Nice celebrities

If you want to let your kids learn good manners, let them watch the Celebs in the Jungle in Wales.

Nice people, personalities, can’t fault them. There is no hatred, no jealousy, just supporting each other and being helpful towards each other. Sooooooooooooooo sensible in all scenarios.

I would never have thought that British celebs are such wonderful people for real.

Tv – misleadingly disturbing

Like so many of us, I spent a lot of time watching TV during lock-down and I am pretty terrified.

The days when TV programs acted as good role models seem to be truly over.

When the whole nation bemoans the steep rise in domestic violence, Eastenders comes up with Gray, the wife murdering solicitor , who seems to get away with his crime, the crime family boss Phil now has a serious contender in the Asian female boss, helping her son who murdered someone else’s child. The whole purpose of Eastenders seems to be, is showing the nation how easy it is to get away with crime.

But the BBC doesn’t stop there misleading the nation. The latest instalment of Inspector Montalbano portraits it as somehow OK if a man shoots his seriously learning disabled brother in the head after blindfolding him as a game. Quit alarming that this sense of Italian justice seems to get condoned.

Whilst the Swedish female sex made detective SAGA demands intercourse or she won’t mix with male colleagues.

Surely freedom of expression has come a long way to get away from wanting to display good examples.

Let’s not say that historical moral values of heterosexual matrimony like we see it in Lewis or Midsomer Murders are even valued in today’s moral climate, Grandchester sees to that. What is important is that TV programs should have an easy to understand message of what is wrong and right , at least in law but that is no longer the case.

It must be very difficult for young people these days to find role models from the media.

It’s shocking that we have to pay a license for TV when the content is not what we can choose.

learned behaviour

I am thinking a lot about family obligations lately.

To explain this imagine three scenarios.

  1. Your family is Mafia and you learn how to grow up in that and you have to stick to your family and support them no matter what or you get killed
  2. Your family is police and you see your parent put on that uniform every day and you learn keeping up the law is all that matters.
  3. Your family runs a business and you learn to think about profits and losses and how to make people buy your products.

Everything in between is a mix of those.

There is a lot of underlying crime about and I think it is difficult for kids who are not trained from the start either to be maker/seller criminals or law enforcers to find a way to recognise what is right or wrong these days.

Just read that some Apps like Snapchat are now used to sell drugs. Kids tend to have to learn and once they made the mistake they know it doesn’t work.

I think much more should be done to explain to kids where the dangers are.

Perhaps in schools there should be one lesson per day and good advice on what to avoid and how not to fall for dangers, which are not apparent to anyone unless they’ve made the mistake.


Unison Demo today in Tower Hamlets

Unison was holding a demonstration against Tower Hamlets Rewards. I am not sure what it is about, just pictured the moment as I came across the demo on the way home from shopping in Whitechapel. The demo was walking down Cambridge Heath Road from Bethnal Green towards Whitechapel.

I can understand people have a grudge against changes to working conditions. I noticed the traffic held up was not pleased. Did not see any police around to keep the peace.


Demo against Tower Hamlets Rewards

Find it amazing that Unison is accusing Mayor John Biggs, to behave like Margaret Thatcher, when former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair himself hailed Margaret Thatcher.

It is true that John Biggs only enforces government legislation without making much fuss about it. All policies about school closures for example are carried out because of government rules on school funding.

What room to exercise discretion does any council actually have?

The reasons for the dispute are listed here.

  • Slashing Severance Pay by at least 80% and capping pay outs at £25,000.
  • Reducing starting salaries for Scale 6 to SO2 by one increment instead of expanding grades upwards.
  • Substantially reduced Flexi scheme that allows a maximum of one day owed per month with a maximum of seven hours credit/debit and loss of credit if not used within a month.
  • Travel allowances cut by £596 with more restrictive ECUA criteria.
  • Night work supplements starting later (at 9pm, rather than 8pm).
  • Market supplements replaced and restricted by subsuming into future pay rises and only giving to new starters.
  • Review of Special Leave entitlements
  • Removing protections around disciplinary and grievance procedures by making them non-contractual. This will offer less protection to TUPE transfers and reduce consultation if changed in future.
  • No payment for travel time in new Mobility Clause and limited compensation for excess travel costs.

