Creeping NHS care privatisation

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I totally oppose privatisation of health services. Even my NHS GP, service from within a purely run NHS practise and NHS funded, advised me, during a visit that NHS services have to adopt the American model to even be able to serve the patients.

I can now book appointments via Patient Access, an online GP connected health platform. But there are now hardly any GP appointments available. On offer are plenty of paid-for services, anything from physio to Pharmacist appointments.

Interestingly not even my local pharmacy stocks the cheap Paracetamol and Ibuprofen tablets. Only large supermarkets and Poundland does.

My dentist practise has a large NHS sign over the front door but my NHS dentist is there only 2 days per week. My NHS dentist advises me to pay for teeth cleaning at £52 a go, when I can get it for free on the NHS once my teeth have reached plague stage 4.

The rest of my dental practise offers cosmetic services. I suppose all those Love Island contestants and a lot of TV presenters and public speakers use cosmetic dental services but for someone on an average income the prices are just staggering.

I completely oppose a privatisation of health services if this means the better off get better treatment.

Those methods seem to phase out those with a conscience as those with a conscience find it the hardest to make money these days. The less money you make, the less health treatment you can afford.

People like David Attenborough and Chris Packham are exceptions and I understand Chris Packham gets a lot of threats. Jamie Oliver is the savior of the school nutrition league and suffers large commercial losses. Victoria Derbyshire makes a social program that is now being stopped.

People should refuse private treatment as an option if there is a service available on the NHS that they are entitled to.

Even if this means that we have to unavailable for work or voluntary work. Try to buy things from environmentally and people friendly people.



face masks

pexels-photo-3571628Interesting that in Wuhan, the Chinese city with the latest deadly Corona virus outbreak has ordered all its citizens to wear face masks or they can’t enter public buildings.

Here in the western world we are in the process of out-lawing face coverings for security reasons. Obviously veils have a similar effect to face masks, as they filter the air that passes between the wearer and the air being breathed.

Of course those masks must mess up security camera detecdtion of facial recognition.

Determining human evolution

New viruses like the one in China, currently threatening humanity, can be man-made and used as a terrorist tool. I got this idea from the Trump book, I’m currently reading when I’m waiting in doctors’ wating rooms for my appointments.

Terrorism is not depndant on the size of the country or their resources it depends on their ability to innovate.

Threats like viruses are the hardest to detect, prevent, determine and stop.

But then humanity right now channels human evolutions into the have’s and have-nots and those able to afford medical treatments get the chance to carry their human genes into the next generation, whilst the poor bastards are left to die.

That is what the current system implies in brash terms.

Governments have to invest in general happiness and not in productivity. Where democratic processes are prevented either through outright repression or monetary pressures, the danger of niche terrorism becomes louder.



The heal of time

Watched the John Profume and Christine Keeler film last night and felt sorry for Dr. Ward. He could have made the most of it and sold his story and wrote some books to make money out of it like everybody else.

As someone said in the film, the papers made millions out of the story and he became the victim. His parents encouraged him to become an Osteopath and he was just loving the Bohemian lifestyle. Perhaps he failed to draw the line between Osteopathy and sexual services. Though he most likely achieved stress relief.

Then switched over to Love Island and that is the anti-dote to the morals of the 60s. The court in the Keeler case was amazed that 2 couples shared the same room. Whilst the sharing of beds was condemend in the 60s in Love Island the couples, who didn’t know each other were strongly encouraged to share beds and not only 2 couples per room but a whole lot of them.

Marvin Gaye wanted sexual healing and perhaps Dr. Ward could have convinced the court that he is advocating alternative whollistic therapy and employed the 2 girls. When Christine told her mum that she is not doing much else but giving her body in sertitude; just like her mum who happens to be married to one bloke but that she, Christine just wasn’t married to anyone particular.

Morals and rules are strange things, they are always just enforced to serve the many and ridicule the few.

Whichever way the media talks about body sharing, they do talk about it. But why not portray a world where people don’t think about sharing bodies as first and last thought of the day but find solace in other things instead like saving the planet?

It’s this obsession with sex that brought the world population to the point it is now and until we learn to overcome it, we’ll have more problems than we bargain for.

Personally I am very happy abstaining, life is much better that way.


Do NHS dentists and GPs still exist?

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Whilst many people cannot find any dentist the ones who have will find it increasingly difficult to get any NHS treatment from that dentist.

My practise is called NHS and cosmetic practise. It seems though that they are more interested in selling treatment than providing the NHS treatment that is available.

At my last visit my dentist convinced me that I need to spend £52 on a tooth clean. Further enquries then revealed that one can get a free tooth clean on the NHS when the plague has reached a stage 4. My teeth were only at a stage 2 but my dentist didn’t tell me that at the time.

Unfortunately one cannot get the money back when one has paid that to a dentist. So where is the consumer protection there? Is ther any at all?

