I was fascinated to watch Jo Biden’s inaugeration. I didn’t even take that guy seriously. One look and I thought that old guy doesn’t have a chance against the burly bully-boy Donald Trump. With a woman as vice-president (Kamala Harris), the US is entering an era of hope and social change.

Actually for us older folks Jo Biden is a figure of hope as he is the one that dismisses those rumours that once over 70 you are only good for scrap.

There was a lot of hope with this high-quality performance of state duty.

Amanda Gorman recited and excellent poem, disguised as speech, the US’s first ever poet-loreate for young people and there were top singers to copella anthems and folk tunes.

This radiated a lot of hope. People believed and smiled.

Drill music

Watching Krept and Konan on Victoria Derbyshire was a revelation. It makes sense that stopping music is not stopping the cause of problems. Music is more a mirror of what is happening rather than the cause of it.

When I was young music was all about love and happiness because we had the baby-boom generation and life was easy and people made a lot of love.

The only odd one out were the sex pistols who were advocates of punk, which was not outlawed at the time.

Now we live in a period of austerity, which is the real reason for the increase in violence and music reflects this with drill music. The music is popular and sustains an industry and allows musicians and followers to establish business structures, which is a positive result.

Dylan’s opinion no, no, no

Not even Bob Dylan is safe on making opinionated remark. How silly things have become is clear in the fact that France now has served Dylan with a notice of intend to examine a complaint. Story here.

“Blacks know that some whites didn’t want to give up slavery – that if they had their way, they would still be under the yoke, and they can’t pretend they don’t know that.

“If you got a slave master or [Ku Klux] Klan in your blood, blacks can sense that. That stuff lingers to this day. Just like Jews can sense Nazi blood and the Serbs can sense Croatian blood.”

When Dylan was asked about US history, he stated some comparisons, remarking about old, new or repeating conflicts. It has to be categorically said, that he did not remark about any conflicts that had not already existed.

Perhaps people would have loved to see it if Dylan would have given a type of stereotype and childish answer like, I wish all people could become friends and that there be no war in the world; in the good old Woodstock fashion.

It seems clear that opinions are simply not appreciated anywhere these days. That is opinion that comes freely, in a spontaneous fashion. Most other opinion, is the paid for type, the strongly rehearsed fiction or fact that tells us what we can think or say.

In this instance also Dylan compared well known groups of people he compared Klan with blacks, Jews with Nazis. In those samples he stated that the victims can sense the perpetrator of injustice, like blacks can sense the Klan or Jews and sense the Nazis but in the case of the Croats he didn’t say Croats can sense the Serbs, he said the Serbs can sense the Croats and since the Serbs killed the Croats there was an ill-feeling about the remark of Dylan.

I personally think there is no point in having an opinion, unless one gets paid for having one, then there is already a much bigger power game in play. I simply do not express any opinion at the moment, therefore my own blog is concealed. There is no point in saying what you think. They tell you what to think in the FREE Evening Standard and on the BBC news.

There is also no point in voting unless one is directly personally involved in politics or gains financially in terms of business contracts after a party has come into power. It is quite obvious that many people have given up voting altogether as the participation has become minimal. Politics have become a game of chess.

Eurovision needs an ethnic overhaul

Watched the Eurovision Song Contest or ESC for short yesterday. If you asked me to tell you by tune alone where a song originates, I would have sworn that the Danish, winning entry came from Ireland. The classic flute and drum song was in my view ethnically Irish.

Most songs were in English and that was a pity. I would suggest that a new rule be made that forces all countries to perform in one of their native languages and at the most can only use the official language of the country, if any one country uses more than one ethnic languages. Belgium for example uses Flemish and French.

I think one could have thrown most entries into a big hat and let each country pull a composition out of it and let them perform it and that would not have changed yesterday’s results.

I enjoyed watching the contest years ago when countries proudly would attend in national costume and regional language to be frustrated by English speaking countries winning but that should not give them reason to throw their tradition overboard.

It is just atrocious that an authentic entry like Croatia’s was refused into the final.

I think for next year, all countries should submit ethically flavoured entries and flout the English speaking watering down of the contest.


YouTube has been found to be responsible for the copyright of music despite the E-commerce regulations and the German court decided that an Internet publisher should install filters to prevent the posting of copyright material but that is in my view a very laborious an unworkable concept. There are only 2 possibilities, its either only allowing approve material or charging U-Tube a universal license per month, quarter, annum, which is much more practicable and workable.

Asking a large company like YouTube to pay for each clip played, would be similar to charging a pub for each piece of music they play to their customers but such companies pay a universal license fee instead.

