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Tower Hamlets meeting, dated 5. October 2022, see online streaming here Speaker chairing the meeting, wants to show the council in the best possible light. 2-minute silence to remember our late Queen. Wishes the new King every success. Dispensation granted in relation to item no 8. Minutes of previous meeting, agenda was updated only the… Continue reading Council

development committee

Development Committee

Tower Hamlets 4. October 2022, see public TV stream Meeting hasn't started at 18:40 and shows two people sitting in the room having a conversation. start at 18:41 members' introductions. Minutes from last meeting vote result is challenged from the previous minutes, to amend. Consider reports on agenda and process for public speaking. 5.1. Langdon… Continue reading Development Committee

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Tower Hamlets, meeting on 28. September 2022, see webcast Minutes of previous meeting 1. August 22, accepted no comments Announcement on Liveable Streets matter, formal statement for the record. May people of TH demonstrated wish for change, put trust in the manifesto, offered real hope and vision. One of the central pledges was to remove… Continue reading Cabinet


Licensing sub-committee

Tower Hamlets 27. September 2022, see webcast Rebaka Sultana chair. 3.2. New premises license for Taste of Jaipur 74 Brick Lane. E1 6RL Brick Lane Community Impact Zone. Described as restaurant, Hours. sale of alcohol on and off Latest opening 2AM. Lots of presentations on this application ranging from Health & Safety to police and… Continue reading Licensing sub-committee

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Overview & Scrutiny Committee

LBTH, date 26. September 2022, online link It's 18:34 now and the meeting has not started yet. It's starting 4 minutes late and the sound problems are resolved at 18:36. Customer Services Improvements taken off the agenda. Skills Audit Feedback, Scrutiny have been organising in-house training sessions for officers of the committee, open to all… Continue reading Overview & Scrutiny Committee

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Conservatives took a Labour seat

Let's not get brainwashed by some media who desperately spreading false news that Labour is winning in all sorts of ways and that they are the next government. They are not. It is perfectly explained by this latest Conservative win in Sherbourne where Jackie Gardiner took a Labour seat with a comfortable majority. These were… Continue reading Conservatives took a Labour seat

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I agree with Councillor Shafi Ahmed, when he said during the Standards Advisory Committee tonight, that he prefers in person meetings as people can concentrate better. This morning I went to a half-half meeting, expertly delivered by THCVS. The room was well equipped but there was no reception for data for those who were not… Continue reading Meetings

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LBTH committee meetings

22. September 2022 Two meetings were announced Standards Advisory Committee, started on time 18:30, see online tv library Licensing Sub-Committee, still not started at 18:44, nor 18:53, nor 19:08. Pretty strange that we keep on getting notifications of meetings, which do not take place. both due to start at 18:30. It's not the first time… Continue reading LBTH committee meetings

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Heroes at the vigil

What a beautiful experience. Very sad and sobering. The elegant simplicity of the raised coffin in Westminster Hall. I spent 14 hours yesterday and early this morning, to pay my respects to the Late Queen Elizabeth II. There was no publicity or special recognition for doing this, other than the reward of knowing that every… Continue reading Heroes at the vigil

Monarchy · Queen ElizabethII

The sky was mourning over Buckingham Palace today

We were privileged to be given access to the funeral route along The Mall and around Buckingham Palace. I feel almost bad for smiling on such a sombre occasion. The Mall was empty waiting for the funeral procession to take place. The sky was dark and stone grey. We saw the wonderful tributes made to… Continue reading The sky was mourning over Buckingham Palace today