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scrabbleI’ve taken up Scrabble and other similar online games, which not only keep the mind from deteriorating but are also fun. Time goes quick and it is interesting.

My scores are very good, encouraging to be in the top 5% in almost all categories with exception for the one that costs money to take part. Try it out folks, keep on training those grey cells and get better.

The medium of Covid-19 (Corona Virus)

woman holding a blunt

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It is much more likely that Corona Virus is spread by using Class A drugs and other sharing drugs rather than 5G or person to person transmission.

The snorting of Cocanine or sharing of Opium pipes or even joints seems a more rational explanation.

Whilst I keep on getting harrowing e-mails from supermarkets that we have tyo keep 2 metres apart, I also see pictures of people in parks and all over the place, totally ignoring the isolation policy and there is nobody to enforce the rules.

The international powerful community is very careful not to mention drug use, I wonder why that is.

Added on 7/4/20. As this post has already been read I want to add with date, that I believe that snorting drugs through the nose will reduce the immune function of the nose and throat areas. As the Covit-19 virus enters the human body through those face openings I think that those using cocaine may be more susceptible to the virus.

I am not a doctor, I never used the drugs but logic tells me that I have got a good point. I think all the research and testing should ask all what their life-style habits are to get to the bottom of this.


How to survive the Corona lock-down

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This assumes you have internet and electricity and don’t have special medical needs.

  1. Keep your regular routine according to your body clock. Set a bed-time and wake-up alarm and don’t get out of sleeping and waking your regular hours.
  2. Don’t feel sorry for the food you amassed, thinking you have to eat it. Donate excess to local food banks, their phone numbers will be available on social media.
  3. Have regular, daily showers or a full-body bath, washing your hair and all of your body. Wash your hands as often as possible.
  4. Have extra moisturing cream available and apply to your hands, as the skin will get brittle.
  5. Rinse your mouth with mouthwash each time you feel a sore throat or a strange taste in the mouth. Also a daily cup of tea with Whiskey will help but not more than 2 screw cups full.
  6. Keep your exercise routine as much as possible. You can go jogging and walking. For at-home exercise there are plenty of sports clubs publishing exercise routines, anything from dry-swimming to running on the spot on social media.
  7. If you watch TV, use all commercial breaks to stand up out of your chair and do some movements. Whilst watching TV you can exercise with your arms, waving them around. (don’t hit others doing so). Avoid noises that annoy neighbours in adjoining flats/houses.
  8. Avoid extra conversations with those who are locked up with you.
  9. Respect other’s and find quiet chores like playing scrabble or games online or with your consoles.
    photo of person holding white headphones

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    Use headphones.

  10. Only play games in groups if it stays funny and entertaining. As soon as any type of squabbles arise break it up and all do something quietly.
  11. Help the Corona Virus research by downloading the Corona Virus Research App and report each day how you feel. Search for Covid Symptom tracker on your app store.
  12. For shopping use local small shops who stock fresh produce. It may be slightly more expensive but you probably buy less and have more joy out of it.
  13. Keep 2 metres away from strangers and all who do not regular live with you.
  14. Never touch your face when in public places before you wash your hands.
  15. Use anti-bacterial gel after getting off buses, leaving shops etc. Try to pay via ApplePay or card instead of cash.
  16. For school children having their GCSE or A-level exams cancelled, keep your minds fresh, regularly revise as school and education will go on.



Breakfast, a vingary salad made with red onion, sugar, salt, pepper, oil, white wine vinegar and pine nuts, beef tomatoes, celery leaf, avocado, melon.

I’ve never been a huggy / kissy person. I like to keep my distance at all times and probably now fare better during that social distancing period than others who always need to feel near to others to enjoy themselves.

Autism is the new fashion and society should stop making autistic people feel like they are the odd ones. In fact, odd is beautiful. I’m not autistic but feel nearer to it than to the ‘normal’ person.

As long as you socially isolate you can have theories about the Corona pandemic.

Just because the Chinese found out about the virus doesn’t mean it originated there. As it appears all over the world, it is most likely that it has been around for some time but hadn’t been recognised as such.

I had a Corona-like illness 10 years ago. Fever and breathing problems, my lungs filled with fluid. That happened just when I had my last court hearing and it was really bad. The doctor prescribed me steroid based medication, which resolved the issue pretty quickly. That illness wasn’t seen as viral then.

I’ve had a fair share of viral infections over my life-time, some of which could well have been fatal, had I been prone to dying from them.

So, now it is important that we socially distance and also keep eating fresh things, to fuel the bodyies defence systems.


The media puppets

For entertaining useful general up-lifting watch Healthcheck life each day.

