Thatched Mary

My only fascination with Margaret Thatcher arises from the fact that she reminds me very much of my own mother, who sadly died when I was aged 17. That attracted me to the Conservative Party at one point. Not only the looks of Maggie but also the dress and whole behaviour are very similar. Yet my mother only spoke German and was lovely. But Carol Thatcher is trying very hard to be a nice person too, she won by a long margin during her jungle spot.

What is also interesting now is the fascination about Maggie Thatcher that the Tories now have, it’s a bit like holy Maggie compared to “Holy Mary Mother of God” it’s ‘Holy Mary, mother of the Conservatives’.

The 10 Commandments

Look at the 10 Commandments and here it says in Commandment no 2 “You shall have no other Gods before me”. And  Lady Thatcher has been elevated to Godess like status, which is a Godly sin.

The whole way, in which this lady is elevated to special status reminds me of the personality cult we find in Communist countries. Incidentally the Conservative Party recently had a big Humanist renaissance.  I think her current rise and elevation will lead to a big fall in a couple of decades.

Others have also mentioned that Mrs Thatcher is often seen a lone woman surrounded by men, that no other women were given large scale support in the party.

A Thatcher museum is planned for her inventive politics. I can’t see anything especially good or inventive about them. Plainly she saw the whole world as one big shop and treated Britain as if it was for sale. She acted merely as the shop keeper of Britain, as she was a shopkeeper’s daughter. Now look who owns business in Britain. Even the once hated Russians now own football clubs and hand out free newspapers, which often enough denounce the Tories.

Perhaps the Tories of today do not want to show the world that they know they have been sold out and try to tactically keep cool by playing nice guy to a bad problem. The facts are that less things are British today than they were before Thatcher.

The most typically cynical twist on the Thatcher story is that £10 million are spent on her funeral alone and that more money is going to be spent on the memorial library, when ordinary libraries close and the country supposedly has no money for the needy. These Thatcher tributes are built on the suffering of the poor. It is a devillish plan to do this. The bible tells us to support the poor and not to exploit them.

The benefit caps about to start in London are supposed to be about fairness and to cut back the Deficit and they were brought on very sudden, too sudden for large families with lots of children. It could be argued that these benefit caps finance the Thatcher legacy. The death of Thatcher could be well anticipated and it is arguable that the benefit cap was introduced to finance Thatcher’s memory after the Olympics already depleted the public purse.

I think that the Thatcher cult is going to be the beginning of the downfall of not only the Tories but also of the Monarchy because the Queen is taking part in this funeral that is going to cause a lot of demonstrations and dissent. Ministers said they can easily afford the cost of £10million for the funeral but families are told they have suffer more child poverty with the new benefit caps coming in from today.

The problem is that centuries ago, when large-scale social problems arose like the potato famine for example,people could emigrate to foreign lands and start a new life. Today there are no unknown foreign lands people can emigrate to. That will leave no choice but internal revolt, which is simmering. I would recommend that people do not break the law and criminalise themselves as this is playing into the hands of the repression. Instead of making poor children suffer, they should use those £10 million and subsidise low wage worker’s families.

Fact is you cannot tell people to get jobs, jobs have to be created first. I do not think that either Liberals or Labour are going to be a good alternative because as previously said, Labour has not effectively reversed any of Thatcher’s policies but instead they sell them to us after people got fed up with the Tories each time. It’s the revolving door syndrome.


Obese get a star on their coat

Oh no, I forgot to mention the government doesn’t just plan to hunt down all obese people, they only want to punish those obese people who are on benefits. This news has turned up on various news sites and I first thought it was a joke, but the more I search, the more it creeps up in mainstream media. There is the BBC article, the Mail online and the Guardian, to name a few. As far as I understand current comments, all those reporting sites think the idea is bonkers. Bonkers is in fashion lets not forget it.

I am just wondering how this is to work in practise. In my experience a vast amount of obese people work in the health service and in social services, council services and other related community care services. Would it look like this that if an obese benefit claimant comes for their money, that an obese worker can tell them the benefit claimant is too obese to get the money but the obese worker can stay in their job obese simply because they got a job?