Engelbert shows how it’s done

I think it is marvellous that Engelbert Humperdinck, aged 75, will represent the UK at the next Eurovision Song contest. At least that shows us that you can get older in show business and that we still have some old-aged singing pensioners.
It is more than necessary that some health stories are pumped into show business because I have read a lot of early death stories for well-known show biz personalities, which makes the whole show industry look very stressful.

I shall enjoy this year’s Eurovision especially. But, I still miss Terry Wogan and he really could match Engelbert and also appear alongside him because Terry Wogan’s commenting skills are unsurpassed. There are not a lot of people that can make me laugh but Terry can.

Early death of Davy Jones of the Monkees

I find the relatively early death of Davy Jones very upsetting because the Monkees were my favourite band when I was young and laying in hospital, having had very complicated operations and having had to spend months on end in bed and the Monkees were the highlight of my life at that time and cheered me up tremendously.

I find it just frustrating to see how many of my favourite artists keep on dying off relatively young and I am getting very worried about show business because it must be bad for your health in general. Maybe its the stress of always being in the limelight and the media that worries artists to death, I do not know.

But surely it is not worth the money to live a life in the knowledge that one cannot get old in a profession. It is completely unreasonable that any group of professionals have to accept such risks on civil jobs. Certainly I would not want any of my family to get involved in show-business as it surely must be bad for your health.

Especially Davy Jones was the sweetest singer in the world and brought so much pleasure to all of us even in the early 70s with their televised music series, that was even shown in Germany, when I became a fan when I was only 13 years of age. It always started with the tune “He, he we’re the Monkees”.

The music was super awesome, so light and refreshing and the band always a delight to watch, there never was a dull moment and the Monkees were essential to killing boredom in those days for me.

A thought provoking event

“We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control”, this is how I belief the lyrics of the well-known Pink Floyd song go. This was a major source of marital argument in my family between me and my husband. My husband Robert, he loved the song, he hated school and so that is one of the main reason why we divorced some time later. The constant squabbling over that song caused huge grief for us.

The song is not just about some words but about lifestyle, attitude to life, fitting into society, and how we appreciate authority or not; whether we see teachers as helpers or unwanted influences. Another favourite of my husband’s was “You are just another brick in the wall” and “Teacher leave those kids alone” referring to those teachers who wanted to teach children how to think.

Having read that a son from a Pink Floyd band member was caught swinging from a Cenotaph flag pole, just reminds me of those important discussions my family had around that education song many years ago. Charlie Gilmor impersonates the whole attitude of that song I think, the one that caused me and my husband to argue for many hours.

I could never understand how anybody could like the song at all as I always loved school, loved my teachers and the only thing the brick in the wall reminded me of was an old film where a man could walk through a wall but the brick in the wall is a notion I could never understand, well perhaps in conjunction with the Berlin wall but that is probably not what Pink Floyd meant to express with their song.

Climb every mountain

that is the implication of Mr Justice ‘s  judgment, that I can still continue the path of righteousness but it is a very steep mountain to climb.

Yet are the hills still alive in English Justice? I certainly hope so because if they aren’t then there is a lot of dead wood on the mountain in England.

It is very worrying though that the court has already used one of my judgments to throw out another case and that of a woman at that. Knowing that this case is up for permission to appeal the court is very hasty to apply its new-found resolution strategy.

I am always positive and as such, since I have gotten rid of my frustrations taken a deep breath and noticed that I do not have a bad case but I simply have a badly pleaded case.

There is a remedy and that is to apply to amend the pleadings and particulars of claim. I wonder whether the Appeal Court judge can resists the temptation to refuse a drop-dead-gorgeous pleading.  It really is a matter whether the hills of English Justice are still alive or does it suffer from Rigor Mortis, to not let anybody up that mountain once made a mistake.

I was a bit worried when Justice Stadlen proclaimed that I would be unable to go through a jury trial because I am too slow and a litigant in person could not cope with that. Well that is an attitude that could have come from my husband who had a similar view to women in general and was very dismissive of inventive thinking.  We can divorce a husband but we can’t divorce a judge. There are many more where he came from in any case. So its a matter of arguing and convincing with a steady pace. To say it with the words of Joan Amatrading, I am not in love but I’m open to persuasion of the legal ideas of course, I hope that this is what the judge will think.

