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I think that the reason for the rise in the crime rate and especially gang related crime, e.g. knife crime, gangs, drugs is the destabilisation of family life.

As I stated in my previous post about renting, currently in Britain, an average renter only stays for 4 years in a flat. People are moved around the country, into areas they do not know anybody just to get a roof over their head. Some call it de-gentrification of inner cities like London.

Renters conditions have been changed, so that a permanent tenancy is now hard to come by. the old-fashioned flats for life, people could pass on to a relative have largely gone.

Additionally the emigration rate through wars in far away lands has unsettled large amounts of people around the globe who also add to the new additions to society.

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Families are destabilised because in families now all family members have to work. Decades ago one family member could stay at home until a child reached the age of 13, that is now reduced to the age of 5.

In practise that means if a family has older children in schools, those kids often find themselves without a parent after school.

The close family contact between people no longer exists. Employment conditions have become more and more unpredictable, income can vary tremendously with times of hard-ship, e.g. reliance on food banks.

All these uncertainties contribute considerably to making gangs attractive to young people. Especially vulnerable youngster get picked off the expelled pupils registers to work for Post code drug gangs.

It really has nothing to do with the keeping people busy, it has a lot to do with giving people the right to be the boss of their own life, to have a right to a family life and give kids the guidance they need.

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Gang bosses can give plenty of guidance and that is why they are so successful recruiting youngsters. Those youngsters then are led to believe that carrying a knife is the only way to stay safe, its either kill or get killed. That is the terrible fact about the current crime scene.

Whilst youth funding is cut back, police officers reduced and parents are stuck into jobs through the work program, there is nobody available to give a shoulder to lean on for our young people.

Families just can’t help each other out any longer easily, they often live apart, have been moved to different parts of the country or world and have no longer any time for each other.

Until a government restores our sense of family, gives people the dignity of having permanent homes and permanent jobs, I do not see an end to the current problems. People need to belong and feel they are safe and increasing the instabilities is not going to help. The government needs to show some sympathy, emphathy for people. We are not just all robots who follow work rosters.


Peterborough for Labour

I must say I like it that Labour won Peterborough ahead of the Brexit Party. It is a clear indication that people voted against Brexit in an area that previously was predominantly pro-Brexit.

Now, that most of the lies and rumours about how glorious Brexit is, have been dispersed, people vote for remain.

I think Brexit was all along a red herring to keep people’s attention on a right-wing nationalist agenda for the purpose that the Conservative government could re-create Victorian values in Britain.

The Conservatives lost many councils in the recent council elections for the reason that people are fed up to the teeth with the cut-backs they have to suffer to do with care for the elderdy, children, schools, rubbish collections and so forth.

Councils are running out of money and its this Conservative goverment that is responsible for it.

Whilst the government keeps on saying people didn’t vote for the Conservatives because the Conservatives failed to deliver Brexit, the reality is that people didn’t vote for the Conservatives because of the severe cut-backs on local council spending and overall policies.

Policies, which saw the wider introduction of Benefit cut-backs for the disabled, the Universal Credit, that left people queueing for Food banks to be able to survive, Zero hours contracts and a reduction in overall wages value by 6%.

Obviously Nigel Farage was very deflated about the second place in Peterborough but I think it indicates the line of pro and against Brexit voters in favour of the against.

Yesterday’s D-Day 75. Anniversary, saw veterans in tears over Brexit planning because they fought for freedom in Europe and want to keep it that way.

This article is not meant to be a blank cheque of support for Labour, who have many faults but it just shows that on the political strategy people voted tactically for the party that could counter the Brexit party in that local by-election.

Added on 7/6/19, the newly elected MP Lisa Forbes was caught into questions over alleged anti-semitic behaviour.



Britain’s been sold off

Ever since shopkeeper’s daughter Margaret Thatcher gotten hold of the British shop, Britain has been sold slowly but surely to the highest bidder.

Now the Chinese want to start a trade centre in East London, Boris Johnson wants to build a bigger airport in East London.

All new blocks of flats built, go first and foremost for sale in far away countries to foreign buyers.

Yet the standard of living is much lower in foreign countries. For those foreign investors to make a buck, Cameron has to bring our living standards down to their levels. Simple.

We send our children to school so that they learn skills to get good jobs, a better life for themselves, just to be confronted by volunteering pensioners and low wage mums working in jobs already, so that foreign investors get more buck for their money?

There once was a time when our standard of living was excellent and we could enjoy the hope of it getting even better.

Despite selling stuff off to foreign investors the Home Office says they want to keep immigrants down. But the type of immigrants they want to keep out are the poor ones, this government only wants rich people in Britain.

It is worth finding out how that money from those foreign investors was made and whether it was originally European or American capital that got those now foreign investors into the rich list.

Because the foreign debt the UK and other EU countries has, has probably been produced because some super rich western capitalists exported their money abroad in the first place.

But Britain now stops at nothing to make the poor suffer. Even children get refused school dinners if their parents have a negligible debt on the dinner money.

It’s the constant talk of better health and less pay that is very puzzling indeed. But it is a further example where a child’s father was encouraged to volunteer as school governor and then his child got refused a school dinner for the sake of £1.75 behind in payments.