Currently the government already suggest to discriminate against overweight police officers and wants to stage police pay according to physical fitness. But that is already questionable; yet to apply the same principle to benefit recipients would mean that benefit recipients get treated like government employees to some extent as both police officers and benefit claimants would get a reduction in pay because of obesity.

Yet other employees can happily stay fat.

This however means that the demand on health services would be higher from obese employed persons rather than those on benefits. Isn’t that just discrimination?

Well, I remember well the picture in my mind, that Hitler forced young men to do wheelies on a beach to keep fit. I know plenty of gay people who are perfectly slim and they are then model citizens to us all because they are gay but slim?

It seems that this government concentrates on benefit claimants and puts them under more and more pressure. But the amount of health care employed people use also affects the benefits others can get because health care costs are part of the common pot of money that is available to us all.

Lets not forget very efficient service providers want to cut costs all the time, they want to cut jobs, all that will create jobless and those jobless are going to get treated like outcasts simply because they fell victim to the latest economy drive. So it can happen, that an obese worker one day tells an obese benefit claimant is unable to get their money but when the obese worker finds themselves out of a job, they get no benefit either. People we are all in the same boat so to speak.

I think it would be much more clever to ask ourselves why people feel so stressed that they feel a need to over-eat, over-drink, over-smoke and do other things in excess too.

Good News for children around the world

Now even Australia follows suit and starts a child abuse investigation. I am greatly in favour of stopping institutionalised child abuse, which most often starts with big institutions and has to some extent always children in care involved. Care is the ideal breeding ground for child abuse as there is no emotionally attached adult able to stop the abuse to a child. That is how families work, in a family the caring parent always helps the child because they love it. Love is something that is always missing in care environments, the right kind of love, the kind of love that loves a child without sexually abusing it. What it means to love a child is to help it to become an adult without getting anything in return.

Now I come to think that actually Gordon Brown was the big ambassador for unconditional love because all the children in the western world can thank him for initiating that process that helped free children from global abuse. Gordon Brown, the most vilified premier in British history, dared to outlaw child physical punishment in schools and by parents, which is the most important fact in the process that helped to stop child abuse generally.Incidentally was the most hounded premier by the British press.  That makes me think again. Maybe he was the most hounded and ridiculed prime minister because he put a stop to the processes that helped abuse children.

Seeing that senior Conservatives were at some time in the picture, an accusation hastily withdrawn and apologised for, too hastily for my taste, I wonder why it is that the Conservative Party has hardly gotten any of the old guard in the limelight now. That the whole Conservative leadership has renewed itself and previously unknown figures appear to lead the party, that normally would not have come out of the woodwork that quickly. Maybe the Conservative leadership knew how rotten it was and decided it was better to de-thrown the old guard, as they knew some of them were unsavoury characters.

Considering that Jimmy Savile threatened in his lifetime to take others down with him, if he gets prosecuted, it makes me very bitter to see that actually nothing ever happened during his lifetime, which makes the whole society seem even more corrupt than ever. It is very significant that only after his death things came to light, because now he cannot name and shame the powerful figures any longer, that he threatened to disclose during his lifetime.

Facts are that Savile was big in the Catholic Church, he was very well connected to all types of powerful figures too. 2 murdered prostitutes were found near his flat and somebody who was already condemned to lifelong imprisonment took the blame for that. The Yorkshire Ripper, then became best friends with Savile who visited him often. Makes me sick really.

The big drama at the BBC now, has drawn away attention from the child abuse element by putting Entwitles pay and resignation into the limelight, just anything is good enough to divert attention from the real  issues. Apparently the current Conservative government wants to reinstate more care for children again, when previously it was thought that children are safer with natural parents or other family members. And of course Barnardos is very much in favour of that.

What it means for our children

In my own, very personal view, I belief that the oncoming benefit changes will rob this nation of one very important asset and that is the talent of our children. Talents that need to be nurtured from childhood and improved over the years.

We heard it many times that artists as well as sports people have trained, sometimes since infancy, in a particular field; may that be piano or tennis. Most importantly those children that did very well in some disciplines, were enabled to do so by the adults that looked after them.

