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Just as the County Lines gangs have moved so much of their business out of London, politicians demand that more politics and business should be moved out of London too.

Obviously there cannot be a connection between the drugs business and the politics just as the deployment of soldiers into Afghanistan and the smuggling of Opium from Afghanistan are not connected.

County Lines gangs were always quite ahead, quick thinking and using latest technologies and exploited the situation.

They used

  • fake number plates and bogus car rentals companies
  • burner phones
  • bikes to move drugs before the national on our bike strategy came upon us
  • deployed expelled students in their drug trade

I think that the National Crime Agency must be sleeping with their eyes wide open.

When I sat on a local stop and search panel, I quite clearly pointed out that the statistics relating to drug dealing also related to stop and search results.

Overall the panel was dissolved, knife crime shot up and here we are. A big mess.

Having lives before politics

I am astounded to read that

  • Michael Gove took Cocaine
  • Rory Stewart smoked Opium
  • Jeremy Hunt had a Cannabis Lassi
  • Boris Johnson snorted cocaine and smoked drugs as teenager

Although these events are kind of ancient, e.g. they have been described by

Mr Gove who told the Mail: “I think all politicians have lives before politics. Certainly when I was working as a journalist I didn’t imagine I would go into politics or public service.”

I think that is the source of the problem of our increased drug culture in Britain, that taking them is seen as having a life.

On the front line, living in Tower Hamlets, a borough that has a high drug dealing problem, we find that it’s the social users, the ones that have jobs and earn enough money to consume drugs, have a substantive responsibility towards the drug dealing problem. If they wouldn’t buy the drugs, the dealers would have less reason to sell.

I can only hope that people are starting to realise that it would be better for all of us not to take any class A, B, or C drugs whether in politics or not.

Tower Hamlets Council is currently  conducting a substance misuse strategy survey on how to best combat drug use and how to educate people about it. They suggest that care leavers and high risk groups like pupils who have been excluded from schools should be educated about the dangers. Yet, the council seems to forget that it is those established high earners and middle class university graduates that also need educating.

Drugs are very common these days and it is definitely not easy to say no.

Yet if a pupil in a school these days would be caught out in any way with drugs whatsoever, they would be expelled and had little chance to ever enter a high-profile political post.  It doesn’t help to play down the drug taking of major politicians and put it down to life before politics.

What should happen is that children who nowadays get themselves in trouble whilst in school should not be expelled but helped instead so that they have a future equally as those politicians who now admit their failures once they had a career.

It is more than cynical that Michael Gove feels fit to admit his drug taking when he used to be Minister for Education who fell through the net.

Perhaps also our alcohol drinking culture should be called into question as this also has severe health implications both on our minds and on our bodies.

But the moral of the story is though that nobody is perfect after all.


Incas sacrificed attractive or gifted girls


Young gifted girls were taken from their families, given rich food, cocoa leaves and alcohol and were left to die in a tomb 6000 miles above sea level.

Worrying levels of drug abuse in the UK

I think there might be a relationship with the increased drug abuse in the UK and the complacency of the courts towards bad and irresponsible language use. The increase of drug taking has virtually run parallel to an ever increasing abuse of the English language for all sorts of between the line insinuations and even worst direct swearing.

The statistics published in today’s Metro paper are more than worrying and show that this nation has lost the grip on reality and that shows in some High Court judgements. Not that I am saying the judges are on drugs but I am saying that the drug culture has won a worrying amount of public acceptance and bad behaviour has risen so that it is now acceptable to swear in public and judges don’t care about that any longer either.

The Columbian President complains that it is because of the drug taking habit, of the UK, amongst other nations that Columbia has a big problem. It is true that if is often just a matter of demand and supply and where there is no demand, there cannot be a supply.

The figures are greatly concerning if one puts them into the relationship of country size and population numbers. That 2.5% of English and Welsh use Cocaine, compared to only 2.1% of US citizens and only 0.8% of Colombians, shows that today’s show stopping society has lost a grip on what is right or wrong and what is good and bad.

