Anti-discrimination doesn’t benefit the poor

The rich and powerful always want to stay at the top of society regardless of what methods they have to use to stay there. Even if all rich persons today were to become disabled and disease stricken, they would never give their money away to somebody who is poor and clever. They would make all types of laws and rules that lets them keep their money and keep the poor poorer than themselves.

Only when the majority of a ruling elite in a society become so brain damaged that they cannot control their armies to defend them will a whole culture vanish rather than the diseased rich giving up power to a poor person beneath them. That is in principle what happened to the Roman Empire and that is the problem we encounter today again.

There are now so many laws in place and legal mechanisms that are only there to ensure that no rules can exist that could seriously threaten the powerful elite today that all we can do is sit back and wait.

I really do not know why some people keep on protesting so hard against this, that and the other and get themselves in danger because all this does, is help the rich cement their power.

There are now so many instances today where we see that rulings for examples in courts are completely besides the point but that no sensible outsider can even make suggestions to remedy the problem. For example the previous post shows how a German court ordered YouTube to instal filters, when that is a hilariously impossible suggestion to make and the simpler solution of charging a flat fee license fee never even crossed the judges minds, so it seems.

We saw the rich inventing cigarette smoking and getting themselves and the poor smoking to death until it gotten so bad, that they eventually had to concede that it was a bad idea after all. Then we had some brain boxes decide that it was much better to stop individual farming in favour of urbanisation. The poor Greeks are currently the ones who get the same treatment that German farmers got in the 50s and 60s. They are told that because of economic pressures small farms become uneconomical and that they should stop farming.

The problem just is that whilst things happen nobody can really afford to speak up and protest because we have to keep our jobs and homes and income but usually all problems only come out decades later or even centuries later when suddenly somebody concludes the sensible thing, that was not admitted at the time.

If all the richest persons in the world were also the most cleverest and the most healthiest then you could bet your last Dollar that the laws we have today would be completely different. We would see a repression of the chronically sick, a discrimination against slow learners. But because there are now more and more rich people with health and learning problems, that is the only reason why society adopts a more tolerant approach to disabilities and illness. Yet the more the upper classes degenerate the more will the whole of society become weaker and slowly disintegrate into unmanageable chaos.

Could we not find a way to allow those who have the abilities and natural vigour to also get more responsibility over those who just wither away with their Dollars in their pockets.

I often ask myself why did the Bible often speak about people reaching much higher ages than today and I thought that it is possible that some rich persons gotten jealous of those with long-life genes within them that they killed them all and that is why our lives are shorter today.

Sometimes we hear about the odd person with extraordinary talents, who are not charlatans but genuinely have other features to their whole personas than the average person has.  It is not a matter of only giving those who have the perfectly healthy bodies all the best attention but it is a matter of not getting into a situation where we over-emphasize either being too set on all healthy and fit against being too understanding for degenerative conditions to the point that slow learning can sometimes set the mood in whole schools so that children with talents have to suffer and cannot learn properly any longer.

We should re-balance the equation and give schools extra money for children with disabilities as well as for children with abilities so that schools stop being tempted to fill their classes with disabilities just to get more money coming in, as they otherwise would. Equally why do only parents with disabled children get extra money but parents with able children don’t? Why do only youths that committed a crime get work placements and why do those who are decent and don’t commit crimes don’t get any jobs? All these things happen because the repressive mechanisms that are in place today, want to dishevel society so that only those with problems can be kept under stricter control and those without problems cannot get into a position where they could challenge the authority of those in high places.


YouTube has been found to be responsible for the copyright of music despite the E-commerce regulations and the German court decided that an Internet publisher should install filters to prevent the posting of copyright material but that is in my view a very laborious an unworkable concept. There are only 2 possibilities, its either only allowing approve material or charging U-Tube a universal license per month, quarter, annum, which is much more practicable and workable.

Asking a large company like YouTube to pay for each clip played, would be similar to charging a pub for each piece of music they play to their customers but such companies pay a universal license fee instead.