What we see now is that those parents who are forced into work but have no individual child minding available to them, will not be able to nurture their children’s aspirations, which mostly affects working class parents. Working class parents often only can afford shared child minding after school and those groups cannot bring individual children to lessons but only look after groups of kids.

Any of those kids are robbed of the opportunity to follow their aspirations or artistic and sporting talents. Whilst most high earning parents will be able to engage individual childminders or even have a spare parent to take their kids, can still afford to help their kids achieve in extra curricular activities the poor ones can’t.

I think that is the wicked way of this government that comes up with all sorts of excuses to rob the poor of achieving above the lawfully described goals, like GCSE, which can be achieved through school attendance alone for some. I think that Ian Duncan Smith is a particularly nasty man who devises schemes to rob this nation of one wealthy asset, which is talented children whose parents are enslaved in working schemes and are no longer available to help their aspiring off-spring. This also robs the nation of national treasures and the talented children go to be put onto the slow lane and into low pay and demeaning jobs.

Why do we pay Insurance contributions towards pensions and benefits when we are then told that we are not getting any benefits without working for them, not even pensions.There is no longer any point to insurance contributions when we have to work for our pensions in any case, as the other nasty man Lord Bichard suggests.


A song and a dance deficit

Whilst barriers to export monies had been removed a long time ago and the UK concentrates on education and arts, it is absolutely no wonder that the widening trade deficit starts to hit us. We allow more and more housing per square meter available and close down manufacturing and business to allow that to happen.

Of course any UK based rich person can invest their money in an overseas country to produce cheap goods, which are then imported to the UK. Taxes are not paid to the UK but to the manufacturing country and the rich person themselves has changed residence to cheaper tax heavens.

Of course the international drive to exploit cheap labour markets to make more profits cannot be stopped as it is only the nature of business to make as much profit as possible. Business does not have an ethics built in, the ethics come with understanding and promotion of them, sometimes by individuals and sometimes by governments.

It’s only the biggest trade deficit since September 2011, when we already had a big deficit at that time but no remedial action was taken. Our imports from EU countries remain unchanged at £17.1 billion, which explains that we only import the absolutely necessary from relatively expensive labour markets, in European countries.

But there is hope because as soon as living standards rise in the currently cheap labour markets, we won’t be able to afford their goods and services any longer and have to seriously consider making goods ourselves once more. Just wonder where that would take place, when all space available gets increasingly occupied by housing.

Maybe we will also see a general reduction in manufacturing worldwide because increasing earth warming will remind us that it is exactly the manufacture and use of machines and goods, produced using natural resources that makes our temperatures soar.  Some Chinese residents recently dared to complain that their river is in danger of pollution if a factory is allowed to spew out waste into it, whilst previously those residents just died quietly from poisoned waters.

The other question is do we really want to be on the top of the manufacturing table? Just prior to World War I and World War II Germany was much superior in a low trade deficit and high manufacturing output, whilst Britain lagged behind.

During these Olympic games Britain has shown the world that this relatively small country cares a lot about health and fitness of its inhabitants, see the medal table to proof it.

The conflict exists since 6 AD

I am a little puzzled by the gist of an article on the BBC about a far right movement building up against Islam and it would be the first time in British history that this happens. I thought that the Christians and Muslims have been arguing with each other for supremacy of the earth since about 2000 years now.

Just remember Hannibal who attempted to cross the Pyrenees with his herd of Elephants to conquer Europe for the Punic war that preceded Islam. That conflict between Carthage and Rome went ahead in around 200 BC and proved the end of the Hellenistic kingdoms,which were then followed on by Islam that got established in 6 AD.

Of course the bible only mentioned those religions and movements that were known to Apostles at the time of writing and then Islam was less alien to Christians because at least it followed a similar concept as Christianity in that it believes in a God. That is the angle used to convince Christians that the Islamic God is at least equal to the Christian God and the argument strikes well with even prominent Christians such as the Head of the Church of England,the Archbishop of Canterbury, who called for an introduction of Shariah law but is now resigning his post.

