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The benefit of food banks

Just read this interesting article describing the words of a Tory Chair of a Conservative Association in a Red-Wall area. I can concur with many of the words said, but not with all. Personally I raised my kids in poverty, on benefits largely and could not have managed without the two credit cards I managed… Continue reading The benefit of food banks

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Health & Wellbeing board

26. July 2022 online recording A resident is reading a submission, which collected 850 signatures with regards to the planned removal of LTN schemes, because the resident is concerned about the preservation and strengthening of green spaces. The strategy is a system of principles, which are designed to provide a healthy borough. The policy is… Continue reading Health & Wellbeing board

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Healthy air for children to breathe

I raised 5 children and have more grandchildren. Health for children is very important to me. Of course parents are now more aware about the dangers of exhaust fumes from cars and want healthy air for the kids to breathe. It is probably not feasible to close roads. We have got roads for a purpose,… Continue reading Healthy air for children to breathe

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Very impressive debate

Yes, it was well worth watching the hustings for votes towards the next Prime Minister. I've even been convinced that nuclear energy is a good way of producing cheap and reliable energy. I was all for wind turbines but that is on its one a very laborious and not very versatile and fragile type of… Continue reading Very impressive debate


Sugary cereals

I just need to say something about this. Sometimes cereals were one way to keep kids happy in the morning. Whilst it is agreed that added milk adds nutritional value, the cereal is not sold with milk in the deal, it is sold as cereal alone. And, to point this out, kids just do eat… Continue reading Sugary cereals

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potential case of candidate discrimination

It has been brought to my attention that during the last Mayoral elections for Tower Hamlets Council in 2022, a Mayoral candidate was not invited to take part in a hustings event hosted by the East London Business Alliance ELBA. This organisation has an impressive list of corporate sponsors. I am wondering whether the sponsors… Continue reading potential case of candidate discrimination

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Good old NHS

The whole threats from HM Government to withdraw benefits from British Citizens who come from European countries can easily be circumvented in respect of NHS treatment. Not for the NHS Covid App but for the main NHS App, you need to upload your passport to be accepted onto the platform. That is ample proof of… Continue reading Good old NHS


Yes and No Ronaldo

It's just a symptom of today's reliance on icons, that every gesture is taken as total truth. Ronaldo's pushing away of coke bottles, has supposedly wiped billions of the coca cola value, reports Microsoft News. Of course for constantly upping your fluid levels, water should be the main source of liquid. However when it comes… Continue reading Yes and No Ronaldo

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New NHS app

Got this message from my surgery that there is a new┬áNHS app. I downloaded and registered. In order to do that, you need to take a photo of your passport record a video of yourself. Once all this has been verified they accept you as user. But if you are worried that the police use… Continue reading New NHS app

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Keeping level-headed

I was helping para-swimmers during the London Regional Swim England Para Championships at the London Aquatics Centre yesterday. Whilst I had planned to watch the TV debate about the forthcoming Brexit date and had an invite to attend the huge demo in central London, I had completely forgotten that I had signed up to help… Continue reading Keeping level-headed