Rushanara a proud remainer

Just got the first Labour leaflet through my door and Rushanara Ali states she is a proud remainer.

So much for all those on TV debates who call Labour pro leave and waiting to do the Brexit. Either Rushanara has an individual deal as local and established MP or Labour has a general policy of remain.

I am happy about this because that clears the air with those who will argue for pro-remain and keep on saying Labour is for Leave. Rushanara also argues for a People’s vote on the issue, which is fair.

The last referendum was years ago and so wishy-washy, it was unable to be executed. This time round people should get acceptable optionso n Brexit with the referendum.

I will be voting Labour this time because years of austerity have left Britain starving of investment. Rushanara is always communicating about issues, I contact her with.

Our technology is behind Japan, who as a similar Island nation are fully covered with broadband.

Fibre broadband everywhere will attract investment and also provide important security for all parts of Britain. I also hope that Labour will introduce free University education for students of British students in Britain.

I don’t think that private broadband firms have the money to put on a full network of cabelling throughout Britain because they would need the money for the work, which remote people and villages simply could not afford.

The lack of communications facility through a lack of broadband makes our communities vulnerable to abuse by criminals, who have advanced technological methods to their advantage. Our residents and businesses need to be able to communicate with law enforcement and potential customers for business ventures.

Free university education should save a lot of money in administration fees for the scheme that is currently in place. Students simply do not constantly want those depressing letters, telling them how much they own and how much the debt has increased with added interest. Perhaps one could ask for a contribution to university education once a student has graduated and gotten established with a very well paid post without sending constant letters reminding them. Perhaps one could attach a clause waving any pay back of the degree will be benefitting the UK.

Many other countries have nationalised utilities, which the Tories have all privatised with detrimental effect on services. Tories are crazy about privatisation and put the principle before effect. Any policy is only as good as the service it provides.


Wait for the manifesto

Quite right, lets not get swept away in a torrent of election promises. I would vote for Labour if they actually put the Free University education into their election manifesto. All the parties now start to outdo each other with promise after promise and that will of course steer the forecasts.

Yet all the other stuff, the increased living wage I am concerned about.

Since we have the living wage, I saw an immense rise in food and household item prices. Especially the low-cost budget items supermarkets had, have now doubled in price. This makes it even more difficult for those with income problems to survive.

When I was raising my children in poverty, I could manage on my benefits, which came on time and when they did not come on time, I once even went to the police station and accused the DWP of theft because they kept my benefits back. That was possible then because they had to pay your benefits by law within a certain time. Now they have changed the rules, they now can keep benefits back.

Strictly speaking I also was able to substitute my income on credit cards, and as I was very good with money, I always managed to pay them each month, with the minimum payment, which increased my interest payments astronomically. We then also had to pay the insurance, which was as much as the interest and doubled the payments.

But thankfully somebody then reaslised how wrong the PPI was. That happened during the Conservative government, that we gotten the chance to claim that back.

I could manage with the basic food items (that was all before the year 2000)  and my kids are all healthy. We had cheap fruit stalls in Bethnal Green, just opposite Tescos and the lady who ran it gotten up at 3am to buy from the fruit market and then sell it to us.

We could buy cheap household cleaners. The size of the cleaners has since doubled and so has the price. That is not good if you have to manage on weekly payments. A basic tube of toothpaste used to cost 20p in Sainsbury, now its 50p.

But now benefits are paid monthly and so they increased the sizes and prizes of goods. So now people end up having food banks; I never had any food banks, when I raised my children. We had benefits on time and cheap food in the shops.

Husbands could also get work on the grey market, which were paid in hand and that helped with the budget. That was then ended by stricter benefit laws. Then people started snooping on each other.

So lets wait for the manifestos to see what voting could be good. I need to see whether they claw back on the triple Pension and the Freedom pass to pay for some promises they make.



Labour can’t loose this general election

Corbyn has the winning formula.

He appeals to

  • the young by promising to abolish university tuitition fees
  • the middle ages by supporting young students and older relatives and by improving workers rights, health care and public transport.
  • the old by promising free health care.

Nobody cannot vote for this unless they are rich and do not rely on public services. Since the rich are in the minority, they cannot possibly win any election.

Even though I fell out with Labour big time some years ago, this new election manifesto is likely to be a big winner.

people in line

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We have listened to the repetitive speeches how the Conservatives increased the employment rate but forgotten to mention that those people also increasingly rely on food banks.

A revolution for education

An American university is the first to provide a completely free of charge online course, that carries a valid degree as a result. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, will offer a course on Circuits and Electronics. It does not require formal entry qualifications but one has to understand science and maths to pass. There are interactive exercises.

I very much welcome this concept because it frees up education for anybody to study from their own environment without having to group their whole lifestyle around study. The university plans other courses to follow and there is finance for it but contributors to the courses are sought.