Tactically it is a wise move from the EDL not to want to proceed with demos in London’s Muslim heartland of Whitechapel because the tensions caused would be counter-productive; but they do it in more remote areas, which are not so naturalised to Islam like Denmark and the northern hemisphere.

The Knights Templar are the most prolific pro-Christian force known to us and were portrait in important popular works. They have a slogan quoting Amos saying can two walk together unless they are agreed. So its not the first time in British history that an anti-Islam movement takes off.

Yet this move to stage an Anti-Islamic protest in an European nation shows that even those who argue against Europe can see some use from this union.

local reverend criticises the bishop

I haven’t blogged much lately; that is due to the fact that currently I have no less than five voluntary jobs and despite not being employed, I am very, very busy. One way for me to take respite from the strains of life and indeed gather strength to do all the good deeds I do, is the weekly prayer service in church on Sundays.

Our local vicar, the Reverend Alan Green previously worked in Liverpool and spoke about an ongoing discussion between church ministers to correctly practise religion and whilst he talked about democracy and Freedom of Speech, he started to attack Archbishop Sentamu for using the Sun newspaper to widen the gospel preachings he does and therefore endorsing the new Sun on Sunday newspaper. The vicar explained that during his time in Liverpool, it was at the time of the Hillsborough disaster, the Sun wrongly blamed Liverpool fans of anti-social behaviour and causing the disaster. I do not have a transcript of today’s sermon but that is what sticks in my mind about it.

The vicar said that this problem has not been completely resolved and though an apology was made, the Sun still has not proven that they do not want to continue their publicity smears of ordinary people.

Of course I have had a long-standing argument with some mainstream publishers and the methods they use to put forward strategies to influence the thinking of readers. It is of course one thing, is writing in a mainstream newspaper and another is endorsing all political tendencies such a newspaper might bring with it.

Yet in the field of gay marriage Bishop Sentamu is outspoken and against it and papers like the Sun are most likely to give him support, if only indirectly because all papers these days are bound by the strict anti-discrimination laws, set out by Europe.

It is refreshing to see that within a church there can be a difference of opinion and if it is so down to earth and brought by someone who at first hand experienced the wrongful publishing smears of a major paper and what this did to large areas of local people then that opinion is very important indeed.

What this also shows is that there are different sides to every coin, because it is quite impossible to get anyone media these days where one can agree to everything a paper does and that there is always some reason to be disgruntled. But when it comes to plainly lying to maintain a strategy that is quite serious indeed and I can completely understand reservations one will have towards that paper. Just looking at my personal experience with Der Spiegel for example, I can understand very well were the good reverend is coming from.

Yet in my case I forced the big publisher Axel Springer to completely change a whole cover and a whole article from 1975 and I just wonder whether the Sun can be forced to re-write an article as well. But at the same time a High Court judge defended them to the hilt.

Yet the question handled by the Leveson enquiry is where does investigative journalism end and where does sheer malicious lying start and it seems it is a very long-winding enquiry, which keeps us all on full suspense and on the edge of our seats. I have long wondered about the political tint of churching these days and find that the message of the bible is more in support of Christians and active followers of Christ rather than in support of all other religions. How politically correct or even neutral can a church be in a state where religion and state are separate entities compared to some other nations where religious leaders also lead the nation.

The Reverend and Rector Alan Green is a well known figure here in East London and beyond. As I found out from searching the Internet for him, he defends the local Mosque and rights of Muslims and he leads an Interfaith forum. In last week’s scripture readings in our Christian church we read Exodus 20: 1-17. There is says: …for I the LORD your God, am a jealous God…..You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not acquit anyone who misuses his name…..

Later on in the Corinthians 1: 18-25 we hear reference to the Jews and Gentiles as well as the Greeks, denouncing them as secondary believers and telling all that Christ is best. But in those days  there is no reference to the Muslims in the bible and maybe that is the reason why today so many Christian feel attracted to them and feel they cannot denounce modern religions that were founded after the original text of the bible has been written. Islam only started from the 6th Century AD and that makes it clear why it is not mentioned in the bible, but that this does not make it suitable to not treat it the same way as the bible treated the Jews, the Gentiles an the Greeks who were of about the same age or older than Christianity.

