plastic in tea bags

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Tried to find further information on the effect the billions of particles of plastic have on the body. Apparently many teabags only hold together because of plastic woven into them.

I wanted to get further information what actually happens in the body with the plastic and there is nothing out there.

Would the body push the plastic micro particles to one part of the body and form some kind of Arthritis for example or would the plastic be swimming around in the blood stream, settle in some cells or even the brain?

I tried to cut off the tea bag and just use the contents, but that tea in tea bags is just too powdery to be used in a tea strainer.

The only afforable solution is to use loose tea with a tea strainer. A little bit more work but well worth it I suppose.


watch out for the family trap

What I find quite astonishing is that many people now use the term family to try and extort assistance from somebody they know there is a physical relation to.

But as I pointed out in many posts previously, unless the relationships that children of a family formed were built with the express consent of the parents or grand parents, those younger additions to relationships cannot call themselves family member as there has never been any consent towards it.

When men pick out girls from their school education or engage with them to have yet another child without the knowledge or consent of the grandparents, they can then hardly expect those grandparents to provide help and assistance by stealth. Grandmothers just do not have to support the grandchildren their daughters had without their knowledge with some man the grandmother never met previously.

The term family gets used to exploit older women’s maternal instincts to provide help and support free of charge.

So enough of that. Many women fight hard to get equal treatment in the work place and have a say in public life, so girls stand up for yourselves and be very choosy.

Always be nice

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Just want to say something that sounds positive. People can not agree with something or have different ideas but to express that opion, it has do be done in a nice and rational manner.

Be constructive. Think does your activity impede on somebody else’s livelyhood or freedom?


Coughing anyone?

I haven’t coughed a lot this winter, certainly no persistent new cough. In fact my breathing went exceptionally well this year.

Yet, yesterday, when I entered a local supermarket I felt something scratching my throat badly. Shock, horror, fear, could that be a Corona virus cough?

Also other people react badly if they see you coughing in the isles.

I put on my spare face mask and immediately the coughing urge went away. Also after I had left the supermarket and took the face mask off, I no longer needed to cough.

I suppose there was something in the air, that initiated coughing for me.

Saying this, it is always good to go through a process of elimination and go through obvious check points first before thinking that one has caught Corona virus. A face mask is always good in crowded places because tiny particles might be present in the air that we breathe.

Masks are not just good for keeping our droplets within but also to breathe clean and filtered air.

The u-turn

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced that all who can should go back to work but walk, cycle or use cars and avoid public transport.

All that caution about carbon emissions has been thrown to the wind for the sake of personal breathing space whilst in a car.

It’s all about direct transmissions; the government is not concerned about long-term health effects.

I remember when my kids went to Primary. In Primary, kids often get sick, the younger the more sick they got because they caught all type of germs from each other. Yet teachers preached day in and day out that the 100% attendance is very important for children’s education and ability to achieve good grades.

Now Jeremy Corbyn warns that it is not safe to get back to work and especially schooling because transmissions are rife.

The only difference is that the childhood illnesses could not be caught my teachers but Corona can.

Is there anybody making any sense?

First we were told that the government will use existing health apps to monitor the spread and potential infection risk whilst yesterday I got an email from my Covid-19 app that they have to cease operation unless they get voluntary donations to continue.

The new rule from Wednesday people who usually live together can sunbathe, play games and go on outings, using cars together. Who is going to check whether the people usually live together if enforcers are faced with lots of groups of people. A lot of people flat-share these days.

It is obviously discriminating to only allow those who have cars to travel for leisure whilst public transport is off limits but to those working.

It’s almost back to normal with the excepton of children not being allowed to school. This knock-on effect stops many people from going to work. Also I’ve heard little about sports clubs and events and training in clubs and gyms and pools.

The new worldwide empire


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I think we are into the Future and worldwide agreements between leaders have nipped most protests into the bud. Perhaps it was the media’s fault but even they don’t report about any life-changing protests around the world any longer.

Whilst the Guardian desperately tries to revive the former Extinction Rebellion movement, the Hong Kong protests have died down with the Corona Virus fears.

Stay at home. That one sentence doesn’t only save the NHS resources but it also stops all protesters from roaming our streets, transport systems and our media.

Fact is that the ne Stay at Home rule is extremely environmentally friendly. Wordwide carbon production has greatly reduced. So all those who bought properties in vulnerable socialist run areas, to infultrate our society with ever growing environmental protest groups have wasted all their money and energy.

Environmental protests have been bought by left-wing activists to harm established production chains and turn society around.

Whilst I do not believe that Corona Virus is a new virus, I believe it has only now formally been identified and discovered. And in future world governments will probably fall into a new cold war over the decision whose fault Corona Virus actually was.

Obvioulsy all the western nations love to see China as the culprit.

Corona Virus is the new weapon of international law enforcement to keep the population in control.

Concerning is the fear that was voiced by some doctors that all people who fall ill will be treated as Corona Virus patients and regardless of their actual illness get put into one of these huge new hospitals and put on ventilators. There are no testing kits widely available and you may well have another illness but get treated for Corona and die away in an anonymous bed.

