the rainforest

Is without question one of the most importent assets of our planet. It is concentrated on various geographical locations. Lets take Brazil here as an example.

green leafed trees under blue sky

The typical British countrydise, cleared of forest, ready for farming. Photo by Lisa Fotios on

Of course us developed nations we have already cleared a lot of our forests and developed our lands. We in Britain even talk about becoming self-sufficient farming-wise to justify us leaving the EU without a deal.

For that of course we need to farm the land and clear probably even more forest.

We really do love to rely on the rain forest. The untouched and virgin rain forest, that same rain forest that saves our planet.

But what about those nationas that are couched within the rainforest areas. Nations like Brazil. Do their citizens not have the right to farm, to develp the land, to get skills-based jobs that are based within their national borders.

scenic view of rainforest

Rainforst    Photo by Arnie Chou on

Whilst we here in Britain demand that we can become independent of others, we do expect nations within the rainforest regions to leave that forest and just not devleop, to depend on others, help others, so that we developed countries can stay developing ourselves.

What are the nationals within the rainforest countries supposed to be doing?

Nobody has thought about this and I think that just shows how stupid our privately educated politicians and business leaders are because all they can think of is themselves.

It is an international problem and it needs nations to work together. But of course our political leaders only think about Brexit and becoming indendent from Europe and use the resources of other nations to bolster our own wealth.

The rainforest? The rainforest is depended upon that it stays as it is. So what about putting that thinking cap on?


The fastest growing economy?

I have taken it upon myself to listen and watch the weekly Prime Minister’s Question Time, both prior and after the David Cameron’s appearance in this show. It is quite easy to open the Parliament Channel window in the background, and listen to the proceedings whilst I do my job search.

I am quite relieved that I never gotten elected or chosen as parliamentary candidate when I once tried because that type of conversation is very refined and must be acquired and learned.  The speaker delivers superb compositions of tit for tat arguments, even personally tailored to the occasions when he delivers them.

It is just a little repetitive to hear always the same answers to often the same questions. It is said that Britain now has the fastest growing economy to shut up protestations about poverty and high costs of living.

But when I last visited the Imperial War Museum, in the history section about World War I and II there is a display that clearly shows that Germany prided itself to have the fastest growing economy in Europe prior to both world wars.

Now it is Britain that has the fastest growing economy in Europe. And the government laments any rise in taxes and will not provide any relief to those suffering from cut-backs. Quite obviously many do not even answer the lamentations of council tax rises in Labour boroughs as it is obvious that without taxes there will be no service and services is what people need.

The most popular answer though is that we have inherited this mess from Labour. That is said in response to almost 75% of complaints. A little bit stale and bitter, this answer has become.

I am about to go on holiday to Germany, in the hinterland, the rural area of Germany, where there is little public amenity in vast areas of land that used to be farmed by many small holders but is now farmed by larger farmers. There is little but houses and farm land, broken up by little bits of forest here and there. Perhaps that is what the UK government wants to achieve?  In the area of Germany where my relatives live, they own several houses and large swats of land, there is no council housing up for rent, all housing is privately owned, there is little public amenity and the biggest entertainment is the small shop per village and the village pub.

All the people work hard for a living, the land is worth nothing, the houses cost money to up-keep and nobody can afford to lose their low wage job as otherwise they would have to sell their house to be able to survive.

Most people are either self-employed or work in the public service like driving a bus or working at the local hospital, many still farm.There is a lot of care in the community as the elders are looked after in the family, and the elders in turn look after the children. All help each other. But still those houses there are big, they have plenty of bedrooms.

Cameron cannot reasonable try to copy this as city flats in London or elsewhere are very small, we have the spare bedroom tax with many families being already so splintered up that many have lost contact with their peers or elders.

Britain’s been sold off

Ever since shopkeeper’s daughter Margaret Thatcher gotten hold of the British shop, Britain has been sold slowly but surely to the highest bidder.

Now the Chinese want to start a trade centre in East London, Boris Johnson wants to build a bigger airport in East London.

All new blocks of flats built, go first and foremost for sale in far away countries to foreign buyers.

Yet the standard of living is much lower in foreign countries. For those foreign investors to make a buck, Cameron has to bring our living standards down to their levels. Simple.

We send our children to school so that they learn skills to get good jobs, a better life for themselves, just to be confronted by volunteering pensioners and low wage mums working in jobs already, so that foreign investors get more buck for their money?

There once was a time when our standard of living was excellent and we could enjoy the hope of it getting even better.

Despite selling stuff off to foreign investors the Home Office says they want to keep immigrants down. But the type of immigrants they want to keep out are the poor ones, this government only wants rich people in Britain.

It is worth finding out how that money from those foreign investors was made and whether it was originally European or American capital that got those now foreign investors into the rich list.

Because the foreign debt the UK and other EU countries has, has probably been produced because some super rich western capitalists exported their money abroad in the first place.

But Britain now stops at nothing to make the poor suffer. Even children get refused school dinners if their parents have a negligible debt on the dinner money.