Joan Amatrading, singer of I am not in love but I'm open to persuasion

Yet looking at the situation from Mr Gray’s point of view, if the case went to trial and it wasn’t a jury trial then he would have grounds to go to Strasbourg if he lost. There, we now see the shortcomings of the Access to Justice Act, that yes, we want to allow litigants in person to bring Defamation Claims, but no, they can’t really have a jury trial. I don’t think that is going to work. I am going to apply for a Declaration of Compatibility. My second attempt to query the judicial system, since my application for Judicial Review on the matter failed, currently also before the Strasbourg court administrator.

I think it would be best all around if we could resolve the matter on the claims before the court because otherwise we open the gates for filing future claims on old matters just with different pleadings. I think that Hilton, Osler and Gray should have allowed me to amend the pleadings, now that I have finally caught up to the legal side of law as it was in Germany in 1975 and able to compare that to today’s Human Rights Act.  Because, frankly speaking, if the Court of Appeal now allows me to amend my pleadings and I win the case, then the Defendants will have to pay a much higher bill but also if the court does not allow me to amend then we will see more action both in Europe and in England.

So the English should not complain about the high EU contributions they have to pay as that is what much of the money to Europe goes on, to maintain the European Court of Human Rights amongst other things.

Frankly matter of being able to pay costs has been decided against me whilst the Defendant’s cashflow is zero too, they could not pay costs if they had to but the court has never even put them into the awkward position, isn’t that nice of the court.

Is there a general rule in English Justice that says, whoever gets the first costs against them is going to lose the case? I think the court should not give preference to Gray, Hilton and Osler just because they are young and middle-aged men who have better things to do than come to court and leave me with all the frustration and paperwork, to file with Strasbourg and then having to wait for years before I can get my costs back. The approach should be to resolve this matter now because the solution to the problem as it is now is unsatisfactory in so far as a publication is declared as untrue but the publisher has not been banned from re-publication. I do have a case but it is badly pleaded. I could get damages but because of the bad pleadings the damages are low. What does that mean to the rest of the world?

How art reflects on social health

I am now working on a new project to determine how we can see the poor social relations in a community by the art forms that are prevalent within it. In general terms the more chanting and ritual art forms are the more primitive and lawless are punishments executed.

I thought of that first of all when a neighbour told me how frightening the Shakespeare performance had been, yet this performance in levelled on a high-skill and relevant language laden stage with performers that sound out text and words to a script that does not require any rhythm to it.

One can purchase books on the rhythm of languages and the English langauge is so popular worldwide because it has a soothing sing-song effect that is coupled with comprehensive word management that allows the use of less words to say more. In comparison the German language sounds harsh and needs longer and more words to express something.

That expresses itself then in the music of a population group. It is not an accident that most classical music for example comes from German or European composers whose languages are more complicated as classical music is. To think about that is of course the influence I had from having dealt with Mr Justice Stadlen who is a classic musical lover and I thought about it in that context when I compared my desire to listen to rock music when I was younger.

The emotional impact of music is very important because if we look at classical music, it is a passive entertainment, it wants you to sit and listen whilst modern music wants you to dance and join in. The emotional upheaval of modern music is considerably more contemporary and severe than that of classical music. Modern music wears you out emotionally whilst classical music doesn’t as it is a special occasion treat that originally was available only in the live concert environment where people congregated to listen to the orchestra.

The language is the reason why most songs that win the European song contest today are sung in the English language because English is ideal for rhyming with modern musical methods. Yet those modern musical methods are also ideal for using chanting and rhythmical waves to produce the type of self-rocking effect that trances those who enjoy it and lead people often to want to use drugs or drugs lead people to want to enjoy that type of music.

Incidentally the 2 countries that were most prevalent in classical music, namely Italy and Germany have also the best policies on children’s health and environmental care but are also religiously strict. In our modern times religion has been replaced with monotone musical rhythms that replace the religious rites.

I think if we want to reduce the drug culture we also need to change our art forms but as long as business is dependant on selling the most of something that is wanted by those who do not benefit from it, there is little chance that we can change people’s listening habits.

personal craft or art has now become a thing of the past for most because it has become more expensive to craft something then buy it in a shop, which is counterproductive. There our international business emporium has a lot to answer to. The less people use craft the more spare time they have that can be abused to do nothing and to waste that time in awful circumstances.

Basic crafts should be compulsory subjects in schools along with learning to play at least one instrument and learning to read music.  The fulfilment an individual can have from making things is considerable and important for people’s mental health. It does not do that people easily get disability benefits to waste away their days.

Art has become too expensive, crafts have become too expensive and generally the ability to make art has become forgotten. Children are taught mental disciplines but little craft and skill that can be used to make a manual living.

I want to find out what the crime statistics were in more primitive cultures using primitive methods of mass hypnosis through chanting for example compared to societies where art forms were more sophisticated.

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