The father is made to work for free, by helping to run the school, whilst his child is made to suffer and left without any nourishment because the father forgot to pay the meal on time. It’s a typical example of modern day slavery where parents are asked to work for nothing.

Mums and pensioners to keep wages low

It’s all been a trick to destroy the worker’s equilibrium, bring down the wages and put the established unions out of business. The report says it all and is a real eye-opener. As far as I can open my damaged eyes.

I should have gotten my pension this year but got a letter instead, saying I will have to wait another 2 years for the final settlement of any pension claim.

The government says and is advised that bringing in mothers and the old will help the economy. All it helps is business make more profit by helping to keep the wage bill down and by helping to reward those who are excellent at their jobs with less pay.

Do we really want this?

From the perspective of the working mums, I have been against putting mothers of young children under pressure to get a job, it is not practicable to tear mothers away from their children and employ child minders instead, at a heavy price, to look after their off-spring.

The dream of the fit old pensions is contradicted by the ever increasing demand of older people to get more health treatment.

Since I turned 60 I was put on a waiting list for 2 operations; so it is a complete joke that DWP makes me apply for jobs when they know perfectly well that I will need to take time off once those day-stay operations have commenced. But for DWP it is just a useful tool to make me go to interviews so the workers in the jobs feel frightened for their livelihood.

TUC says that pay in the UK has shrunk by about 10%. Boris Johnson will help this even further when he replaces train drivers with robots.

To put worker into a permanent fright about their wages is then the real reason why Cameron wants to force pensioners to “volunteer” for their pension, so that employers can tell their workers: “Don’t know why you are asking for more money, we got people doing your job for free”.

People should do anything they can to avoid volunteering.

Yet I have been assured by a Royal London Hospital eye doctor that I cannot claim Support Allowance as it is not considered a formal disability.

Another letter

My local MP Rushanara Ali is now again writing to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) about why I am not getting my Jobseekers Allowance.

It seems that I get a record number of letters to government departments on my behalf. Since I can remember and since I reside in the UK, always government departments have slouched over my claims for benefits.

It does not seem to matter which political party is in government but I always had problems getting essential support to live on.

Germany was much easier for me in that I always got jobs quite quickly and easily. But here in the UK, I not only find it impossible to get work but also living allowances, especially from the DWP are very hard to get for me.

I seem to be able to narrow the problem down to that department as that is chronic that problem with these workers there.


DWP should have to pay interest on late beneftis

Currently it is profitable for the government to delay benefits. They do not care how much suffering they cause as long as they can make those few extra bucks out of late benefit payments, they are happy.

But if DWP* would be charged interest at the standard rate for benefits paid later than 1 week after the due date, then DWP* would be very much more careful and not withhold benefits for no proper reason.

Scores of claimants have to go through appeals procedures, often wait for 6 + months to have a judge decide. If found in the claimants’ favour, then DWP* merely has to pay the standard rate of benefit as it was due at the time of the claim.

Even if several months go past and people have to borrow money to buy essentials, the government does not have to pay interest. That is wrong.

New claims must be decided within a week because people get their rent money and if landlords have to wait 8+ weeks for their money, they will not take on benefit tenants.

* Department for Works and Pensions

Important curb on Human Rights

That you are now getting your Jobseekers Benefit suspended, for further investigations, if you do any type of unpaid, voluntary work in your spare time, is an important breach into the Right to a Private and Family Life.

Especially Neighbourhood Watch is an organisation that forms from residents within a local area who simply want to protect themselves from crime and help the vulnerable neighbours.

That people are now not allowed to go to meetings with local friends and that such activity infringes a right to Jobseekers Allowance is an unlawful breach of an Important Human Right.

Unfortunately I have no energy, money, nor do I get any legal assistance to fight them. But if anybody is interested looking into this it would be good.

At the moment I am scared to go to meetings with neighbours because the DWP is investigating my activities and I have made a claim for Jobseekers Allowance on 15 April 2013 and that is now frozen till 18 June 2013, so that an investigation into the way I spend my time can be carried out.

I apply for about 3 jobs per day, have been to a job interview when asked to, so the DWP cannot accuse me of not following the rules on Unemployment benefit, but regardless they breach all rules just to get permission to snoop into people’s private lives that way.

Previously the DWP only suspended your benefits if you did unpaid voluntary work and refused the work through the Work Program, but I have not even been put on the work program and they already suspend my benefits for going to meetings with neighbours in my spare time for the purpose to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour in my area. Neighbourhood Watch works closely with the local police but DWP doesn’t like this.

My whole family now gets terrorised by the DWP, family members get called to their office and threatened with legal action for no reason. Other family members get DWP letters on their birthdays to announce benefit changes. It is quite obvious that we are being stalked by DWP.  Important decisions always fall on birthday dates of family members.

I have not been accused of any law breaches at all, but simply the fact that I am unemployed gives the government the right to suspend my benefits if I go out of my house and do other things than shopping or looking for work.

The treatment we get is worst than being given a curfew or restricted rights via a court order. The DWP just takes over our whole lives.

