DWP should have to pay interest on late beneftis

Currently it is profitable for the government to delay benefits. They do not care how much suffering they cause as long as they can make those few extra bucks out of late benefit payments, they are happy.

But if DWP* would be charged interest at the standard rate for benefits paid later than 1 week after the due date, then DWP* would be very much more careful and not withhold benefits for no proper reason.

Scores of claimants have to go through appeals procedures, often wait for 6 + months to have a judge decide. If found in the claimants’ favour, then DWP* merely has to pay the standard rate of benefit as it was due at the time of the claim.

Even if several months go past and people have to borrow money to buy essentials, the government does not have to pay interest. That is wrong.

New claims must be decided within a week because people get their rent money and if landlords have to wait 8+ weeks for their money, they will not take on benefit tenants.

* Department for Works and Pensions

Important curb on Human Rights

That you are now getting your Jobseekers Benefit suspended, for further investigations, if you do any type of unpaid, voluntary work in your spare time, is an important breach into the Right to a Private and Family Life.

Especially Neighbourhood Watch is an organisation that forms from residents within a local area who simply want to protect themselves from crime and help the vulnerable neighbours.

That people are now not allowed to go to meetings with local friends and that such activity infringes a right to Jobseekers Allowance is an unlawful breach of an Important Human Right.

Unfortunately I have no energy, money, nor do I get any legal assistance to fight them. But if anybody is interested looking into this it would be good.

At the moment I am scared to go to meetings with neighbours because the DWP is investigating my activities and I have made a claim for Jobseekers Allowance on 15 April 2013 and that is now frozen till 18 June 2013, so that an investigation into the way I spend my time can be carried out.

I apply for about 3 jobs per day, have been to a job interview when asked to, so the DWP cannot accuse me of not following the rules on Unemployment benefit, but regardless they breach all rules just to get permission to snoop into people’s private lives that way.

Previously the DWP only suspended your benefits if you did unpaid voluntary work and refused the work through the Work Program, but I have not even been put on the work program and they already suspend my benefits for going to meetings with neighbours in my spare time for the purpose to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour in my area. Neighbourhood Watch works closely with the local police but DWP doesn’t like this.

My whole family now gets terrorised by the DWP, family members get called to their office and threatened with legal action for no reason. Other family members get DWP letters on their birthdays to announce benefit changes. It is quite obvious that we are being stalked by DWP.  Important decisions always fall on birthday dates of family members.

I have not been accused of any law breaches at all, but simply the fact that I am unemployed gives the government the right to suspend my benefits if I go out of my house and do other things than shopping or looking for work.

The treatment we get is worst than being given a curfew or restricted rights via a court order. The DWP just takes over our whole lives.

What also gives them the right to investigate every corner of your life is the fact that you give a data sharing consent as Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. Therefore I withdrew all data sharing consent I gave to Met Police because the combination of Met Police data sharing consent and DWP investigations just about ruins people’s lives.

I hae also been informed by the Chair of the London Association that Human Rights Laws do not apply to Volunteers. So another reason not to volunteer.

No benefit for the doubt

We heard all these discussions about too many benefits being paid to fraudulent claimants. But to assess whether a claim is fraudulent takes time. Long discussions were held about this. All entitlements to benefits now carry notices, that overpaid benefits can be recouped.

Nowadays it takes at least 8 weeks to get a decision on a claim for Jobseeker’s Allowance. Cases get referred to Decision Makers. Those Decision Makers are most likely highly paid lawyers. Any decisions made by Decision Makers can be appealed. The last time I appealed I won.

It’s very expensive for the government to closely scrutinise each application for Jobseekers Allowance. All these Decision Makers have to be paid. If a case is appealed and goes to a Tribunal, the costs of that have to be paid by the Department for Works and Pensions. The DWP have to employ lawyers to argue their case if it goes that far.

It would be interesting to know what is actually more expensive, to overpay slightly or to underpay claimants and pay expensive lawyers instead.The government allows people to starve whilst they wait for 8 weeks to get a decision on Jobseekers Allowance. Reliance on food banks has  increased dramatically.

The latest situation is that Britain is being dragged before the European Court of Justice because apparently, so I understand it, an EU citizen was denied Jobseekers Allowance, after they worked in the UK and lost their job here.

This fatal obsession with European Negativity costs Britain even more money now in more expensive lawyers. It’s like a huge chip on Britain’s shoulder, to try to avoid European commitment. Britain was always extremely generous to all other nationals who came here to study and sought health treatment or housing, until of course Margaret Thatcher changed a few things around and now foreign students have to pay.  Boris Johnson seeks a Thatcher College in her honour as the good lady was refused a honorary Doctorate by Oxford, and her being the only Prime Minister, and female one at that, being denied it.