It is concerning that the payment for travel time is to be axed. That always had been a big problem for people on zero hours contracts or the self-employed for example when they had to travel from job to job.

The proportionality of travel costs in jobs must be a matter of consideration. Almost everybody complains about travel costs. Season tickets can make a big dent into ones income. It makes a difference though if you pay for twice daily travel to and from work and a regular income with that or if you are self-employed, like a carer and have to travel to several jobs per day and dont’ earn proportionally enough to make that worth it.


Annulla l’iscrizione

Much progress has been made by some e-mail providers in that Microsoft now allows users to directly report spam or phishing emails with the press of a button.

Other providers are not so accommodating. I have one e-mail address for which I started to received regular e-mails in Italian. I don’t speak a word of Italian and didn’t know what the term unsubscribe means in Italian.

I just deleted the daily influx of Italian e-mails.

Finally I got to Google translate and found that it means Annulla l’iscrizione. I pressed this and now received an email to confirm my unsubscribing.

It’s annoying that such small matters can take up so much of someone’s time.

On the other hand, I could have learned Italian instead but languages has never been my best subject. I don’t even particularly like my own Mother tongue – as they call it -. Even in school my German teacher remarked how talented I am for the English language, so here I am.

I regularly watch Inspector Montalbano and get along using the sub-titles. But then I love detective stories in any case and watch them whether they are from Norway, USA or Britain.

I find Italy fascinating as Italians have a very good and healthy attitude to feeding their school children. I think Jamie Oliver has contributed much to importing their food philosophy to us.

pepperoni pizza with basil leaves

We all love a Pizza or Pasta. Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

The Italian Paralympic team I remember fondly as they left behind a lot of their food supplies at the London Aquatic Centre after the most recent Word Para swimming champs where I was a helper.

I can hardly speak German now, though I do understand written text in German. What fascinated me about English is the melody of the language, which allows expressing complex meanings in relatively short sentences, using clever words.

German it’s harsh sounding in Comparison. Though to this day, I do not know the names of trees in English and have not mastered fluently the use of sophisticated English words. I often find myself searching the Internet for meaning of words for example when I watch the Parliament Channel.



Thought control from Mayor Facebook

Having heard that YouTube – owned by Facebook – has shut down the postings of David Icke, a proclaimer of weird theories about the origin of Covid-19, it seems interesting, to say the least, that we now have thought control of the Internet imposed upon us.

Just wonder whether an alpha-male like David Icke will take that laying down. I don’t agree with his opinion, that G5 could be responsible for Corona Virus but it is an opinion, wrong or right. People no longer have the choice to listen to nonsense now.

I noticed that YouTube also deleted one of my videos. It was actually factually correct but not very pretty and filmed in a darkened room. It dealt with the origin of the Freemasons, a subject that was discussed on social media 30 years ago. Not that I am particularly interested in it, but it is noticable that YouTube thought it needs to be removed.

On the matter of enrichment, I thought the more the better. And as long as it doesn’t promote open violence or hate why can’t people say what they think any longer?

Just went shopping the other day and really appreciated that we have so many shops from people of different cultures who all sell basically the same stuff but sell it for their own communities from different outlets.

Trading standards could come along and say, they will not allow shops from people from differing cultural backgrounds but they don’t. It is not allowed to discriminate against other cultures, so why is it allowed to discriminate against whacky ideas by some individuals?

David Icke does not promote denial of the Holocaust. He merely thinks that G5 has to do with Corona Virus. The flat earthers are allowed to publish.

Perhaps what people need to do is to hire their own internet servers, which do not rely on major publishers and publish their own stuff by their own servers.

I curently use WordPress but do not need the platform.

I have noticed a big drop in postings on Facebook. It seems to get out of fashion.

To the rescue

Getting any service is very difficult now. Unless you are on the register of vulnerable people you can’t even get onto the online shopping basket for supermarkets. Not even the shop and collect service provides any local opportunities.

Yet, Amazon comes to the rescue. They do release daily home delivery slots if one is lucky enough to catch them at it. Having spoken to a neighbour who thought that Amazon Fresh is unethical, I wonder whether the people who get employment or those who supply the chain would agree. Amazon now delivers products from a lot of different producers.

