please ask you to understand that I literally could not even remember […]

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False interpretations of the judgment


Already I am getting via my Google alert the links to the blogs that maliciously misinterpret the judgment in the Kaschke v Gray and Hilton action.       In the blog Index on Censorship the article titled Bloggers’ victory: Gray Hilton libel case struck out, the comment posted on 23 July 2010 comments that the action had […]

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John Gray has become a fat ponze


I have to let out the frustrations somehow that I collected today when I sat the High Court to determine Stadlen J’s final judgment. John Gray is just a fat ponze now, he is part of the left-wing political establishment, having gotten the Labour Party Councillor post. Alex Hilton has gotten away with his tactics and Robert Dougans looked […]

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German autumn


As it has been published on Jack of Kent’s blog on 11 July 2010, I was invited to put a case before Mr Justice Stadlen to explain the difference between a generic accusation under §§ 129 in Germany in 1975 and an open accusation of Baader-Meinhof activities. I have used material that is either distributed or approved of […]

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steep up-hill struggle

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The cases I  have ongoing becoming a more and more steep up-hill struggle especially now also that Robert Dougans has won the assistant lawyer of the Year award from the If you look at the categories and nominations you see it’s a business led awards system. There are no social rights lawyers promoted, at least not at […]

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There is no guarantee of legal assistance in the UK

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I just read this most interesting article in The Lawyer online and it is titled “Real Pro Bono work is not a PR exercise“. Robert Dougans of course got a lot of publicity from his Osler casework, gave interviews outside the Royal Courts of Justice and of course his law firm BryanCave advertised his win against me on their […]

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The Guardian supports Human Rights abuse

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By allowing Simon Singh to publish his ill-conceived article about me the Guardian newspaper supports a violation of my Human Rights. Quite astonishing from a paper that prides itself to support those who need it most, the underprivileged, the under classes and generally those who suffer. I have written to The Guardian about the Simon Singh […]

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