It’s the constant talk of better health and less pay that is very puzzling indeed. But it is a further example where a child’s father was encouraged to volunteer as school governor and then his child got refused a school dinner for the sake of £1.75 behind in payments.

The father is made to work for free, by helping to run the school, whilst his child is made to suffer and left without any nourishment because the father forgot to pay the meal on time. It’s a typical example of modern day slavery where parents are asked to work for nothing.

Mums and pensioners to keep wages low

It’s all been a trick to destroy the worker’s equilibrium, bring down the wages and put the established unions out of business. The report says it all and is a real eye-opener. As far as I can open my damaged eyes.

I should have gotten my pension this year but got a letter instead, saying I will have to wait another 2 years for the final settlement of any pension claim.

The government says and is advised that bringing in mothers and the old will help the economy. All it helps is business make more profit by helping to keep the wage bill down and by helping to reward those who are excellent at their jobs with less pay.

Do we really want this?

From the perspective of the working mums, I have been against putting mothers of young children under pressure to get a job, it is not practicable to tear mothers away from their children and employ child minders instead, at a heavy price, to look after their off-spring.

The dream of the fit old pensions is contradicted by the ever increasing demand of older people to get more health treatment.

Since I turned 60 I was put on a waiting list for 2 operations; so it is a complete joke that DWP makes me apply for jobs when they know perfectly well that I will need to take time off once those day-stay operations have commenced. But for DWP it is just a useful tool to make me go to interviews so the workers in the jobs feel frightened for their livelihood.

TUC says that pay in the UK has shrunk by about 10%. Boris Johnson will help this even further when he replaces train drivers with robots.

To put worker into a permanent fright about their wages is then the real reason why Cameron wants to force pensioners to “volunteer” for their pension, so that employers can tell their workers: “Don’t know why you are asking for more money, we got people doing your job for free”.

People should do anything they can to avoid volunteering.

Yet I have been assured by a Royal London Hospital eye doctor that I cannot claim Support Allowance as it is not considered a formal disability.

price manipulations used by chain stores

Just watching Prime Minister’s Question time and one MP made an interesting point in that he said that supermarkets can use price fixing across their chains and charge the same price everywhere.

Of course that is the reason why prices are the same wherever you go and only totally decentralised shopping could prevent that. But getting rid of supermarket chains is not going to improve supply of food throughout the country, especially not fresh fruit and veg.

Royalty is thicker than gas

I can smell a total royal knees up in the matter of the sour gas contract being awarded to Shell rather than Total. The Royal connections of the Dutch to the Royal House of Abu Dhabi could be playing a role and explain why the French republic got left out in the cold.

Just as I gotten myself a new gas cooker, I can now rest assured that there will actually be the gas to cook my dinners.

What worries me slightly with all excavations, whether gas or oil is what it does to the earth’s crust when those layers of material are sucked out of the earth and a vacant space is created underneath. Seeing that the earth’s core is ca. 6000 C, about as hot as the sun, we can do with any bit of bolster to shield us from the heat. Surprisingly little is written about this subject but I can imagine that in generations to come they may regret that this material has been extracted for some reason or other.

That just reminds me to ask myself why we have heard so much about various gas explosions in all types of countries, even as far away as Prague

Normally we rarely hear about gas explosion and now suddenly they seem to turn up everywhere? Are we being told the truth or had the media only just started to tell us about gas explosions that happen all the time?

I would urge anyone who smells any gas, to call 999 immediately.

£111 million pound question

I have blogged about this many times before, the fact, that I am concerned about the Mayor’s tendency to concentrate on housing rather than on business.

It is especially apparent here n Tower Hamlets where several, some of them rather new business units were demolished to make way for new housing blocks. Now it has become apparent that Mayor Boris Johnson has failed to spend £111 million, allocated for business development in the Capital.

City Hall advises the government not to panic but the fact is that business areas have actually been torn down and been demolished like here in Cambridge Heath Road, E2 where a whole business complex was destroyed, to make way for housing.

People who live also want to work, and often local entrepreneurs are the backbone of the community. Local business helps children grow up and shows them that there is life after school. Considering that so many major chains have gone broke and shop windows of larger stores get boarded up, the smaller local enterprise could prove healthy for the community.

OK here in London boarded up shops are not a problem but a lack of local small business is.

I am just coming from Oxford Street and business is booming. In London there is plenty of profitable business activity going on, which doesn’t need funding. It cannot be easy to make a decision to spend £111 million to support business against other business that is self-funding. Also why create a shadow and government funded economy in the suburbs of London when there is centrally so much business going on already.

Local communities would benefit from local business opportunities especially for those who rarely travel out of their local communities but it still is not within the current political and business spirit to fund local business whilst big business have to find their own money.

