Job-share in biblical times

Very interesting that Al finally solved the Dead Sea Scroll mystery. Al concluded that two different people worked on the same piece. So they worked in shifts and shared the job.

Very time-efficient.

But, dated third century BC, unfortunately the content of the scrolls, did not magically transform into modern technological advances.

Hence the bible being a bit of a riddle for many young people today.

Pale horse

white coated horse running

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I’ve now watched two different versions of the Pale Horse, a novel by Agatha Christie, my favourite author.

I enjoyed the Miss Marple version more and though old-fashioned, it made it clear and easier to understand how the criminal organisation worked.

Quite fascinating that a criminal organised a gang of helpers who went around the homes of potential victims to find out what their habits were and what potions they used daily.

Then the criminal broke into the home of the victim, exchanged their favourite potion with a similar item but the contents now containing Thalium or rat poison so that the victim died from poisening, which was very hard to detect.

Doesn’t that make one paranoid not to disclose such information to strangers?

A sensible Nobel Peace Prize award

I am very happy that a politician who has established a very important peace process in Ethiopa, in the relationships between Ethiopa and Eritrea has been awareded this year’s Nobel Peace Price.

This is exactly the example we need, a politician who makes peace and not war.

I definitely do not want to see people awarded who engage in mere modern spin about Global Warming without making an actual peace effort.

New thoughts

The political correctness changes from time to time and we get trained how to express ourselves in the correct manner.

I find it quite amazing that people who behaved according to generally accepted laws and behaviour suddenly find themselves prosecuted in old age for doing things wrong.

This blog exists since decades and hopefully I did not make too many remarks, which are now unfashionable. I apologise if I did not correct anything in time.

Just to say that I am now reading new books and one of those is Steven Pinker’s “Enlightenment now“, which puts a lot of those modernistic fears that swampt the Internet for years into an excellent perspective. The book beams with positivity, just what I need right now.

Apparently a lot of great new books get recommended during the “Daily Politics Show“, which I enjoy watching too.

It is quite often that new trends throw up fears we all have in the back of our minds and appeal to us somehow and we engage at some point or other. There were the anti-vaccine people, the anti-GMO crops discussion and so forth.

Often radicals do exploit our fears and stear us into undesirable directions. We have to be careful and stay on the level playing field that is acceptable to all.

I think it depends what logarythm one is switched onto because social media always shows us stuff again and again we once looked at and keeps our minds on a certain level.

That is where the Steven Pinker book comes in because it clearly shows a very good set of comprehensive statistics that put human development into perspective world-wide. A book not to be missed.



Mind your manners

was always a very important tool when teaching children how to be polite, how to behave and show respect to others. It started in the school on how to speak with teachers for example. I am therefore very disappointed with the ruling of Mr Justice Bean who thinks swearing has become every-day normal behaviour.

Now it is no longer a punishable offence to swear at police officers. It just shows the cultural decay that Britain suffers at the moment. Not swearing encourages children to learn proper grammar and speak in nice sentences in a polite manner but now kids simply don’t need to bother any longer and language has become a careless tool in which one can let loose on bad emotions and distress others in the process.

That is bad and should be overturned as it makes physical attack much more likely when people are already verbally abusive. I had it in my own law cases where judges repeatedly ruled that online foul abuse is to be expected by people who are active in politics for example.

The degeneration of the English language and behaviour has become normal and it is very sad that judges support it when they are the ones who could use the law to engage people in better behaviour but instead they condone rude behaviour as part of the Free Expression agenda.

I just wonder whether judges will listen to offender’s swearing in their own court rooms too in future without it being a contempt of court.

The comparison of British and German culture

Some progress seems to be made in how Germans are portrait in the British media today because the article published on BBC is less harsh and more detailed than just the usual, “The Germans have no sense of humour” or “don’t mention the war”.

However what I miss is the proper comparison because whilst there is Paddington Bear, Germans have the famous Steiff Teddy, who is probably bigger or as big as Paddington. Certainly it has a big collector’s value everywhere.

The article says there is no small talk in Germany because some parts of a story had not been translated but that seems to be due to the individual who did the translation rather than the whole culture.

