Total mayhem

The EU settlement scheme seems to be too much for the government to handle.

Today received not only one but two letters telling me that I am on their records as of EEA nationality.

Why comes that I also hold a British passport? I am on my third British passport by now because I am British since decades.

Whoever is writing those letters for HM Government doesn’t have a clue about anything. They set their computers to set aside anybody with a foreign sounding name and they send them threatening letters that they are not British enough and must be from the EU or Switzerland because their name doesn’t sound British.

It’s unbelievable discriminating and a total waste of British tax payers money.

Sending those letters costs the tax payer a lot of money.

Tv – misleadingly disturbing

Like so many of us, I spent a lot of time watching TV during lock-down and I am pretty terrified.

The days when TV programs acted as good role models seem to be truly over.

When the whole nation bemoans the steep rise in domestic violence, Eastenders comes up with Gray, the wife murdering solicitor , who seems to get away with his crime, the crime family boss Phil now has a serious contender in the Asian female boss, helping her son who murdered someone else’s child. The whole purpose of Eastenders seems to be, is showing the nation how easy it is to get away with crime.

But the BBC doesn’t stop there misleading the nation. The latest instalment of Inspector Montalbano portraits it as somehow OK if a man shoots his seriously learning disabled brother in the head after blindfolding him as a game. Quit alarming that this sense of Italian justice seems to get condoned.

Whilst the Swedish female sex made detective SAGA demands intercourse or she won’t mix with male colleagues.

Surely freedom of expression has come a long way to get away from wanting to display good examples.

Let’s not say that historical moral values of heterosexual matrimony like we see it in Lewis or Midsomer Murders are even valued in today’s moral climate, Grandchester sees to that. What is important is that TV programs should have an easy to understand message of what is wrong and right , at least in law but that is no longer the case.

It must be very difficult for young people these days to find role models from the media.

It’s shocking that we have to pay a license for TV when the content is not what we can choose.

Against brothels

What I really hate is legalised prostitution. Having to sell your body is just about the one thing that people must not be forced to do. My biggest fear of Germany is that prostitution is legalised in that country and that is why I would never have had children in that country I suppose.

You just imagine, you send your kid to school and then, once they finished education, they get a letter from the Department of Employment telling them to go for an interview in a brothel and if they do not attend, they loose their entitlement to unemployment benefit.

How horrible is that!!!

Because if sex work is a legalised activity, then children will be groomed into the profession from a very young age, as it is already happening in India, where girls as young as 7 get prepared into sex work. Further up in Asia they sell girls from the age of 7 into marriage, a similar slave trait.

Personal freedom must be that the one bastion that is us, must be our body. Just as our home is our castle, so our bodies have to be our first priority to choose what we want to do with it or not.

We have some very good personal protection laws in Britain and we have to be careful not to overstep the mark and loose the right to protect our bodies from harm.

So being against Brexit doesn’t mean that I would want to accept German employment laws, I am only in it for the close proximity of land mass.

I have not heard much about that point in for or against Brexit discussions.



Not Muslim

Muslims distance themselves from the atrocities that were carried out against a British soldier near the Woolwich barracks. Indeed when I first watched the gruesome scene, I thought that seems to be the action of some blood thirsty, depraved individual that perhaps belongs to some weird African sect rather than a Muslim.

Father Alan does some great work here in East London, where we had no reprisals against the Muslim community because of some idiot who wants to disguise witch doctor killings with Islam.

I think the men who did this bloody killing also tried to appeal to woman to understand them and have sympathy by apologising to woman that they had to watch this. Those men just looked for an excuse to be cannibalistic.  I think their behaviour was very tribal and completely out of context of modern thinking.

I think it is really good that Muslims distance themselves from this terror act, Muslim from the big Mosque in Whitechapel East London. Also the Woolwich Mosque condemns the attack.

But what some reactions show from further afield. is that there are elements in society that do not shy to attack religious groups because some deprived individuals pretend to act on their behalf. We must give the Muslims a chance to first publicly declare their reaction before we charge like Elephants in a porcelain shop as reaction to mad men. We cannot allow society to disintegrate into anarchy because it would not benefit us at all.


Threats right, left and centre

Having made a few critical remarks about David Cameron, some of his ministers and indeed the royalty in this country, I suddenly get another legal threat from some authority department. The government really uses every trick in the book to silence opposition in this country nowadays.

Obviously I am unable to give any details. I have been barred from ever mentioning it.

Good News for children around the world

Now even Australia follows suit and starts a child abuse investigation. I am greatly in favour of stopping institutionalised child abuse, which most often starts with big institutions and has to some extent always children in care involved. Care is the ideal breeding ground for child abuse as there is no emotionally attached adult able to stop the abuse to a child. That is how families work, in a family the caring parent always helps the child because they love it. Love is something that is always missing in care environments, the right kind of love, the kind of love that loves a child without sexually abusing it. What it means to love a child is to help it to become an adult without getting anything in return.