The UK drug market is worth £21 billion compared to the USA £23 billion. And now David Cameron wonders why the economy does not lift off. In Columbia, Peru and Bolivia, an area the size of Greater London is used to cultivate the plants that make Cocaine and surprisingly the Colombians have more drug seizures than any other country, namely 61%. In Europe Spain makes the most confiscations.

Of course that makes sad reading in that it looks as it almost everybody in the UK has got their fingers somewhere in that drug honey pot and makes money on this. The corruption over drugs must be rife, or there would not be so much drugs be in circulations unchallenged.

It is this backdrop of widespread drug abuse and tolerance of drug dealing and drug use that puts the current situation in Britain in the context of gross negligence.

Is England cornered?

Whilst we now have a Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Germany, who originates from Scotland and has the name David MacAllister, we see the rise of the Scottish power going steeper and steeper into the political horizon. Scotland has made first steps into independence from the UK and or England and Wales.

So far so bad for England, that badly needs the partnership with Scotland to get some real and down to earth relationship with politics and geography because apparently the financial industry is the only big business that England knows these days. But now the EU ministers from France and Germany in particular want to push for the tax on financial transactions, which would raise an enormous amount of taxes for the EU coffers but apparently the UK would be the biggest contributors to the funds, from which France, that relies heavily on subsidies for farming industry, would mostly benefit.

This would take away most of Britain’s edge to the finance industry, Britain that currently calls itself the finance capital of the world. English ministers and British politicians worry that many financial houses might want to re-locate elsewhere, where they do not have to pay the financial transaction tax.

Of course that would put the final nail in the coffin of the British commerce and especially the English one. Because if the Scots become independent and get involved in selling natural energy and other products, England would shiver because it could not even afford to heat its many homes as their income would be shrinking and it could become the prune of Europe.

Many Euro sceptics have encouraged a drop out of Europe quickly but Cameron apparently thinks we should remain but become more powerful in Europe, but powerful with what? Is the UK about to become the next Greece? Apparently the pattern is the same Greece hosted the Olympics and then crashed their economy and we are going to host the Olympics and our economy is very likely to crash completely when the EU finance tax becomes reality.

That makes Germany and France very powerful because they do not rely on financial transactions to stay strong but they rely on real industries to keep in power. I criticised it years ago when under Tony Blair Britain embarked on making education, entertainment and finance the main industries of Britain. of course education is a no-brainer as Britain has fallen far down in the league tables. Is it any wonder with the highest drug consumption in Europe that the English in particular have no thought left to think on how to save the failing economy.

Most interesting of all Ed Miliband fully supports the Euro levied finance tax when he announced during a visit of crane manufacturer :Liebherr that he would tax bankers and bonuses to fund jobs. What jobs would be left to fund, when Britain does not have a native engineering industry as such? Only bankers that trade from Britain can be taxed and what Mr Miliband forgotten to think about is that they are not bound to trade from Britain at all.

I think Italy is a good example in how a country can actually try to resolve a problem without elected politicians. They now established a government of Technocrats, which is something that could to Britain a lot of good.

Whilst the Scottish feel strong and take power in Germany and become independent from England, the English themselves seem to have lost grip on the situation and try to solve problems by creating dodgy judgements that are politically tainted to influence Russian politics and forget all about how to tackle the European malaise with real assets. The English don’t seem to understand that they cannot bathe in the glory of winning 2 world wars forever. Cameron, a polemicist of the European relationship since he has become known in politics, drags behind him a steady tail of Euro sceptics who seem to spend all day lamenting about how bad Europe is whilst the French, Germans and Scots try to drive England into the ground with new tax regulations and the Italians have had enough of trusting in politicians altogether.

Of course the best move Osborne could come up with so far was to sell Northern Rock to Virgin Money with a loss.

UK just love their drugs

Just as it was a main characteristic of the Conservative election campaign to show the reckless spending of Labour, Labour now takes this tactic to their own advantage, turns it around and says, but wait a minute, you are even worst.