What also gives them the right to investigate every corner of your life is the fact that you give a data sharing consent as Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. Therefore I withdrew all data sharing consent I gave to Met Police because the combination of Met Police data sharing consent and DWP investigations just about ruins people’s lives.

I hae also been informed by the Chair of the London Association that Human Rights Laws do not apply to Volunteers. So another reason not to volunteer.

No benefit for the doubt

We heard all these discussions about too many benefits being paid to fraudulent claimants. But to assess whether a claim is fraudulent takes time. Long discussions were held about this. All entitlements to benefits now carry notices, that overpaid benefits can be recouped.

Nowadays it takes at least 8 weeks to get a decision on a claim for Jobseeker’s Allowance. Cases get referred to Decision Makers. Those Decision Makers are most likely highly paid lawyers. Any decisions made by Decision Makers can be appealed. The last time I appealed I won.

It’s very expensive for the government to closely scrutinise each application for Jobseekers Allowance. All these Decision Makers have to be paid. If a case is appealed and goes to a Tribunal, the costs of that have to be paid by the Department for Works and Pensions. The DWP have to employ lawyers to argue their case if it goes that far.

It would be interesting to know what is actually more expensive, to overpay slightly or to underpay claimants and pay expensive lawyers instead.The government allows people to starve whilst they wait for 8 weeks to get a decision on Jobseekers Allowance. Reliance on food banks has  increased dramatically.

The latest situation is that Britain is being dragged before the European Court of Justice because apparently, so I understand it, an EU citizen was denied Jobseekers Allowance, after they worked in the UK and lost their job here.

This fatal obsession with European Negativity costs Britain even more money now in more expensive lawyers. It’s like a huge chip on Britain’s shoulder, to try to avoid European commitment. Britain was always extremely generous to all other nationals who came here to study and sought health treatment or housing, until of course Margaret Thatcher changed a few things around and now foreign students have to pay.  Boris Johnson seeks a Thatcher College in her honour as the good lady was refused a honorary Doctorate by Oxford, and her being the only Prime Minister, and female one at that, being denied it.

Dealing with applications for Jobseeker’s Allowance has now become more expensive for the state. Now we just don’t get the benefit quickly, now we have to wait longer and if we cannot wait we can make an application for quick hardship payments instead. That of course causes another administrative layer of work that needs to be done. Of course that created a few extra jobs.

Don’t volunteer

Department for Works and Pensions now takes the Mickey even more, by taking 8 weeks to decide over a new claim for Unemployment Benefit.

They use any type of voluntary work as an excuse to slow down an application even more. It should be the other way around, they should speed up decisions for voluntary workers as to encourage people to do more voluntary work but instead one gets punished by having to wait extra long instead.

It’s a bit like those who do not commit crime, live in poverty without anything but those who commit crime get cushy jails and all mod cons.

Those who work voluntarily for Neighbourhood Watch get no benefit, those who do not, get their money easier.

This government tries any trick in the book not to spend money and if you are committed to your voluntary cause they just use this as an excuse not to pay you.

Appeals now take around 6 – 9 months to decide. You would have to live on thin air for that amount of time, if you wanted to bring about a benefits appeal. That is unaffordable at least for me and therefore it is easier just not to do any voluntary work, rather than do it and try to help people because the government has this strange way of punishing volunteers.

I would advise anybody not to do any voluntary work when they are on jobseekers unless they are forced into it because that is the only way not to loose out on benefit payments.

The leaflet they publish on the YouGov website is just a lot of nonsense, as in practise it does not work like that. DWP says they have to investigate your volunteering, to see if you get paid and suspend your Jobseekers for that reason.

I was told that Human Rights laws do not apply to volunteers.

Right-wing elements in government stalk volunteers

I can only put it down to radical right-wing elements within the government that volunteers are haunted out of their positions by the Department for Works and Pensions.

Of course anybody who works in the name of peace and law and order is a thorn in the eye of right-wing hooligans who have no other interest but to throw over the current order and instead introduce undemocratic mechanisms in this country.

The Department of Works and Pensions systematically slows down claims of those who do voluntary activities. In my case firstly I was cut off from benefits for organising a Queen’s Jubilee Party. Now my claim is slowed down and not decided at all because I was a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator.

Both institutions the Crown and the Police work to up-keep law and order and the DWP does not like people who help to up-keep law and order it seems.

There were of course various others who had been cut off from their benefits because they voluntarily helped in various charities around the country.

I think the DWP should be accused of stalking ordinary citizens who want work but who also are engaged in voluntary activities that help social stability and law and order.

Unfortunately I do not have the financial strength to fight them, I cannot afford to risk losing my benefits and therefore have to stop all voluntary activities until I have found a job. That of course will cause disruption to Neighbourhood Watch in Tower Hamlets, which is fragile enough as it is and will only benefit crime but the Department of Works and Pensions does not care about that.

Iain Duncan Smith is known to be right-wing and the recent reaction to a terrorist act in Woolwich shows that right-wing elements in Britain are very quick to get in there and do their utmost to cause even more discontent with their actions.

Iain Duncan-Smith is known to prevent peaceful volunteers from doing their voluntary work by cutting off their benefits.

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