I do however agree that basic methods are different but those methods are often also different in average households on both sides of the channel. Some individuals plan forward more and others don’t. Some people use the instructions before they assemble furniture or use a gadget for the first time whilst others don’t. The British are famous for being laid back and enduring, whilst Germans are more planning and direct.

I think there are plenty of comparisons though for the word small talk, for example

The word quatschen, which is a German equivalent for chatting.

Some modern translation use of English words has simply been published by certain media publishers though the use of such phrases is just contemporary publishing but not the true sense of the word, it is a fashion to use certain words in certain circumstances. For example the word Mieze has been translated as Dolly bird when the word Mieze itself is feline and has feminine association and in the German language women can be described as Mieze or Kitten.

It cannot be said that the modern use or translation of English phrases represents the whole of the German culture though, it just shows that publishers use language in their own way, which is not exactly text book German or popular use of the German language.

The word Smalltalk itself is more a particularly cultural phrase, which is associated with a region rather than a word that is transferable itself. Smalltalk is the description of a conversational strategy or ritual. It can simply be translated with Unterhaltung, sprechen.

I am certain German’s know light conversation. The word small talk should be translated as leichte Unterhaltung just as German language knows the word leichte Music.

But the BBC article shows that people get employed for doing the most hilarious jobs.

thought control by Mayor Wales

It is appalling to say the least that Newham has banned foreign thought in its libraries. That is something Adolf Hitler would have done, that he would have banned any foreign influence of publishers on his propaganda machine.

The excuse is that this would stimulate people learning English better. But if that was so, then all foreign newspapers would be banned from all English railway stations and other newspaper stands around the country.

It is nothing but control over Labour thinking Newham borough and this should be against the law to ban foreign print from libraries as this comes under Freedom of Information. Everybody has the right to freedom of information.

I think that the government should step in immediately and force the London Borough of Newham to reverse its policy of banning foreign language newspapers and magazines. If that is what meant giving councils greater freedom than this freedom has turned into greater repression to residents.

I have a right to be a Christian – more housing issues

I do not rely on any statistics here but merely on what my personal impressions are from what I have seen and what I have seen over the years I resided here in Bethnal Green, which is part of Tower Hamlets, what I have seen is that many Christian buildings, whether churches, schools or community centers were dismantled and/or converted into housing. Whilst Christian buildings were converted into housing, I have seen a steady rise in Muslim prayer centres all over the area. More Mosques, less churches. When Christian buildings give way to housing, housing gives way to Mosques, so it seems to me.

Yet it seems to me that Muslim prayer centres are funded by public money whilst the Christian churches suffer from a lack of finance and for that reason have to sell up and convert into housing. I seem to detect a little bit of inequality here. Why is it that public money is used to convert public buildings into Muslim prayer centres and not into housing when the shortage of housing is so apparent?

Apparent examples are Christian churches in Bethnal Green Road and in Hackney road turned into housing complexes.  A former Lutheran church and school in Whitechapel turned into a housing complex.

Yet Muslim prayer centres sprang up everywhere. Our local council housing office was converted into a Muslim prayer centre. It would be interesting to work that out  in square meters how many Christian buildings were converted into housing whilst public community buildings were converted into Muslim prayer centres.

More interesting still is the finance of such facilities. St. John’s on Bethnal Green C.o.E. church, relied on a lottery grant for maintenance and many Christian churches suffer lack of finance. Whatever happened to church tax? Whilst we are squeezed for money people have hardly got enough to live on and cannot financially support churches. So it’s the churches that get abandoned by lack of financial funding whilst public monies are used to help Muslim churches. This seems highly unequal to me.

Christian churches also did a lot of valuable community work and whilst our governments worked hard to dismantle Christianity and the Christian infrastructure, local government administrations work hard and finance Muslim community centres, Mosques and therefore further the communities around that religion. Whilst of course we see an increase in anti-social behaviour of white youths all over he country, which is coupled with a decline in church attendance.

I think central government has to make an effort to make community care cheaper all around and use Christian communities rather than help destroy them and replace them with expensive white elephants, called local governments that are supposed to be non religious whilst at the same time paying for the upkeep of Islam whilst neglecting Christianity.  Well, I am not sure how exactly religion is financed in this country, still it requires planning applications to build anything on any land and the ratio of using public space for religion doesn’t seem to be in favour of Christian uses in any case.

