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My main activity at present is to follow the National Proclamations in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and this week in my own borough. King Charles III makes all municipal regions of the country and commonwealth swear allegiance very systematically, like a contractual obligation for states. They all - including Lutfur Rahman's administration - pledge… Continue reading Royalty

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Very impressive debate

Yes, it was well worth watching the hustings for votes towards the next Prime Minister. I've even been convinced that nuclear energy is a good way of producing cheap and reliable energy. I was all for wind turbines but that is on its one a very laborious and not very versatile and fragile type of… Continue reading Very impressive debate

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Bezos pledges 10 Billion to fight climate change

Latest news announced on his Instagram account., Bezos announces that $3 Billion will be donated to climate change causes, Money to be distributed from this year. Amazon Prime is already thinking about deliveries from drones, at least that will beat the traffic stopping demos from Extinction Rebellion. ER dug up some lawns in Cambridge University.… Continue reading Bezos pledges 10 Billion to fight climate change