We have given our economy away

We have handed it to the Chinese, Indians and other former Third World countries on a plate. What do they expect? Of course our economies have to shrink because all our productions have been moved elsewhere. Even those companies that are naturally based in Europe but have out-sourced work to other nations do not necessarily pay tax on those gains in Europe either. Because if the work is contracted out to an overseas company they earn in their countries and pay tax there.

I have blogged about this countless times before and nobody ever took any notice. Of course now, when the slump hits us hard, then suddenly they ask, how could it happen?

Europe is not the Christmas tree of the world, Europe has to make money as well.

Here in the UK and other small European countries we keep on accepting immigrants, who take up housing space and get benefits and health treatment but we do lose that space towards productivity space because where there are homes there can’t be factories as well.

David Cameron now wants to close a few loopholes on immigration. Most of the poor that live in our rich inner cities like London will soon have to move into the hinterlands because new benefit regulations make life in the Capital too expensive. In a way it is right that those who work in an area, should also have the preferred right to live there, as otherwise people have to pay too much for commuting to work every day.

But it still does not move any new work to our shores if we just fill spaces with homes for new dwellers instead of focussing on getting the economy moving our way again. We have passed on our knowledge to those left behind and now we are the ones waddling behind others.

It’s about the free market economy

We can no longer call ourselves a free market economy and gain from Corporation Taxes if our government has to pay for employees to work in companies. It is not about whether 1 or 2 people are too lazy to work it is about the principle of this country at large.

Iain Duncan Smith wants to introduce creeping Communism by making the government pay for employees whilst they help profit making companies gain more money. Those companies pay us Corporation Tax but the gain from that tax gets cancelled out with each free employee the government supports to work there.

It is not about training it is much more, it is about our economic and political principles. If the government stops benefit to somebody who refuses a ‘work placement’ then that means that the government is a stake holder in that company already because the withdrawal of benefit is linked to that job or that company.

Already some banks gotten nationalised. Strictly speaking for each employee the government sponsors, the government should get the value of that support in shares of that company, which makes it then partly government owned. But that would slowly but surely nationalize companies in Britain.

Our deficit will never be reduced if we subsidise private companies. We need to make money to survive, but we are not doing it if we pay towards private profits.

Companies must train employees out of their own profits.

The root of the problem lies much deeper, it lies in foreign countries being able to work cheaper, which makes companies settle abroad. We cannot reverse that trend by offering free workers to companies because it is  not sustainable economically. We cannot balance our books nor reduce any deficits.

The reckless destruction of Britain’s economy

or what is austerity good for? Absolutely nothing.

I do not know what cloud cuckoo land, Osborne, Cameron and their Liberal counterpart live in. The Liberal Democrat website even sports the slogan, ‘stronger economy, fairer society’. And whilst the latest austerity cuts have been vigorously defended by Nick Clegg, it is quite clear that all that has increased in Britain is public borrowing. All expectations for borrowing have increased beyond the imaginable margins. The economy is shrinking defacto and Osborne makes absolutely no effort to reverse his policies. Will he not stop until Britain is grounded completely?

This government spends large amounts on first of all, dismantling public services and then making huge enquiries when they have gone wrong. Every day there is some horror story in the media that tells of old people dying of thirst or other public services atrocities. Now a number of hospitals is about to investigated. All those services including schools only fail because the new policies have put a stop to efficient service delivery.

The Queen just shaut stumm im ganzen Raum herum. The Queen has not got a clue and I suppose her long reign will be marked as one of the worst in the Royal history of Britain, after Richard III I suppose who lost his realm. What is Royalty good for, absolutely nothing. Forgot to mention she managed a pretend parachute descend for the Olympics, ho, ho, ho.

When I used to be a big defender of Monarchy in Britain, I now have changed my mind because the Queen just sanctions everything the government does.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies already says whoever wins the next election faces a huge deficit,yet is that taken to be as excuse to further make inefficient government. Why do we vote, if all we can achieve is more inability at the top? Even Mr Gove has turned out a huge disappointing flop. After all those promises and what does he want, he wants basic history lessons. What he forgot though is that the best history and truth of the matter can be found in the bible. Yet his government tries to turn the Bible upside down and ignore its wisdom by making laws that directly contradict the word of God.

All this turning upside down of education for example just disrupts successful education and disheveled people’s confidence.If one complains about Ofsted’d methods these days one gets threatened with legal action. The government was warned that the reorganisation of the NHS will not work, there were large demonstrations,nothing has been achieved. Hospitals gone broke with the results of further expensive enquiries to follow. Why do we have to put up with this, so that the civil servants in post now can keep their jobs?

But I quote from another article in which it says: “”TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The IFS is right. If the government does not change course, then there could be well over a million job losses in the public sector and savage cuts to vital services.”

Council support from Central government has been slashed, just Boris Johnson has sort of realised that his own party digs the ground away beneath any sustainable homes building program if stamps duty is not reinvested at the point of raising, namely in the city. It has always been the biggest sticking point in local council administration that councils cannot keep their rent revenue either but it all goes into a central pot and councils get back a fraction of the money raised through rents and sales.

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