Now I come to think that actually Gordon Brown was the big ambassador for unconditional love because all the children in the western world can thank him for initiating that process that helped free children from global abuse. Gordon Brown, the most vilified premier in British history, dared to outlaw child physical punishment in schools and by parents, which is the most important fact in the process that helped to stop child abuse generally.Incidentally was the most hounded premier by the British press.  That makes me think again. Maybe he was the most hounded and ridiculed prime minister because he put a stop to the processes that helped abuse children.

Seeing that senior Conservatives were at some time in the picture, an accusation hastily withdrawn and apologised for, too hastily for my taste, I wonder why it is that the Conservative Party has hardly gotten any of the old guard in the limelight now. That the whole Conservative leadership has renewed itself and previously unknown figures appear to lead the party, that normally would not have come out of the woodwork that quickly. Maybe the Conservative leadership knew how rotten it was and decided it was better to de-thrown the old guard, as they knew some of them were unsavoury characters.

Considering that Jimmy Savile threatened in his lifetime to take others down with him, if he gets prosecuted, it makes me very bitter to see that actually nothing ever happened during his lifetime, which makes the whole society seem even more corrupt than ever. It is very significant that only after his death things came to light, because now he cannot name and shame the powerful figures any longer, that he threatened to disclose during his lifetime.

Facts are that Savile was big in the Catholic Church, he was very well connected to all types of powerful figures too. 2 murdered prostitutes were found near his flat and somebody who was already condemned to lifelong imprisonment took the blame for that. The Yorkshire Ripper, then became best friends with Savile who visited him often. Makes me sick really.

The big drama at the BBC now, has drawn away attention from the child abuse element by putting Entwitles pay and resignation into the limelight, just anything is good enough to divert attention from the real  issues. Apparently the current Conservative government wants to reinstate more care for children again, when previously it was thought that children are safer with natural parents or other family members. And of course Barnardos is very much in favour of that.

I am quite unhappy with my HP laptop bought from Amazon

I am not certain whether Amazon is going to publish my amended review over a laptop purchased from them but just in case they decide not to, I write the story here.

I wanted to buy my child a laptop for Christmas. I decided to get an HP Pavillion from Amazon, which was duly delivered before Christmas, to make the perfect surprise. Then one day, only a few months into using it, suddenly one day the laptop went black, whilst playing Moshi Monsters and did not come back on again.

I purchased a genuine HP replacement mains supply cable and adapter because I thought the one we had was faulty. That didn’t work. I rang the HP repairs service who came to collect the laptop the next day. But then about 8 days afterwards I got a call from HP telling me that the laptop was found to have liquid damage and they refused to repair it free of charge. I was told unless I pay £199.99 it would be sent back un-repaired. So I paid the ~£200 because I thought my child will benefit from being able to use the laptop as she is bright and of advanced learning ability.

Then the laptop came back from the repair and 7 parts had been replace including the USB board and the motherboard, at least that is how I understand the repairs report.

A few weeks after the laptop suddenly went blank again, completely black screen, not a sign of live, no pilot light on at all, whilst playing Moshi Monsters.

I just shrugged my shoulders and didn’t want to bother any more and I left the laptop. I then got a call from HP, asking me how I got on with the laptop and whether I am happy with the repair. I said that the computer was again broken, no pilot light, completely dead. HP offered to collect the laptop and again 8 days later I got a call from the lab telling me that again liquid damage had been found and again I would have to pay £199.99 to get it repaired. This time I was told that different parts of the computer had been affected. I just wonder why not the same parts could have been affected since there are not that many motherboards and USB boards in a laptop. But this time it was different parts. That made me very suspicious and I refused to pay for another repair. I then told my daughter who feels very uneasy about the whole thing too.

Considering that the whole repair services is supposed to be quite quick why does it take the repairs service 8 days to diagnose liquid damage? Shouldn’t they have noticed that straightaway? Why are different parts affected each time the computer is broken with liquid damage  and why do not the same parts get damaged again. Surely he motherboard would be affected each time.

This makes the Raspberry Pie computer so really attractive, costs only around £30 to buy. There is an astonishing cost difference between established and commonly sold laptops and PC and the Raspberry Pie. Raspberry Pie brings the cost of computing down to earth, lets stick with that. At least if something goes wrong, the most loss you can incur is £30. Whilst in established computer types just the insurance alone runs into hundreds.

boycott them

I think tough retaliation is required to fight those bastards who keep on denouncing those unfortunate unemployed people as scroungers. We must boycott all businesses who support publishers that write badly about the ones that suffer from the recession the most, namely the unemployed. We must strike back or one thing will lead to another and fascist rules come in to dismantle the welfare state and we will lose the little bits of comfort we have, measures that are safety nets when we, as society fall on hard times.

It is not only impolite but plain rude to denounce whole sections of the population as scroungers and its always those who pay taxes that think they can treat the rest of the world as scroungers and look down upon them. We must stop this horrible,horrible trend.

Change your lifestyle, do not buy clothes or processed foods from retailers that advertise in such publications.