As I am not qualifying as vulnerable person because I am too young and not sick enough, I do have to care for a child that just had an operation. I can’t go out and queue up in front of a supermarket for 2 hours before they even let me into the shop.

I changed my shopping habits, I go local and get some food stuff in via Amazon Fresh.

How to survive the Corona lock-down

adult biology chemical chemist

Photo by Pixabay on

This assumes you have internet and electricity and don’t have special medical needs.

  1. Keep your regular routine according to your body clock. Set a bed-time and wake-up alarm and don’t get out of sleeping and waking your regular hours.
  2. Don’t feel sorry for the food you amassed, thinking you have to eat it. Donate excess to local food banks, their phone numbers will be available on social media.
  3. Have regular, daily showers or a full-body bath, washing your hair and all of your body. Wash your hands as often as possible.
  4. Have extra moisturing cream available and apply to your hands, as the skin will get brittle.
  5. Rinse your mouth with mouthwash each time you feel a sore throat or a strange taste in the mouth. Also a daily cup of tea with Whiskey will help but not more than 2 screw cups full.
  6. Keep your exercise routine as much as possible. You can go jogging and walking. For at-home exercise there are plenty of sports clubs publishing exercise routines, anything from dry-swimming to running on the spot on social media.
  7. If you watch TV, use all commercial breaks to stand up out of your chair and do some movements. Whilst watching TV you can exercise with your arms, waving them around. (don’t hit others doing so). Avoid noises that annoy neighbours in adjoining flats/houses.
  8. Avoid extra conversations with those who are locked up with you.
  9. Respect other’s and find quiet chores like playing scrabble or games online or with your consoles.

    photo of person holding white headphones

    Photo by Sound On on

    Use headphones.

  10. Only play games in groups if it stays funny and entertaining. As soon as any type of squabbles arise break it up and all do something quietly.
  11. Help the Corona Virus research by downloading the Corona Virus Research App and report each day how you feel. Search for Covid Symptom tracker on your app store.
  12. For shopping use local small shops who stock fresh produce. It may be slightly more expensive but you probably buy less and have more joy out of it.
  13. Keep 2 metres away from strangers and all who do not regular live with you.
  14. Never touch your face when in public places before you wash your hands.
  15. Use anti-bacterial gel after getting off buses, leaving shops etc. Try to pay via ApplePay or card instead of cash.
  16. For school children having their GCSE or A-level exams cancelled, keep your minds fresh, regularly revise as school and education will go on.

TV ads instead of demos

Whilst Extinction Rebellion are trying to sell us their story, they do so by stopping traffic, apologetic, no less, they cause a disturbance.

They say, they need to do this, to make us aware of the climate agenda.

But, what about taking out a TV ad instead. You cannot reach more people than with a TV ad. XR got lots of money, they have extremely rich sponsors, so TV ads, should be affordable for them.

And as it is such a good cause, ITV or other commercial channels may even chip in and half the price?

Apparently the Chief Medical officer, constantly appears in between our favourite program to remind us of corona Virus dangers, he wouldn’t dream stopping traffic to remind a few drivers of the dangers.

Obviously XR want to use the issue to radicalise ‘rebel’s, teach them how to interrupt and feel good about it. They use and abuse us to train political resistance.

paying for use of email address

As a webmaster, I directly hire web space URL hosting space from hosting providers. For the general population, when you use BT services they give you email addresses you can use and when you leave you can keep your old email address for free or for paying a price.

BT would allow you 10 email addresses others have various rules. Sky and Virgin also give you bundles of email addresses, which you can create yourself and use.

My webspace providers wants to charge me over £12.25 per year for the use of one email address name over a period of 10 years. That costs a whopping £122.

Amazing prices. Yet, is it not in the best interest of service providers to let you keep your email address as the more they change the harder it is to trace communications.

Talking of continuation. It is very worrying that there are discussions to dismantle the BBC as on their website, there is a wealth of information and getting rid of the BBC would also stop those web pages being published. Those web pages are like an online library of history.

Every website that links to those web pages will have dead ends. Not very good.

Steady communications, including email addresses are very important for our security. Constantly changing media will make it impossible to trace. Just look how criminal gangs use burner phones. They only switch on when in use, then get disbanded. If we get the same thing with emails, life will be much more unsafe for us.


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