This puts a stop to putting people under severe pressure for education.We are constantly blackmailed in having to pay very high prices for education, cannot have kids and study or work and study and that puts an end to it all, brilliant.

Student protest is a farce

Reading this little sentence from Universities Minister David Willetts, which says: “Most new students will not pay upfront, there will be more financial support for those from poorer families and everyone will make lower loan repayments than they do now once they are in well paid jobs.” “Students, like other citizens, have the right to participate in peaceful protest.”

So I do not understand what these student protests are all about because there is no rational argument that these protests are about the tuition fees because if fees are not to be paid in advance and the repayments are lower, so why do students protest? The only people who are probably worst off, initially are the very rich ones and nobody poor should have reason to support them.  I think that whatever this new government has implemented has not properly been marketed and some individuals exploit that fact to mislead others to find a reason for a protest. 

Please consider the facts and stay at home if you do not really want to protest, dont’ let yourself be drawn into a protest that is not really yours.

It is quite obvious that the police’s first and foremost job is to keep essential order and if the protest gets out of hand they are allowed to use rubber bullets. We already have the tents around St. Paul’s and now we get the students, some of which already occupied some campuses.

I am starting to think whether our current university elite is actually all that clever because if they were they would not participate in that protest and I am also starting to think whether university education is selective enough. I do know that among young people communication works not around what people read but what they tell each other and social networking makes a huge chunk of that communication.

I know all those dreadful strings of nonsense that is constantly spread on Facebook for example when it comes to Facebook Fees and people ask each other to copy and paste it onto their walls. A lot just do it without thinking whether what they spread is actually a fact or not, they do it just because somebody asked them to do it.

Ironically next week the Lord Mayor’s parade also will use the St. Paul’s route to get to the High Court. That will be a ridiculous ceremony when the Lord Mayor has to make his speech among tents of protesting demonstrators.

But as we do have a justice system, that is not ideal and as I have experienced it myself, cannot deliver justice effectively we will see a fair amount of discontent going on because people simply cannot cope with irrational leadership. Yet I could not blame the government for the student protests but think those protests originate elsewhere and fees are just a reason to have a protest. People are quite sensitive to illogical behaviour and since justice is used as a political weapon instead of just what it is supposed to be the current system that should hold itself up, is crumbling away with widespread protests. We have judges sitting in the highest court who disrespect justice and that is the route of the problems I think.

I think that the policy makers should look at the source of the discontent and put justice right before they consider getting any peace for the government.

But just for those still unsatisfied with the student loans on offer here is the student loan calculator from the BBC website. Looking at the fact that a GP now earns around £100.000 per year, where is the problem?

students go up north soon

Since Alex Salmond from the Scottish National Party promised free education for Scottish students, I reckon many already start to pack their bags to move the Scotland. Perhaps Scotland is going to be the next educational capital of the UK.

It had been a considerable part of Labour Party policies for the UK, whilst Labour was in power to make education a main source of business for the UK, that of course since we have little space for farming or industry left, that is because all available space has been taken up by immigrants for housing.  Yet even Labour’s plan centred around selling education and not giving it away for free.

I just wonder whether Gordon Brown had anything to do with this decision making process, when his constituency is in Fife, in the heart of Scotland.

It sounds like a good little deal, move to Scotland and get a free university education. I am just not sure what for Scottish students means because Scotland does not have passports, so I assume it has only to do with residency. I reckon Scotland is going to be busy when that goes through. I consider moving there myself, I love the cooler climate.

However how is that going to pay, how can Scotland reap any fruit from this scheme when education is for free and students cannot be contractually bound to stay in Scotland after their education has completed?  It is often already a problem for many companies that they train staff who then go off with the knowledge and get a better paid job elsewhere.

The only way to earn revenue out of this scheme is from the extra spending students do, like accommodation and living expenses. Maybe there is a little hope that with increasing earth warming people will eventually move further up north but that is a rather futuristic plot. Maybe Scottish landlords could make a few Scottish pounds by charging high rent to students.

Another excellent Conservative idea

Whilst the Labour party still reels from the loss of the government, they sporadically come up with very trivial slogans and ideas to bring the electorate to their side, yet consistently it is the Conservative government that makes very important and common sense changes.

May I only point out the plans to change the timing of A-levels that would help especially those from poorer households because if A-levels are sat earlier in the year, then pupils no longer will have to rely on assumed grades.

Labour spins as badly as ever and sadly the press often sings to their tune by misinforming voters. Labour relies on slogans like cuts all the time. I am particularly disappointed that many BBC articles sing the Labour tune and wonder whether it should be made a requirement to quote not only equal opportunity questions such as sex and sexual and religious orientation but also political allegiance to ensure that management in the communications industry do not just employ those who belong to certain political parties.