I think it is a sheer mockery of God’s word to praise all religions as having he same weight just because they started after today’s text of the bible has been written.

PS: In relation to the Hillsborough disaster it has now been made clear that documents relating to the Hillsborough disaster are getting publicised.  A BBC article is titled

Fans blamed in Hillsborough files

Excellent community investment

I was thrilled to hear that the US olympic team are going to improve the Mile End sports stadium as a by-product of using it or training. Equally good are the news that the Saracens will revamp the Copthall stadium in North London.

We do need these sports facilities for people to practise physical fitness and go out to train. It will improve our lives tremendously and also help schools to hold sports lessons there, especially as we keep on hearing how sports grounds are reduced around schools.

Equality creates Atheism

For quite some time now, people in public positions are obsessed with trying to make us all the same. Just that that they cannot change nature but they are working on this problem as well. Anything from sex changes to drugs that prevent the body reacting to natural daylight to produce anti-bodies are in the making. But can it really all work?

Trevor Philips, ,Chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, compares Christians to Muslims who want Sharia law. But aren’t we forgetting something? Is there the matter of heritage. After all Christians were here all along and our laws and civilisation is based on Christianity.

Of course Christians are not the same as Muslims who want Sharia law.  I think it is insulting that Trevor Philips compares Christians with Muslims who want Sharia law as a matter of principle. It is this making the same that cancels out the validity of religion in general.

How can anybody go to church, worship their god and then leave the church and forget all about their beliefs? It is creating widespread schizophrenia if people have to change personalities and be one person in church and outside of it another.

I think it was a mistake to try and make us all the same and equalise anything and anybody to the same level. It is not going to work because everybody is different and those who have different needs through illness for example, they need the world adapted to suit their needs, which discriminates for them in a positive way. It is impossible to have a world without any discrimination whatsoever.

Why should we strive to think that our homeland is not more to us than it is to somebody who has their roots in another culture and another nation. We have to decide if we actually put any type of value on heritage and then think whether within a border each country can discriminate in favour of those who have lived there for a very long time and have roots in that region.

Of course heritage makes a difference because families have histories, sons and daughters have children, people want to live where they know each other and the area. People get used to rituals, foods and their senses are accustomed to a region. .What is wrong with that?

We cannot create a tiny island in which we are all the same but the people whose home this island is have no longer any claim on their own region because they do not have anywhere else to go for satisfaction. Nowhere else will they get equal treatment or the same feeling of home they have at home.

I think we have to create an equality that is relative to factors such as reproduction, roots and family tradition in an area. We cannot just treat people as if they are commodities that can be sent from region to region like figurines that are put in card board boxes for their homes wherever there is an empty one if needed. There is more to human life than just living in a space we call a home and going to work.

This is how we have estranged ourselves from our own homes by being told that we are not better than the next person who just moved to the country because we are all the same and our religion is just a burden to the rest of the community really.

It is this silly attempt to make all religions equal that forces us to cancel out religion from our daily lives. That in fact causes atheism in society. But religion is more than going to church on Sunday, religion is a way of life and that is why there are some people who cannot live together because their beliefs and cultures are fundamentally different.

We are all slowly turned into Atheists because we cannot live in what we belief in any longer. Bad for mental health of a nation that is.

Humans are not cardboard figures that can be shoved around, humans have senses and instincts and all this works because God made us that way and no scientist can cancel out humans by creating more and more drugs and medications to reverse creation.

Buying into our world

Nationalism is dead, long live Capitalism or how Communists buy into our Capitalist world. Other cultural leaders buy into our world and our world is no more. What was once a holy grail of western civilisation is now the playground of the world’s rich.

Who recently asked the question but where are the English when they walked down Oxford Street?

In the past the English were the rich and only they could afford to reside on our shores but now we have spent our monies abroad and the people we spent it with have got it now and they are now buying us out of our land. Edgar Hoover would turn around in his grave if he knew that a Russian has bought a US apartment for $88.000.000.

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