Jared Lee Loughner

Looking at this YouTube video, the link to which I got from the BBC website today, it seems to me that the guy wears oriental trousers, that’s odd.  Looking at the context, that a white guy, wearing Oriental trousers, burning an American flag, who later goes out to shoot an American politician indicates to me that this guy might like AlQaeda or might even think he carries out an act on their behalf.

I have not found out anything about this monster’s personal problems, his past, other than the quotes on websites whereby his school mates describe him as odd. I do not know whether that man had parents or was in care. It seems a rather lonely figure without much family. I could not get access to his MySpace.

All that is known that he smoked Cannabis and that only serves again to show that mentally unstable persons get pushed over the edge by the use of Cannabis and it is only right to continually ban Cannabis for use.

In general politicians of all democratic nations have to work together to beat the threats that are made against our democratic constitutions. Wikileaks, in the shape of a white guy supports Islamic terrorism by disclosing US army secrets and here we have a white American guy wearing oriental trousers, burning the US flag and using some oriental name to promote it underneath.

We have to be much more careful and monitor what people post and put surveillance on guys like that and all American politicians in particular have to have more security to protect themselves against attack by use of weapons. We should make the best use of the Freedom of Expression by pinpointing potential threats that people pose and announce it on social networking sites.

The Giffords attack should have been prevented

Reading this latest report, thanks to God, the Congress woman Giffords is still alive, though in critical condition. The report says she has been shot right through the brain. As described in my previous post late last night, which was not completed because I have to have some sleep each day, I linked to both an MSN report and the attacker’s own YouTube posting in which he describes himself as Terrorist. Here is another chronology.

I am more than surprised that the local law enforcement and crime prevention officers did not pick up on this guy and that he was not under surveillance to carry out this most disgusting crime not only on one politician but on the whole community, killing innocent bystanders like a 9-year old child and a judge. Please click on this link becasue police believe the attacker was driven to carry out his attack and did not act alone.

This man deserves the death sentence as he obviously systematically prepared his crime and was well aware of his actions. He describes himself as well-educated.  I am astounded that the US police agencies did not have this man on their most potentially dangerous persons list. This is of great concern to me as to what law enforcement reckon to be a dangerous person because the criteria with that terrorist is quite clearly, self-detached, happy to call himself terrorist and listing all sorts of books, which were written by mass murderers as his favourite, his left-wing involvement and – what is not known to me – his own life-style and he is most likely not a family man and therefore should have been under constant surveillance.

We had an attack on a local politician carried out by a single woman with a knife, which only severely harmed the politician concerned, yet this matter of attacks on local politicians is of great concern in today’s world and  I shall make enquiries how well our local politicians – and the community around them – are protected  from potential attack.  I am more than surprised, that the Americans despite all their well-developed security services have been unable to detect this most dangerous man’s postings on YouTube and/or that they had been dismissed as harmless.

I can also again only reiterate that the slow introduction of violent argument into politicians campaigns makes it much more difficult for the police to determine danger because when such rhetoric becomes common place, it is hard to distinguish who means it and who doesn’t.

I think we should clean up political campaigns and politicians should lead by good example and not make any violent threats to the other parties,  not in word, picture, not jokingly or in any other capacity. Police forces cannot go around and watch all those who use threats as a matter of speech in every-day situations. Yet this particular attacker was also a left-wing loner who posted some very weird video with terrorist content  on YouTube. The content of that video sounded like a last good-bye.

It also does  not make the job of the security services easier if all sorts of people post false accusations about other’s potential involvement with terrorism now or in the past as the police will spend valuable time checking up on this when in fact the really dangerous people, like that terrorist in the US by nam of Jared L Loughner, carry out their vile trade undetected.

I am not convinced that the actual politics involve play any role as it should be a matter of principle that all politicians are protected from attack and that matters of democracy must be dealt with strictly within the law. We cannot tolerate that politicians with controversial views are gunned down to make a point.

To add to this post, I would like to remark that I find it naïve to say the least, that the Congresswoman did not have any type of security at that event I understand that she had already received threats before and knowing that she supported firearms ownership, and knowing that in the USA there exists a sad history of murdering politicians with firearms, it would have made sense if she had put in place some personal security measures.  Here in the UK we have a register of vulnerable persons and I do not know whether the US authorities make protection available to politicians who have received threats of that nature.

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