This scum doesn’t deserve university places

Off with their heads“, is what left-wing radical demonstrators shouted at Prince Charles and Camilla when they drove through the West End in the Royal Limousine. They frightened the Royals by breaking the car windows, shouting the most threatening slogans from the French Revolution when the Jacobins shouted the same, when Royals where carted to the gallows en-mass to be beheaded.

This proves conclusively to me that those university fee demos are organised and led by left-wing radicals who want to abuse the situation to make propaganda for their sickening cause. Such scum should be barred from attending university whether with or without higher fees.

It is well beyond Freedom of Expression when such cowardly slogans are shouted in conjunction with threatening behaviour and damage to property that would frightened someone severely, especially when trapped in a car that has the windows smashed.

This is intolerable violence that should never happen again.

Labour ruined education

The full extent of the damage that the previous Labour government did to education over 3 terms in office becomes clear with this new report, which compares the quality of education internationally.

Britain was once the vanguard of knowledge, a leader in academic thinking but now has been reduced to a backroom establishment because education has become so bad. It seems Labour likes it this way because they fight an increase in tuition fees with false and misleading arguments. Haven’t they done enough damage to this nation already, do they have to bring forward further false reasoning.

The increase in tuition fees does not stop anyone from going to university as there is nothing to pay up-front. Students get loans and have nothing to pay unless they earn £21.000 per year.  So why does Labour go on and on about the price rises, its just to make a nuisance argument against improving quality.

Labour really loves to see this country on the bottom of the pile for reasons that I cannot really understand and I suppose nobody in their right mind can.

The UK has fallen as far as 28th place in maths and 25th place in reading and 16th place in science. Is it any wonder that our unemployment is so high and that companies do not want to settle in this  country anymore.

During the last Labour reign the UK has fallen between 2000 and 2009 in maths,from 8th to 28th and in science from 4th to 16th.

The top 10 education systems by reading skills are

  • Shanghai (China)
  • South Korea
  • Finland
  • Hong Kong (China)
  • Singapore
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Netherlands

How can Labour’s Andy Burnham seriously try to tell us that education has improved and more pupils leave with good reading skills? Why does Labour succeed in constantly pulling the wool over our eyes? Why are they allowed to blur their lies over public media and mislead the electorate?

Now after reducing education to sub-zero standards Labour wants to oppose an increase in university fees when it is the only way to improve education and help us to pull ranks with other countries.

If we go on as we are the UK will become a small island in the northern European hemisphere without any significance whatsoever. We don’t really want this to happen.

The OECD survey found that  the “best school systems were the most equitable”, in which pupils could succeed academically despite a disadvantaged background. This is a case for Grammar style and academy type education, which focus on academic achievement and a case for allowing students who are not academically gifted to drop out at 14 to enter a vocational career path.

students protest used to smash up Conservative HQ

It sounds like Labour and other oppositional parties have taken this opportunity to have a go at the Conservative headquarters to storm the facility and cause immense damage. The police has started a probe why the initially peaceful process did get out of hand to such violent proportions.

The facts of the tuition fees rise is one of mere administrative changes and changes of betterment in quality of studying for those who have the potential to get excellent grades.

Students do not have to pay anything up front, they only have to re-pay fees once they earn 21.000 per year. What seems to me the best effect of the changes, is that banks will be more careful to whom they loan monies to get in and that will reflect in grades getting a close inspection by lenders of student grants.  Also universities get better financial direct funding to improve the quality of their education.

That overall is an excellent effect of the rises.

Considering that Labour already threatened to dismantle the current education system as soon as Labour gets back to power, combined with extended efforts to disrupt law and order over the student fee protests, I think we can see a national strategy of Labour to use the learning issue to get a swing of voter’s powers especially also as students often make up 15% of the electorate in a constituency.

I wonder whether that is a reason why Tower Hamlets has opted to house many more students and built student accommodation in Tower Hamlets.

What is worrying, is that Labour threatened to get rid of Grammar schools altogether and replace them with comprehensive because I think that educational and intellectual excellence is important to our society and that the minority of people are in the category of intellectual excellence but the majority has the vote, it could potentially jeopardise the fibre of British society as we know it if those educational changes are going to be made by Labour.

Altogether, the demonstration looks a lot like the G7 (G20) protests that ended in mindless violence and destruction and also on Mayday demos we can observe the same violent elements whipping up the crowds.

Traditionally students  are the easiest to steer into protest and if Labour now uses education and further education as their main protest vehicle to drive Conservative opposition forward, we see the irresponsible attitude of Labour trying to disrupt the young and use their natural critical thinking against a political party that traditionally has driven educational excellence forwards rather than backwards like Labour does. Latest report here.

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