It seems to me that a dentist now actively refuses to refer patients for NHS dental treatment, even where that is possible, when they also sell the treatment on a private basis. Of course a dentist would damage their business prospects if they referred people for NHS treatment instead.

So why do we even get this illusion of NHS dentists running NHS services from half-private half-NHS practises?

Isn’t that just another attempt to phase out NHS dental services instead?

Even one of my GP’s from a church related medical practise wanted to convince me at my last visit that American style health care is the only viable solution to provide the services patients needs.

What patients are they talking about? The rich ones, who can afford it? Certinaly not the poor ones who could not afford any services if we get the expensive ones only.

Unreliable health

Whilst I thoroughly believe that the NHS is the best organisation to supply health services, I would also like to press for timely health services.

But because many NHS services now also provide dual private services, especially dentists, I find it difficult to get proper treatment plans.

I always find myself on the back-burner of attention.

Before I got a NHS dentist, the practise I used to attend, always fitted me in between the paying patients with very little time allocated for my treatment.

Now currently, with the NHS, I have been given a date to extract a very important tooth in my mouth, the tooth holds a denture in place but no plan whatsoever for the replacement of the denture.

I have now had to pull out of volunteering both for the British Swimming Championships and the UEFA World cup as volunteer because I do not get NHS treatment plans and/or predictions on how my health treatment will be progressed.

Some organisations do not mind using older volunteers, but also the older you get, the more health needs you may have.

Last year I felt invincible and worked on many national and world class events without any problems.

Since then I developed Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot, and Gout all over my body and also have dental problems.

Gout comes and goes in attacks but I made the doctor aware 3 years ago that I feel this is a problem for me but then gotten no treatment for it. Now it has taken a turn for the worst and Internet research shows me that Gout will never go away but will progressively get worst if untreated.

It is only now that I have been given some tablets, which need several weeks to establish.

Yet the competitions are held in April to June but I cannot be expected to go there without teeth and work as volunteer when nothing is agreed on how they plan to replace my denture.

The NHS knows that my lower jaw has been deformed through previous medical treatment, yet they do not want to give me dentures that are suitable for that condition. They keep on giving me dentures which are made of metal or plastic and constantly break.

Of course that forces me to pull out and give the organsations a chance to replace me with somebody else.

All these things take time to arrange.


Talking about age

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Doesn’t all that publicity about increase in age of the population and more dementia and Alzheimers and so on just lul service professionals into thinking that our older people are not so sharp anymore and they can slack in service standards?

I have undergone recent IQ testing, it is publicly available on theBBC website at the moment, and in one of the categories I am in the top 5% of participants.

My regular games results show me I am regularly in the top 10-20% of those taking part.

So my GP is now getting used to the idea that they actually have to try very hard to give me the best treatment available on the NHS and I am also currently working with my dentist to convince them that I am no push-over when it comes to service standards.

When I walked along Stratford Shopping centre one morning, and just turned around to look for my daughter, who was walking much slower behind me a gentleman approach me enquiring whether I lost my way and asking whether I knew where I was just because I looked around me.

It seems that the perception about older people is now that we are all a bit dumb and need help just walking around.

Let me assure you readers that this is not so.

Of course it depends how much a person drinks and how their general attitude is but I think there is no case for health services to think there are lower service expectations from older residents.

Dentists by default now think that removing teeth from older people and replacing them with cheap plastic dentures is the norm. I thoroughly oppose that stance. People should be able to get tooth implants on the NHS to enable better dental treatment. People need to be able to chew food.

Healthy eating


Avocado Hummus and celery

Whilst one of the East Enders actresses has developed an eating disorder, (in the soap), it reminds me to be happy with my own eating choices.

Yesterday’s episode showed exactly what’s at stake. On one hand we have this motion that we need to tuck into the full English breakfast but at the other hand we do want to stay healthily slim.

I suppose it depends what one does, how much one has to eat.

There are several categories of demand on calorific intake.

  • The worker, sportster, grafter
  • The sitter
  • The average person

It is important for anyone to calculate the amount of calories they use and the cvalories that are in the food we actually eat.

There is a good case for the workers, sportsters and grafters to have that full English breakfast but for the rest of us, it is not.

For me, it also is important not just to look at the calories on the packet but what type of calories they are and what types of fats they are.

We all love to stuff our faces and we just love that binge, just shuffling it in and feel satisfied.

I’ve just taken to eating foods that

  • take a long time to eat
  • have few calories
  • are nutritious

A plate full of celery and home-made hummus is just the right start to the day, it won’t overload my calory intake and I can feel happy that it won’t make me fat either.

I’ve been diagnosed with Gout. about which I complained since 3 years with the doctor and that severely influences my mobility. It gradually gotten worst over the years, even though my life-style is really healthy. I almost cut out all alcohol since years and eat healthy and still I got it.