Elderly patients are asks to sign a ‘Do not resuscitate clause’ upon entering a hospital and we are all best advised to avoid having accidents because we may not get the treatment we need.

For those who got the virus, it seems an agonising time but for those who stay healthy and fit, they do not know what all the fuss is about.

Lets just compare statistics and find out whether the death rate that has now been attributed to Corona virus is actually much higher than the normal death rate. Don’t we have people dying of illnesses anyhow? Why do all people who die now suddenly all die of Corona Virus?



My new career

scrabbleI’ve taken up Scrabble and other similar online games, which not only keep the mind from deteriorating but are also fun. Time goes quick and it is interesting.

My scores are very good, encouraging to be in the top 5% in almost all categories with exception for the one that costs money to take part. Try it out folks, keep on training those grey cells and get better.

The medium of Covid-19 (Corona Virus)

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It is much more likely that Corona Virus is spread by using Class A drugs and other sharing drugs rather than 5G or person to person transmission.

The snorting of Cocanine or sharing of Opium pipes or even joints seems a more rational explanation.

Whilst I keep on getting harrowing e-mails from supermarkets that we have tyo keep 2 metres apart, I also see pictures of people in parks and all over the place, totally ignoring the isolation policy and there is nobody to enforce the rules.

The international powerful community is very careful not to mention drug use, I wonder why that is.

Added on 7/4/20. As this post has already been read I want to add with date, that I believe that snorting drugs through the nose will reduce the immune function of the nose and throat areas. As the Covit-19 virus enters the human body through those face openings I think that those using cocaine may be more susceptible to the virus.

I am not a doctor, I never used the drugs but logic tells me that I have got a good point. I think all the research and testing should ask all what their life-style habits are to get to the bottom of this.


How to survive the Corona lock-down

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This assumes you have internet and electricity and don’t have special medical needs.

  1. Keep your regular routine according to your body clock. Set a bed-time and wake-up alarm and don’t get out of sleeping and waking your regular hours.
  2. Don’t feel sorry for the food you amassed, thinking you have to eat it. Donate excess to local food banks, their phone numbers will be available on social media.
  3. Have regular, daily showers or a full-body bath, washing your hair and all of your body. Wash your hands as often as possible.
  4. Have extra moisturing cream available and apply to your hands, as the skin will get brittle.
  5. Rinse your mouth with mouthwash each time you feel a sore throat or a strange taste in the mouth. Also a daily cup of tea with Whiskey will help but not more than 2 screw cups full.
  6. Keep your exercise routine as much as possible. You can go jogging and walking. For at-home exercise there are plenty of sports clubs publishing exercise routines, anything from dry-swimming to running on the spot on social media.
  7. If you watch TV, use all commercial breaks to stand up out of your chair and do some movements. Whilst watching TV you can exercise with your arms, waving them around. (don’t hit others doing so). Avoid noises that annoy neighbours in adjoining flats/houses.
  8. Avoid extra conversations with those who are locked up with you.
  9. Respect other’s and find quiet chores like playing scrabble or games online or with your consoles.
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    Use headphones.

  10. Only play games in groups if it stays funny and entertaining. As soon as any type of squabbles arise break it up and all do something quietly.
  11. Help the Corona Virus research by downloading the Corona Virus Research App and report each day how you feel. Search for Covid Symptom tracker on your app store.
  12. For shopping use local small shops who stock fresh produce. It may be slightly more expensive but you probably buy less and have more joy out of it.
  13. Keep 2 metres away from strangers and all who do not regular live with you.
  14. Never touch your face when in public places before you wash your hands.
  15. Use anti-bacterial gel after getting off buses, leaving shops etc. Try to pay via ApplePay or card instead of cash.
  16. For school children having their GCSE or A-level exams cancelled, keep your minds fresh, regularly revise as school and education will go on.



Breakfast, a vingary salad made with red onion, sugar, salt, pepper, oil, white wine vinegar and pine nuts, beef tomatoes, celery leaf, avocado, melon.

I’ve never been a huggy / kissy person. I like to keep my distance at all times and probably now fare better during that social distancing period than others who always need to feel near to others to enjoy themselves.

Autism is the new fashion and society should stop making autistic people feel like they are the odd ones. In fact, odd is beautiful. I’m not autistic but feel nearer to it than to the ‘normal’ person.

As long as you socially isolate you can have theories about the Corona pandemic.

Just because the Chinese found out about the virus doesn’t mean it originated there. As it appears all over the world, it is most likely that it has been around for some time but hadn’t been recognised as such.

I had a Corona-like illness 10 years ago. Fever and breathing problems, my lungs filled with fluid. That happened just when I had my last court hearing and it was really bad. The doctor prescribed me steroid based medication, which resolved the issue pretty quickly. That illness wasn’t seen as viral then.

I’ve had a fair share of viral infections over my life-time, some of which could well have been fatal, had I been prone to dying from them.

So, now it is important that we socially distance and also keep eating fresh things, to fuel the bodyies defence systems.


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