Shame, that I’ve taken the Christmas decorations down this year, as this time now, feels just like a loooooong Christmas. Even better because it recreates the time of rest we used to have in the older days.

Yet around Christmas time there was a hype in the media about people with mental health problems and an increase in domestic violence.

But all that talk about mental health suddenly died down completely. The Sunday Times, published a graph showing the real impact of deaths from Corona Virus and it is microscopically small, in relation to the mass of the population.

But this outbreak has been played up so much by the media, that they are literally seem to be under some kind of threat not to report about other problems occurring as a result of Corona Virus isolation.

Today we hear reports that even the Police will no longer investigate some crimes, criminals being released early. People have to stay with those they normally live with and some manage that only because they know they can leave each day.

But, I suppose the isolation policy will bring crime down that relies on transport and distribution, such as drug dealing.

What about those who need restbite from looking after others.

I think we will get some stark statistics later on in the year with regards to secondary problems caused through the Corona Virus isolation.

There are some voices who question our freedoms being taken away like movement and certain basic human rights of association and family life.

Thankfully most of us can manage because of the Broadband and energy provisions not being disrupted.

the 2 metre gap

I am trying my best to stay 2 metres away. Today I got up at 5am to get to the earliest available shop for 6am.

I think only shops, which do not have carparking facilities allow sparse amounts of shoppers. Those shops, which have large carparks give way to all those horders who come and empty shelves.

The shops with carparks are crowded and chockerblock full up. There is no chance of keeping a distance from anyone.

I shop with my rucksack and a bag only and could not possibly empty any shelves as I cannot carry the stuff home.

They should forbid shopping by car – unless people are core workers and have no other opportunity to shop. That will stop hording and empty shelves.

As I was waiting for the bus, to get home this morning at 6:15am, I was approached by a homeless man, who slept in the street, asking whether I have 50p for a piece of toast. He came from behind and stood quite near. I could not have anticipated that.

So why is it that there is no provision for the homeless?

Why are all retailers unable to accept online orders? Obviously having a good system of deliveries would invite people to stay home and not go shopping.

now we are bored

Yesterday’s list of vulnerable people* included 1.5 Million people. Whilst all of us follow our natural herd instinct and join all queues we see, just to be part of something, we should stop letting our desire to belong rule our heads.

Of course we are raised in a state of emotional dependance.

First in the womb, then growing up as a baby, toddler, child and so on, always depending on the family or people around us.

But now as adults, we need to stop that urge to join crowds just to belong to something.

Last week’s queue outside of Iceland wasn’t inviting. People shouted, shoved and pushed. I didn’t want to be part of it. I don’t desperately need anything right now.

Going shopping to entertain myself is really not what I want to spend my time with.

This is now the third time that I am getting into the hamster mode.

First we had the bad weather shopping-spree, then the Brexit, get prepared shopping spree and now we have the Corona Virus hoarding spree. The latter is of course by far the worst.

There is not one online food retailer still accepting orders from new customers.

My first two hoarding phases led to me having to throw out, the out-of-date tins I got from deliveries. My cupboard was invaded my micro-sized beetles, the last time I hoarded flour and dry goods in my kitchen cupboards. I threw the lot away and sprayed all my surfaces to get rid of the pests.

I certainly won’t hoard cooking oil as this will increase substantially my fire risk. Incidentally so does hoarding lots of papers of any sort.

Just snap out of it, relax and dont’ go shopping because you are bored. Play online games instead. There are Scrabble games, all types of gaming solutions sold by providers like Microsoft, Playstation and the like.

And if you really want to and can help join the groups of volunteers organised by local councils to help vulnerable neighbours.

*The latest in a string of initiatives from the government has seen letters sent out to the 1.5 million people in England considered to be most at risk, advising them not to leave their homes for at least 12 weeks from Monday.

Those being urged to stay at home include people who have received organ transplants, those severe with respiratory conditions such as cystic fibrosis and severe chronic bronchitis, and with some cancers such as those of the blood or bone marrow.

panic buying bad for mental health

Went to a local Poundland this morning and walked around shelves. A woman started getting excited about some tins of fruit in the bottom of a shelve and shoved them all in her basket. I then walked on and she turned around and asked me whether I wanted one, she is getting the tins for her uncle.

I declined the offer. I do not know whether she wanted to try and charge me more for the tin or not.

Then afterwards, the local Iceland had a long queue in front and they had just opened. I made a big loop around it as the scenery was shouty and unpleasant.

bowl being poured with yellow liquid

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Some people post pictures with a house full of 5l bottles of vegetable oil or garages full of wipes.