I got a severe gout attack a couple of months ago and that almost immobilised me. Have now been put on medication to reduce the uric acid in my blood as it has gone way to high.

That means I had a break in my usual exercise routine and I must eat less calories to not put on the weight.

The secret is to really make confident choices of what is good for us rather than go by the ads and general perception of what we have to eat.

I put a lot of blame on adverts and what’s available in the shops. It is easy to get led astray by shop displays and general myths.

comfort food anyone?

Last summer was wonderful. The shops were full of fruit and in the hot weather, I do not fancy much to eat and my diet was going well.

Comes October, the shops are suddenly full of bakeware. Cakes, biscuits, puddings. I walked past them last year and did not do much in the run-up to Christmas at all in respect of carbs or calories.

Having raised five children on little money I used to stuff the house with calory laden foods to help those growing children grow but now, the kids have moved out, I do not need that much food stuff anymore but found it is comforting for me to have lots of food around.

Then I was invaded by thousands of micro-sized beatles. That prompted me to throw out all packs of flour and even dry foods that had those little fuckers inside.

The kitchen was disinfected and food containers now replace the paper-packets. My typical Christmas buffet was replaced by a selection of fruit and I resisted the tempation to cooks lots of dinners over the holiday period.

xmas-fruitI restricted myself to one traditional goose dinner and that lasted me for a few days. The goose-fat is a valuable source of cooking fat and keeps well in the fridge for a months or two.

Now I am back to eating watery soups. Cabbage soup is a very good way of feeling totally full up and comfortably fed and feeling full without having to consume a load of calories. To keep it real one can add some favourite meat to the soup and noodles to bulk it up.

Next year I will even reduce on the chocolates I bought for Christmas because I do not fancy living healthy all year to just destroy all my efforts over a week of binging. I am a small person and do not need a lot of calories.

I tried this year to add Whiskey to my tea because after watching a film about the Mary Poppins production that the author added Whiskey to her tea. It didn’t work well for me and the bottle goes back into the display cabinet. It doesn’t go off.

I think I just use Christmas in future as a time of reflection and cosy up with nice decorations and enjoy the family time.


Healthcare or the lack of it

People should complain about their healthcare if they are unhappy with it.

I had operations as a teenager in Germany and now can’t get proper treatment following on from that in this country, so I presume.

I had all my orthopaedic health records sent to me from the German hospital and took them to my GP who refused to even look at them.

When I got an x-ray of my spine, the consultant diagnosed a severe degradation of my spine, which is totally wrong as I had the vertebraes detached from my spine and re-attached using bone from my hip to stiffen spine. This is what was done in one of the first scoliosis operation of that kind decades ago in 1964. It’s just that the average British doctor doesn’t know about it and doesn’t know what it looks like on an x-ray. Because here in Britain spines do not get corrected using this method, they insert steel rods into the body instead.

My spine is actually quite strong, as the treatment enforced the spine and almost doubled the durability and strength. I made a complaint and was asked to come to the hospital, lay on my chest and the doctor then pressed onto my spine as to test how strong it was, after I had made a written complaint.

Now, I get symptoms. which seem to be arthritis because there is some swelling around my joints, but with arthritis also comes stiffness of the joints and I certainly do not have any stiffness, my joints are as flexible as ever.

My foot was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and that restricts my ability to walk and is painful all the way up to the hip.

I also find that my dental treatment really lacks proper planning.

When I was a child I was put into a steel corset that was rested onto my hips and 4 steel rods, 2 at the front and 2 at the back were leading to head rests at the front and back of my head. These steel rods were stretched each day by a fraction of a cm for the duration of about a year. The front was pressing against my jaw for over a year. During that year the pressure of my jaw was severe. In that year, my spine was stretched by 12 cm because of my scoliosis. The following operation as mentioned above, made my spine unable to collapse back again.

Yet, the pressure on my jaw now causes problems as my lower jaw is mis-placed. Any denture I get now keeps on breaking. I have been given a metal based denture, which now also has already broken 3 times because my muscles are really quite strong.

Yet, I have not even been offered a replacement denture, I had to glue it with super glue and it is not even well glued.

So I was sent to the dental hospital and they said one of my teeth has to be removed because of a cyst around it but I have not been given any treatment plan what is to be done after a tooth that is essential to the fit of my current denture has been removed.

The metal parts would seriously damage my mouth.

I think if they cannot make me a denture that fits, they should give me tooth implants, yet my dentist so far has not even referred me, even though the hospital says they would accept a referral and assess the situation once received.

I have now come to the conclusion that only formal complaints can help me get a proper treatment plan. Because the NHS simply does not improve their procedures if people do not complain.

I am horrified when I watch those TV series about doctors and hospitals and how much time doctors spend on working out their own relationships and spend treating their own friends, I do hope that this is not real and just a drama.



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