Dealing with applications for Jobseeker’s Allowance has now become more expensive for the state. Now we just don’t get the benefit quickly, now we have to wait longer and if we cannot wait we can make an application for quick hardship payments instead. That of course causes another administrative layer of work that needs to be done. Of course that created a few extra jobs.

Don’t volunteer

Department for Works and Pensions now takes the Mickey even more, by taking 8 weeks to decide over a new claim for Unemployment Benefit.

They use any type of voluntary work as an excuse to slow down an application even more. It should be the other way around, they should speed up decisions for voluntary workers as to encourage people to do more voluntary work but instead one gets punished by having to wait extra long instead.

It’s a bit like those who do not commit crime, live in poverty without anything but those who commit crime get cushy jails and all mod cons.

Those who work voluntarily for Neighbourhood Watch get no benefit, those who do not, get their money easier.

This government tries any trick in the book not to spend money and if you are committed to your voluntary cause they just use this as an excuse not to pay you.

Appeals now take around 6 – 9 months to decide. You would have to live on thin air for that amount of time, if you wanted to bring about a benefits appeal. That is unaffordable at least for me and therefore it is easier just not to do any voluntary work, rather than do it and try to help people because the government has this strange way of punishing volunteers.

I would advise anybody not to do any voluntary work when they are on jobseekers unless they are forced into it because that is the only way not to loose out on benefit payments.

The leaflet they publish on the YouGov website is just a lot of nonsense, as in practise it does not work like that. DWP says they have to investigate your volunteering, to see if you get paid and suspend your Jobseekers for that reason.

I was told that Human Rights laws do not apply to volunteers.

Right-wing elements in government stalk volunteers

I can only put it down to radical right-wing elements within the government that volunteers are haunted out of their positions by the Department for Works and Pensions.

Of course anybody who works in the name of peace and law and order is a thorn in the eye of right-wing hooligans who have no other interest but to throw over the current order and instead introduce undemocratic mechanisms in this country.

The Department of Works and Pensions systematically slows down claims of those who do voluntary activities. In my case firstly I was cut off from benefits for organising a Queen’s Jubilee Party. Now my claim is slowed down and not decided at all because I was a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator.

Both institutions the Crown and the Police work to up-keep law and order and the DWP does not like people who help to up-keep law and order it seems.

There were of course various others who had been cut off from their benefits because they voluntarily helped in various charities around the country.

I think the DWP should be accused of stalking ordinary citizens who want work but who also are engaged in voluntary activities that help social stability and law and order.

Unfortunately I do not have the financial strength to fight them, I cannot afford to risk losing my benefits and therefore have to stop all voluntary activities until I have found a job. That of course will cause disruption to Neighbourhood Watch in Tower Hamlets, which is fragile enough as it is and will only benefit crime but the Department of Works and Pensions does not care about that.

Iain Duncan Smith is known to be right-wing and the recent reaction to a terrorist act in Woolwich shows that right-wing elements in Britain are very quick to get in there and do their utmost to cause even more discontent with their actions.

Iain Duncan-Smith is known to prevent peaceful volunteers from doing their voluntary work by cutting off their benefits.

More official nonsense

An official report by a government funded body has now officially declared that many government flagship programs are deemed to failure.

The Mayor Projects Authority (MPA) has declared 32 projects potentially unfit for purpose, this includes the Universal Credit.

I can see it in everyday life situations that the government policies frankly make no sense.

How can a government, that is serious about internal security hassle Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators into giving up their voluntary roles by threatening their benefit status if they happen to be unemployed.

Most watch coordinators have jobs but it can happen to anybody that unemployment strikes, especially these days in the recession; unemployment should never be a reason to stop anybody being a watch co-ordinator but unfortunately the DWP forced me to give up this entirely voluntary post.

Such stupidity on the side of the DWP shows they are not fit for purpose.

Whilst government has some grand ideas, in reality the government is unable to bring ideas into workable reality.

“[MPA’s] report warns that billions of pounds of public money could be at risk because of delays and inefficiencies in delivering key projects.”

Why are we told that this government wants to save money when it just seeks other ways to waste it in fancy ideas that channel money to their approved partners but is wasted nonetheless?

DWP gone mad

The Department for Works and Pensions has now resolved to terrorising Neighbourhood Watch coordinators and uses their activity as Neighbourhood Watch coordinators to withhold benefits.

In my case I made an application for Unemployment benefit on 15 April 2013. Till today the DWP has refused to make a decision on my claim and just doesn’t pay me any money without any decision whatsoever.

I do look for work, apply for several positions daily. weekly, go to interviews, ring employers etc. That is not enough for the DWP.

Just because I am a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator gives them to right to withhold a decision.

They said to me that even if I now decide to stop being a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator that will give them a reason to withhold a decision because then they have to investigate why I stopped doing voluntary work.

There are thousands of Neighbourhood Watch coordinators in Britain and I wonder whether there are others who suffer because of it.