It’s absolutely no secret how bad the UK economy really is but why do we never get these facts and figures about the state of the UK economy in conjunction with the high drug use of UK citizens? The BBC never enlightens us comprehensively of how bad things really are. They are happy to spread the political arguments around without putting it in a relevant context. I must say, it is not surprising that so many people in the UK choose to use drugs rather than get involved in that nonsense and non productive political wrangling that goes on here all the time.

It was the headline on yesterday’s Metro paper that is given free to all Underground travellers in London each day that “Britain tops the drug league”. Of course if all those people are on drugs all the time, is it any wonder that they can’t work, won’t work and if they work, most likely don’t do their jobs properly. That is if they don’t die on the job because drug deaths have risen by 20%.

One Fifth of British 15 – 34 year olds have taken Cocaine in the past year, more than any other European country. Worryingly the use of non classical class A drugs has risen to, so that people use synthetic drugs subsidies. I think support for drug abuse in Britain is now so strong at the highest level that most of the publishing, commerce and judiciary are blind to the facts and support a system that readily allows drug abuse and substance abuse throughout the industry. I have first-hand experience how bent justice is in this country by now.

This will slowly drive productivity down and will also render the army ineffective.

Morality essential to keep disease low

Often young people look at preachers of morals as old-fashioned stuck up and simply bad. But morals are there for a reason. The constant changing partners of the very liberated people these days often start to suffer from disease that is a result of that liberal behaviour. I am writing in this style on purpose.

This post puts a clear relationship between promiscuity and sexual health. There are rising incidences of one disease that we only normally know from history books.

The biggest problem is tracing sexual contacts and that in itself is the whole epicentre of this problem in that some people just do not know how to keep their pants on and feel that all relationships have to be cemented with sexual behaviour.

Sexual attitude is learned and people can live perfectly happy without any sex at all, if they learn how to do it or better said not learn how to have intercourse. Sexual promiscuity is unfortunately still a big seller for goods and services, in that many ads have sexual undertones.

Populations with lots of child birth rates often are the most war loving and have loads of conflicts. Having children is almost a self-defeating survival tool to keep on making little soldiers that can defend the land and family. That in itself puts little value on the individual that has been born. We have adopted the long-life aptitude to children and that is a very good one because it serves to put value on a person’s life.

To create a peaceful society, people have to learn that reproduction is something that has to be carefully planned. Sex has become a casual past-time. Mary Whitehouse has been widely ridiculed for wanting to keep some morals in broadcasting and every day behaviour by the wild brigade but she is one of my heroines.

Whilst in many primitive cultures strict moral conduct is placed upon couples and singles as well, it is indeed based on fundamental  health issues. Families have broken down in the western world because in my view the family bonds are connected to the breeding instinct and keeping the group together and to multiply and defend the herd instinct.

Whilst we get increasingly over-crowded on the planet, we do not want to resolve this with just starting a new war to thin out the population, which is what usually happened in the past for some reason, we do now want to handle matters more civilised. Though this is getting very difficult because our overzealous breeding has now caused the planet to develop earth warming from over development.

In the western world the family concept has gone bust. People live in single units and have lost the need to breed and multiply like they do in primitive cultures. Often high breeding instinct is coupled with a desire to fight and have aggressive contacts. Almost all soldiers used to be family men with children until that has changed with European laws. Now soldiers can be gay.  But with the loss of the family bonds and morals that go with it, up has come the promiscuous lifestyle and attitude.

The bible has only general advice because at the time it was written over-population was not a problem but it gives good all round and general advice. The value of relationships must not only be defined over a person’s attractiveness. That is where sexism and the ageist attitude comes in. Many people have not understood so far that it has nothing to do with physical young looks whether a person is competent at a job. Employers want to induce competence in their products by putting the pretty faces at the forefront of their shops. But isn’t that just selling goods on sexual promise?

Unfortunately profitability is couples with sexual promiscuity and the result is environmental damage and the creation of lots of rubbish literally  here in earth and in space around us. We make love and make and throw away.