This very uncomfortable reading has mushroomed since the Tories are in the government and put a mist of discontent over this country.  People should stop using their loyalty cards to get points in the shopping as the data can be bought by other businesses who can see what you buy. If you buy lots of processed foods they think that we have too much money. Also I bet shopping will become cheaper if we do not use loyalty schemes. Don’t buy tinned food, get the raw article and cook it up yourselves, its cheaper and more nutritious and you know what is in your food. Avoid supermarkets that have bad employment policies or advertise in fascist papers. Especially preparing your own meals will stop the trend to stock businesses with take-away foods, when all other business fails. Boycott ready meals when those manufacturers do not employ lots of people as they are mainly made by machine and boycott companies that advertise in papers as described above. Boycott supermarkets if they get rid of their till operators and use machines instead.

Here is an American author on the similar circumstances in the USA. Title Jeff Madrick, the age of greed.

Andrew Berwick the Manifesto

I just heard that the Norwegian terrorist, that killed almost 100 young people has published a manifesto to explain his Knights Templar manifesto.  There are prospects that he gets a minimum of 21 years in jail with the option of no release if he is seen as danger to the public. There are calls for a media black-out to stop his views from being published or discussed in the media.

Here we have the problem that we had so many times with lesser criminals to not allow them to publish books to make a profit from their crimes. In this case profit from publication doesn’t seem to be the problem but publication of views itself is the problem.

Is that in line with basic human rights to have views? Of course the basic problem with Mr Berwick’s action is that he killed those he wishes to defend from the influence of Islam as it seems to me that he is trying to prevent the manifestation of Islam in Europe and his manifesto, that is linked to here, tries to negotiate those thoughts. I have not read it through, have only just found it online. I read bits like Saudi Arabia has spent 87 billion US Dollars to spread the message for true Islam.

OK I completely appreciate that hardly anybody could match that amount of spending to legally influence the spread of an ideology in the world and that sheer veracity of propaganda will turn people’s heads. That at least explains the spread of very expensive Mosques around the country.

But what I would like to know why, if Mr Berwick, which is the Anglicised version of his name, wants to stop Islam from spreading, why does he shoot Christian people and non Islamic youth?

Is this a case of mixed up mind, is that the same phenomenon we had with Adolf Hitler, whereby he proclaimed he loved the blond blue–eyed people just to send a lot of them to their deaths by starting lots of wars?

I mean it seems logical that if Mr Berwick hates Islam so much that he would go out and kill Islamic youth instead of white, non Islamic youth for a start. So there the whole story we read on the media doesn’t make sense already.

I just wonder how long Mr Berwick manages to stay alive in prison because often enough prisoners have the view that they can take justice into their own hands. With the media wanting to black out the trial so that Mr Berwick’s explanations cannot become public does not help to unravel the mysteries of the logic in this very tragic case either.

It seems clear that had Mr Berwick attacked a camp full of Muslim youth, that this would have led to a large Islamic uprising. But would that not have been the ideal platform to initiate that revolution that he is said to be seeking? Why kill the people he is said to try to protect?

Nothing in this concept that is presented to the public makes any sense to me at all.

Please note I do not wish to stipulate violence against anyone but merely try to show the enormously illogical concept that is put in the public sphere.

support Australia’s tough anti-smoking laws

I think its brill that in Australia a radical attempt is made to break people away from assuming anything to do with tobacco products could be positive. It’s an essential part of people’s psychology that they feel good with brand names. Of course tobacco manufacturers are hopping made that they are not allowed to plaster their logos in any shape or form across the packet but have to print it in  a uniform format and small font on the packet.

It is interesting to see how this develops. Law suits have been filed about the copyright, or the lack of ability to use the trademarks. Effectively only the written word trademark can be used. I suppose that is new commercial ground to say that health issues override all other commercial aspects. I think that is a good approach because in the end, what is the point in selling a product that causes death just because one has a registered trademark to do so. Is this a licence to kill?

Obviously no one would want to purchase an article with a rotten, cancerous mouth on the front of it, that will put people off and companies lose millions. It is all about the psychological perception of products and I suppose one can sell the most dangerous products with the right pictures and make it desirable. Once people are hooked on it, it is tremendously difficult to get them off. Yes shock tactics are in order.

The same methods do not work with other nasty substances like illegal drugs. Dealers do not sell them with pretty pictures and I do not suppose we would welcome large bill boards with dying drug addicts on them to put off the minority of people using them.

Yet on commercially sold products it is possibly to shock the people asking for the product in a shop.

Maybe that would be a case for legalizing the sale of narcotics because if they had to be sold with nasty pictures of dying drug addicts, users would be put off more than if they can live the dream and slide into death unnoticed over a long and agonising period of time.

Here in the UK the most radical suggestion on tobacco products was putting them out of sight under the counter, yet putting them in full view with nasty pictures like rotten teeth and ulcerous mouths in full view would put off a large amount of people who do not smoke but come near the shelves in a shop. I think such products should be separate from others. Most people have never seen damage like that, certainly I didn’t.

I do not understand the stand of the tobacco product manufacturers, that they do not show more remorse for selling health damaging products but actually feel proud of having such trademarks that sell such products, beggars belief.

What is interesting though, is the question, can a job seeker be forced to work in a cigarette factory or lose their benefits if they refuse on health conscious grounds? Please contact me in confidence using the form if you do not want comments to be public.

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