Systemic negligence

I could not agree to the cost-cutting measures that the DWP currently uses to save money. Those measures lead only to systemic negligence of needy claimants like myself for example.  Whilst the Tax Payers Alliance argues that the levels of highly paid executives, with over £100.000, for example at Tower Hamlets council has been reduced to 10, the level of pay for executives seems to be the key to effective services.

Lower down employees don’t seem too keen to do their jobs if their bosses do not urge them too much.

TPA have easy arguing as their background is wealthy to say the least and they have money anyhow, so who can blame the Labour supporting councils, if they at least try to taste rich freedom for once?

I think the cause of too much executive pay has not been invented by Labour boroughs but by Capitalists who rake in the money, making others jealous.

At the Department for Work and Pensions it seems claims take now even longer to process. Previously some years ago, under the old regime, claims were dealt with in around 10 days, then that gotten longer and claims took around 5 weeks to settle.

Now in my own case I applied for Job seekers Allowance over 4 weeks ago and they have not even started to process my claim. I have just been told over the phone that a 2 week processing time-frame is only a guideline. The personal advisor told me 5 weeks ago that she would submit my personally signed claim for processing straight-away but she advised me to “look after yourself”. That obviously meant she had not intended to look after me in her job as DWP advisor.

Perhaps Iain Duncan-Smith takes all my previous posts about him very personal and now seeks to use revenge tactics and make my claim as slow as possible, or it is just that there is not enough staff to deal with all the claims for unemployment benefit. Whatever the reason it is totally unacceptable that people have to wait for over 6 weeks to get even a letter confirming their benefit entitlement, not to mention the money, the actual benefit.

I do not belief either the Tax Payer’s Alliance or the government’s speeches who want to achieve better services by saving money, the government actually makes the poor suffer more and saves money that way.

Unacceptable despair

This government makes people starve, borrow money to buy food and scrounge from others to survive. This is totally unacceptable. A Which survey result shows that despite “official” statistics, that personal insolvencies are at a record low, people have to borrow to buy daily essential food.

Even here in East London we are always asked to give food to food banks, in church, Brownies and schools. The poor are asked to help other poor. I am just changing benefits to being unemployed again and have not been paid my benefits this week. I was not even rung back as promised, I got a reassuring call that somebody would call me on Tuesday morning.

That is little consolation for somebody who has a bank holiday weekend without money, a child to support.

This fuels exploitation and despair in people. Unfortunately this government just wants to punish people for being alive, it seems and not Conservative. Because all Conservatives do have plenty of money and do not suffer from their own policies. Even the dead ones, can enjoy luxury funerals whilst the rests are starving.

These are proper Aristocratic behaviour patterns, I did not know we would get from the Conservative Party.

The survey result covered within it the relatively settled age group between 30 – 50,who should be relatively comfy and of a thousand who took part 55% used credit to do the weekly shopping.

Unfortunately these policies do not bring people to love the monarch, they bring people to despise Aristocracy and have a very negative result on our leaders, on values that kept people of Britain patriotic and in good spirits.

In the latest council elections for England and Wales the Tories lost 335 seats and 10 councils. But they are relatively happy because their right-wing counterparts have gotten a relative stronghold and it is easier to gain back from UKIP who got 139 seats, rather than Respect or Labour, who got 291. The Liberals are totally expendable but they must not be too worried as they can always make up numbers for the next Labour government to come.

It’s rather worrying that the mainstream press, like the BBC does not make big reporting of Anti-Jewish demonstrations that took place yesterday and 2 anti-austerity demonstrations around Trafalgar Square. It would give us a better picture of people’s sentiments rather than read big headlines of sexually ancient inappropriate behaviour.

cost-cutting measures can equal repression

Looking at the latest benefit reduction measures and online articles that challenge people to live on £1 per day, it becomes quite clear that it is impossible to live on £1 a day if you start from scratch. Most calculations assume that one uses a fraction of a whole packet and that then makes the saving. However, in practise one has to purchase the whole packet to be able to use part of it.One needs to be good at maths and not have learning disabilities to be able to cope.

Recent benefit reduction challenge people’s right to free movement because on those small benefit amounts nobody can afford to take the bus or the underground and so go anywhere out of their immediate local area or no further than they can walk. That I think breaches people’s Human rights.

It is always easy for rich people to curb other people’s cost spending because rich people can always use their own resources to do what they want to do but for those genuinely poor costs are essential to do things they could otherwise not afford. Cost-cutting is only appropriate for those who have substantial private assets but not for the poor.

Unfortunately this government seriously hampers the right of the poor to do anything other than basically keep themselves alive. This is the reason why I oppose these recent benefit changes. The benefit changes do mainly affect those who cannot rely on strong family support and drives vulnerable people into dependencies on those who would exploit their needs. It is practically certain that people are going to get exploited.

But to stop people from travelling and meeting their main support groups is definitely a big draw-back on the cost-cutting measures.


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