Our throw away attitude is strongly coupled to our desire to have casual relationships and that in turn leads to many not valuing physical relationships equally strong to valuing a child. For many having sex is a daily task, if any children are born out of it, that is seen as unimportant especially to addicts and those with mental health problems. Whilst the NSPCC warns that in the UK there are 200.000 babies at risk each day because they are born to parents with addiction or mental health problems, we do little to educate on sex attitudes.

You do not have to be competent to have a child. In fact it is one of the most difficult things to get a woman sterilised these days, regardless how unable she is to care for a child. Drug addict initiatives now offer addicts £200 to get an operation, which just shows how little value is put on the ability to reproduce these days.  The concept of survival of the strongest is being put to the test.

What politicians have not understood is that with changing reproductive needs the family set-up will also change. There is no need to build a strong family to bring up 1 child. Strong families go hand in hand with high reproduction rates. Single parenthood has become almost the norm for many. It is plainly due to less reproduction, which is what many medical or behavioural experts have not understood.

However the western civilisations might have put themselves into a corner in that they lose out on their ability to reproduce at the same rate as other more primitive cultures simply because we cannot or do not want to capture the land necessary to widen our culture. We are in such a negative mood, that we rather die out as white culture instead of being more forceful and trying to capture more lands to get bigger and stronger. That is essentially the reason behind the decline of the white race across the world. We have created a civilisation that is self-defeatist really.

The question that arises is should be revert back to our old ways and try to do more warfare to capture other lands to breed and multiply or should be quietly give in and hand over the world to our more and stronger darker relatives that seem to be taken over the world by storm. Our leaders have decided to make policies that force us to calm down and have less children, which really only makes room for those who don’t give a toss and have many children and wander the world in search of a space to live.

The main Christian church has devised a rule for its members not to have any sex, which often enough results in abusing children instead of finding meaningful relationships. I just wonder where has Christianity gone wrong?

Regular drug testing required

Following the previous post and the news that middle class landlords have cannabis growing on their premises I think we should ask for regular drug testing of all those who are in any type of public position and even those in commercial companies.

There are so many more reports of hard-drug users now being in employment as well, that this is more than necessary. Obviously the police cannot search every house all the time so testing people is the best solution to the problem. Athletes already have to go through the routine that should become common place especially in the House of Commons and those making decisions wherever they are.

I am getting bitter about this because people like me cannot get jobs, people like me who are totally drug free, don’t drink and the only ‘fault’ we have is being poor, having a child and not owning a home. And then there are those who have all those things and they make irresponsible decisions that affect us all.

I am really tired of the glorification of the upper and middle classes by the political parties who all woo them for votes. What we need is precise avoidance of catastrophes by ensuring that those in the decision-making positions do not take drugs. I just wonder why nobody in power ever thought of this before, its probably because they have got something to hide. We have suffered enough from bad accidents in all sorts of installations and bad political decision-making. Give us all a break please. The Conservatives promote all rich people like they have no question marks over them as long as they have big bank accounts and big houses and even bigger companies.

I am waiting for a party to strive for a strict zero tolerance on drugs policy that will enforce stop testing of politicians and decision-makers. I do not want to see drug addicted employees who are being sent on addiction programs and can keep their jobs in the meantime. Unless we do this we will never get rid of the drug problem in our countries. All other political arguments are just empty phrases that do not even deserve a vote.


turning us into aliens

Humans keep on dreaming about aliens, how they look, where they exist, how they contact us or how we contact them. Many pictures of supposedly aliens beings have been circulated in the world. Some films even imagine that human evolution will reduce our whole physical existence to some flap of fancy tissue that contains a brain and we’ll live in little containers. But who will maintain those brains?

Now I read that a Professor George Church invented DNA mapping. The story goes that with that technology cures and preventative medications can be developed that will allow us all to reach a longer lifespan, something like 150 years. Isn’t that what we read in the bible. Yet in the bible those characters described did not reach that old-age by using DNA technology and fancy medications.