Obviously that is an increased fire risk for people to live with.

Having the hording mentality is not healthy either.

A couple of years back I fell into that buy extra for provisions slogans and ordered extra tins. They also had use-by dates and I ended up throwing a few of them away. Stocks of flour I accumulated were all spoiled by micro-sized beetles, they also ended up in the bin.

We are all better off, if we just buy what we need for no longer than 2 weeks.

culling the elderly

Whilst at one hand the Conservative government initiated an extension of the pension age to 68 and probably above, at the same time, they now constantly emphasise how more fragile older people are in view of the Corona Virus.

This link shows you the list of cases recorded in almost real time. The number of recovered cases is shown as half the number of dying but that is very misleading as it does not mention what other conditions the sufferers had. Perhaps any other virus could have killed them equally as much as Corona.

Starting with the George Osborne and his side-kick David Cameron era, older politicians had been dismissed from the top of the party to be replaced with the younger versions. The most important influencer now being Dominic Cummunings, whose one important source is Bismarck, and Bismarck paved the way for the Hitler era. I watched that rather alarming documentaryabout him yesterday.

The Nazis were terrible about physical assaults and when he (Cummings) punched the ceiling to celebrate and then the accusations of him assaulting somebody in a staircase came to light, the whole atmosphere created is concerning.

I think Brits have one problem and that is to live on the glory of defeating the Nazis once, means they’ll always be good. Nobody is always good, everybody has to constantly work and work hard to remain good and be a good example.

Now Boris Johnson is busy to repeat again and again, that over 70s, should isolate themselves when a recent court case again assured us that age-discrimination should not be tolerated. The case of an Oxford Professor Ewart, being forced to retire and then give up in the middle of important research, which he conducted as Physicist.

In its judgement, the tribunal in Reading said the EJRA was highly discriminatory and it was “hard to think of a more severe discriminatory impact”.

“There can hardly be a greater discriminatory effect in the employment field than being dismissed simply because you hold a particular protected characteristic,” it said.


Picture taken from Sky news website.

Here is the very recent case of a 97 year old scientist, the oldest ever winner of a Nobel Prize.

We really have to fight flat-rate age discrimination, assuming either that older people or younger people are more able or suseptible. Health conditions can hit anyone of any age these days. Since we are able to diagnose more specific conditions, we should stop making general assumptions.

The problem with Boris is that he loves to hate certain groups of people whether is the elderly or Asian women, he just creates this alarming scenario that singles some groups out as odd.

Why is such a guy even a leader?

Since the Conservative Party won some influence in Northern England, now even Coronatiaon Streethas started to write out older actors over the age of 70 because they are more suseptible to Corona Virus. It’s hard to believe that this is actually happening.

This government has created a generation of children who cannot take their GCSE or A-level exams in 2020. Sports people cannot compete because of hyped up fears over a virus. We have nothing but press reports that people died of this virus, figures being wildly spread around the globe, creating more hysteria than its worth.

There is no analysis how much percentage of a death was actually caused by the virus compared to other underlying conditions.

So far the deaths from Corona Virus are less than in any given year from the common flu.

Those reports, which alarm us to not go on public transport or travel without documents, is a favourite tactic by fascist governments to restrict freedom of movement. We should fight that as much as possible.



No symptoms

We are a mixed household, old and young together. Nobody here has any symptomps of Corona Virus. My grandson came for a sleepover last Saturday. He puked non-stop. He had picked up a nursery virus from his little sister because that’s what little kids get in nurseries.

Having raised a lot of children, I am immune against that kind of stuff. I sent the lad back home, the rest of his family have the same. When young families with young children, who go to nursery, get those bugs, it takes them a few years to become resiliant to them. I just don’t have junior Calpol laying around anymore, so can’t medicate for that.

Our school is still open, good as well. We’ve worked so hard to make a success of the GCSE that a closure now would be a slap in the face. Our teachers are also still standing. We are going to a small school, that’s probably one reason why we are less affected.

I keep on arguing against those big super-schools, they have defnitely more risk of things going wrong. Corona is the proof. The people from the local education authority look at me in a strange way when I argue that small schools are better. Just as per pupil funding makes large schools more economical. Government, you need to change funding for schools.

Our swimming club has closed down. All competitions have been stopped and that is despite the chlorinated water protecting the swimmers, but I suppose it’s more to do with spectators and elderly officials.

We are doing OK, no symptoms of Corona at all. I have taken my temperature yesterday and I seem to be losing heat rather than gaining it. No persistant cough and I shall go out to get fresh fruit in. That is the most important point, keeping fresh air and good fresh food coming.

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