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I agree with Councillor Shafi Ahmed, when he said during the Standards Advisory Committee tonight, that he prefers in person meetings as people can concentrate better. This morning I went to a half-half meeting, expertly delivered by THCVS. The room was well equipped but there was no reception for data for those who were not… Continue reading Meetings

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Very impressive debate

Yes, it was well worth watching the hustings for votes towards the next Prime Minister. I've even been convinced that nuclear energy is a good way of producing cheap and reliable energy. I was all for wind turbines but that is on its one a very laborious and not very versatile and fragile type of… Continue reading Very impressive debate

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Overview and scrutiny

As always, I watch all council committees whenever I can. Tonight's Overview and scrutiny dealt with significant underspends and monies moved to the reserves. Even more now than former Councillors Woods constantly complained about. Predicted inflation was covered, however it was only raised in any other business, which effect the war in Ukraine may have… Continue reading Overview and scrutiny

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Complaint up-held

Sense at last. UK Visas & Immigration have decided to up-hold my complaint about treatment received via HM Government to do with the EU Citizenship procedure. Despite being a fully signed up British Citizen, with a British passport since decades, HM Government kept on sending me letters about EU Settlement. They said that I need… Continue reading Complaint up-held

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Political solutions

Councils really love it, you collect signatures for petitions, you present the petition in council chamber and they can either allow or deny the request. Often enough they deny it, but, they still love it that you came to try because it is democracy in action. Apparently it is extremely time-consuming to collect signatures for… Continue reading Political solutions

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centralising services – Facebook

The positive first, Facebook has developed a way to determine what is deep fake and where the image comes from, reports Microsoft News. However on the other hand, the social media platform Facebook now acts as intermediary for all types of contract service if something is lost and wants to control how service provision works.… Continue reading centralising services – Facebook