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Homeland series 3

Now they are trying to make us belief that it is OK to have the vice president of the United States killed because Brody doesn't agree with his decisions. Brody obtained the access code to the vice-president's pace maker and gave it to terrorists who made the pace maker malfunction and Brody watched him die.… Continue reading Homeland series 3

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Homeland series 2

I just fast forward when the lovey kissing, cuddling and love-making between Carrie and Brody comes up. It's boring and repetitive and at the moment, when the the big explosion killed dozens of people at the government, it became clear that this is not working. As long as Carrie could stop Brody from exploding his… Continue reading Homeland series 2

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is one of the many crime series I watch and it explains exactly how terrorists and criminals who come from within our system can learn to manipulate law enforcement and use our laws to give themselves space to carry out an attack. Sergeant Brody, has already tried on the suicide vest he is going to… Continue reading Homeland

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My TV habits

I have watched almost all detective stories, which are available on TV. Gone through all the classic British series from Minder to Vera. Now I turn to American series. Currently it's NCIS: New Orleans. They actually promote the best version of family thinking I can accept. Though it is a group of dedicated individuals who… Continue reading My TV habits

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Time(s) are changing

I am starting to sympathise with the withdrawal of support for TV license fees for over 75. That is because the message I got from watching some BBC programs was less than desirable. The latest blockbuster Time, which shows live in a prison and that of a prison guard. The prison guard happens to have… Continue reading Time(s) are changing

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dodgy storylines

Just watched the new series of Innocent on ITV and it completed a day after I finished watching the Pact on BBC. Both stories were essentially a 'who donnit'. But I felt badly after watching the BBC story because it glorified the sticking together come what may as long as the family is intact. An… Continue reading dodgy storylines

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Watched this new series shown on ITV with interest. I generally now watch much more ITV than BBC. But what this Unforgotten series really shows is, and I really should post this on my Neighbourhood Watch blog instead, is, that those who ask you to 'not grass' are not your friends but your enemies. Only… Continue reading Unforgotten

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personal convictions

The more I watch of series on the BBC called The Spiral. (see also my previous post), the better do I understand the connections between personal strength, conviction and results. There is one weak investigator, with a tendency to take drugs, involves with the dark world and becomes susceptible to blackmail and such individuals can really… Continue reading personal convictions

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The french connection

Started to watch this French crime drama series on the BBC called The Spiral. I have to turn to foreign production since the making of British films has all but stopped. We get a lot of repeats. It is a bit hard to watch as there is lots of dialogue and I do not speak… Continue reading The french connection

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never grateful

Just watching some British classics. Here in the Great Expectations 2012, the story line sounds: "Why is it that the young are never grateful", could be answered with an attitude by the actress in "Educating Rita" who doesn't want to get pregnant because of an expectation but because she wants to choose it. But when… Continue reading never grateful