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Total mayhem

The EU settlement scheme seems to be too much for the government to handle. Today received not only one but two letters telling me that I am on their records as of EEA nationality. Why comes that I also hold a British passport? I am on my third British passport by now because I am… Continue reading Total mayhem

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Tv – misleadingly disturbing

Like so many of us, I spent a lot of time watching TV during lock-down and I am pretty terrified. The days when TV programs acted as good role models seem to be truly over. When the whole nation bemoans the steep rise in domestic violence, Eastenders comes up with Gray, the wife murdering solicitor… Continue reading Tv – misleadingly disturbing

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Against brothels

What I really hate is legalised prostitution. Having to sell your body is just about the one thing that people must not be forced to do. My biggest fear of Germany is that prostitution is legalised in that country and that is why I would never have had children in that country I suppose. You… Continue reading Against brothels

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Not Muslim

Muslims distance themselves from the atrocities that were carried out against a British soldier near the Woolwich barracks. Indeed when I first watched the gruesome scene, I thought that seems to be the action of some blood thirsty, depraved individual that perhaps belongs to some weird African sect rather than a Muslim. Father Alan does… Continue reading Not Muslim

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Threats right, left and centre

Having made a few critical remarks about David Cameron, some of his ministers and indeed the royalty in this country, I suddenly get another legal threat from some authority department. The government really uses every trick in the book to silence opposition in this country nowadays. Obviously I am unable to give any details. I… Continue reading Threats right, left and centre

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Good News for children around the world

Now even Australia follows suit and starts a child abuse investigation. I am greatly in favour of stopping institutionalised child abuse, which most often starts with big institutions and has to some extent always children in care involved. Care is the ideal breeding ground for child abuse as there is no emotionally attached adult able… Continue reading Good News for children around the world

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I am quite unhappy with my HP laptop bought from Amazon

I am not certain whether Amazon is going to publish my amended review over a laptop purchased from them but just in case they decide not to, I write the story here. I wanted to buy my child a laptop for Christmas. I decided to get an HP Pavillion from Amazon, which was duly delivered… Continue reading I am quite unhappy with my HP laptop bought from Amazon

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boycott them

I think tough retaliation is required to fight those bastards who keep on denouncing those unfortunate unemployed people as scroungers. We must boycott all businesses who support publishers that write badly about the ones that suffer from the recession the most, namely the unemployed. We must strike back or one thing will lead to another… Continue reading boycott them

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Andrew Berwick the Manifesto

I just heard that the Norwegian terrorist, that killed almost 100 young people has published a manifesto to explain his Knights Templar manifesto.  There are prospects that he gets a minimum of 21 years in jail with the option of no release if he is seen as danger to the public. There are calls for… Continue reading Andrew Berwick the Manifesto

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support Australia’s tough anti-smoking laws

I think its brill that in Australia a radical attempt is made to break people away from assuming anything to do with tobacco products could be positive. It's an essential part of people's psychology that they feel good with brand names. Of course tobacco manufacturers are hopping made that they are not allowed to plaster their logos in… Continue reading support Australia’s tough anti-smoking laws