I keep on noticing more and more how expensive it has become a be a Christian because Christian communities and churches do not get much public funding they rely on their members to prop them up and that is in principle wrong when Christian churches do an invaluable amount of community work. Yet our governments do everything to support foreign aid at the expense of keeping our own societies intact and healthy.

Even from my own perspective, I am a white immigrant from Germany, who came here to East London with the Lutheran religion, I found that nothing had been done to help me keep up contacts with other German speakers, local authority publications are never translated into German and I find it too expensive to travel into areas, where I could be mingling with other German speakers. As a white Christian nothing has been done to help me preserve my German mother tongue, the opposite was the case I was constantly bullied over my ethnic origin; that of course leads to emotional suffering, emotional suffering that Muslims and ethnic immigrants are spared because they get served. Why is there an assumption that white Christians do not need any support but only ethnic immigrant do?  

Yet whilst Germans are constantly bullied because of the former World Wars the support of Islam in the UK led to an uprising and strengthening of ethnic terrorism and a stigmatization of Muslims all over the country, whilst they still get plenty of public finance to further that religion by way of positive discrimination.

First and foremost we must concentrate on keeping peace and harmony throughout all communities but what causes friction is the one-sided support that some communities get and not others. Government now works feverishly to reverse the strengthening of particularly Muslim social problems that prevent a mixing of cultures like forced marriage but unless government has a clear direction we will never see any change in the social mix.  But particularly housing problems will not be solved if valuable space can be occupied by Muslims simply for religious purposes whilst that land could be used for housing.  Of course needless to say that local economies are also short of space for businesses. I have however heard that there is an over-abundance of vacant garage spaces throughout Tower Hamlets.

What governments have forgotten is regulatory legislation that determines the right to religion for all cultures in this country. When we were predominantly Christian, the finance of churches was solved via a church tax, similarly to IR tax. Churches made good use of that money and delivered cheap and effective community care but now, since that finance was removed from Christian churches, the decline of society has steeply risen.

To avoid ethnic clashes, why not say, there is a right to so many churches per 10.000 of any religion and that should be financed by government funding, instead of supporting only some religions and not others. This would also avoid over-saturation of some religions at the expense of wider communal needs. There should also be a right to religious association for minorities and help to support social contact for religious minorities.

choose at 14 for education

I am pleased that education in the UK promises to go into a constructive direction with proposals to make a change to secondary education, so that it looses the fright of selection.

Professor Smithers determined that it is a lack of skills that forces us to import so many skilled workers from abroad. Our pupils are currently forced to go the academic path till they are 18. Professor Smithers wants to learn from the German model where pupils’ obligatory education stops at 14 and students can divert into learning manual skills and enter apprenticeships or take further training.

Former Education Secretary Lord Baker also supports a changeover at age 14. I am of course well acquainted with this as I grew up with it and at age 14 had the option to continue study at an academy type of school or enter general academic study.

Selection generally is a problem in UK comprehensive education as schools don’t want to be seen selecting, but in practise they have no choice but divide classes into talent groups and put the pupils onto tables that cater for their educational talents.  We see reading books divided into talent categories, like with the Oxford Reading tree and pupils being given the level of reading difficulty they deserve.

Education cannot do without selection, schools can neither measure educational pace on the slowest or on the fastest and cannot force special talent into slower learning, which is detrimental to such pupils.

Of course slow learners, that are currently forced into academic learing till age 18 will have missed the chance to find fulfillment in other career paths, which is a shame. Altogether a great prospect for UK education to make changes at age 14. Source article here.

Not so ideal

I went to the Bow Idea Store this morning, that is the Tower Hamlet name for a library, and came to the newspaper section. Looking in the sparsely filled shelf I missed the East London Advertiser and The Sun newspapers.

Another stand was filled with Autobiographies of Tony Benn but I failed to see a book from David Cameron. I am not sure whether it is a good idea to expose a child to the Tower Hamlets Idea Stores because some information is kept away from children. Is this in the interest of children that they grow up thinking the ELA  and Sun don’t exist and that the world evolves around Tony Benn?

There is a large children’s section but I did not have the time to scan the books for content. Quite obviously the values children learn from books will shape their lives and growing up with only Socialist books fails to teach children about the world as it is.

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