What about healthy living? Reading this article it seems we do not have to care that much about our health any longer but only pop a pill once disaster struck, like an infection or cancer striking in our bodies. That got me interested and I thought, what type of a person would have such an idea? Is it somebody who is too lazy to be fit himself. Looking at Professor Church, with all respect for his scientific genius, it becomes apparent, that he has a bit of a belly and is not exactly lean and fit and extremely healthy himself. So is it possible that a person who doesn’t look after his own health the best way possible tries to invent a way to stay healthy for all others who are not quite capable of living a purely healthy lifestyle.

Does Professor Church want to find a way around nature and tell us all, don’t worry, about eating healthy, stopping smoking, excess drinking, I can find a way to reverse the damage. I can’t really find a relationship to healthy living in this whole article. There is a mention of synthetic biology; we all read about the damage synthetic drugs do to those who take them today, the synthetic drugs are much more evil than the naturally derived ones.

Siting down with a glass of Elder flower and Pear Cordial, I can really appreciate the good things humans can make out of natural ingredients. Even in baking recipes, I am always told use the natural vanilla extract instead of the synthetic one, its better.

Of course the discussion in the article then centres around human body parts wearing out and one could get hit by a truck. That says that we are made from natural parts, grown out of body part material that can wear out and that artificially created objects can kill us easier than natural objects. It used to be the other way around, it used to be natural objects that killed us easier in the times when we still had many more wild animals living around us.

I think it is a good thing to extend a healthy life and someone’s body to the maximum effect because if we do not idealise healthy and long living then what do we want from life, then we do not want to live in the first place successfully and only look for excuses to work out way out of life.

The many pictures we saw of alien-like creatures, we do not know whether they were man-made in the literal sense of the word; they could have been subject of covert experiments with human genes or they could have been made from plasticine in the first place.

Having heard about this story that a boy wandered into the city of Berlin after saying he lived for 5 years without being detected I wonder what else our forests contain because if that is possible than anything is possible.

I think trying to meddle with human DNA and trying to synthetically change the way of nature is a truly evil concept. It is the way to avoid stopping to sell junk-food and it is the way to stop having to tell people how to live healthy lifestyles. What we really need is a new set of standards and values instead of putting up with slack minds that want to keep on being lazy.  There is really nothing new in the concept, the concept that is being formed around being unfit, eating unhealthy and getting ill.

Are they regretting it yet?

I just wonder whether the UK legal system already starts to regret the fact that they let me lose my libel actions, which centred around the accuracy of reporting and failure to insist on accuracy may assist those wishing to promote terrorist violence.

So far we have seen a sharp increase in common violence. The type of civil unrest that ruled Germany during the 60s and 70s and that led to guerilla warfare and widespread conspiracies to defunct the state.

I think at one time the UK judiciary wished they had given me the win on my libel cases because it is important how articles are worded as not to inflict the hot-headed with silly ideas. I do not mean that we need to restrict freedom of expression and speech. I do not mean to say that the social media cannot be used to ask people to riot. I do belief that people have the right to organise a revolution by using social media.

What the essence of my case however was, it was that people cannot assume a revolutionary association where there was none, just to befriend the general public with the concept. What emerged after my case was a silly point of we English beaten the Germans once again but what has emerged now is a similar problem as the Germans had it in the latter end of the last century and the aftermath of that is yet to come.

Regardless of David Cameron’s promises that he is a Common Sense Conservative. I can see little evidence of that in what his first reactions to the riots had been.

This government is limping behind yet again, tries to make good on what is already bad and starts to reward the wrong-doers. There are relocations to the country for security risk people on tax payer’s expense. There is preferred job placements for offenders and drug addicts. So we are getting increasingly a work force that promotes law breakers and drug users and those who keep a clean lifestyle can happily retire on the dole.

It is very important to keep the media and communications channels in check and insist on accurate reporting in the press and on the world-wide web because inflicting grievous mental harm by publishers has long been ignored and this has now become too long.

I am not impressed by any proposals whether they are from Labour or from the Conservatives because both parties rely on funding from mayor commercial sources. That does not mean that I favour the Liberal Democrats either. I think that politics has failed itself and is unable to come forward with solutions that solves our domestic and international crisis.

All I am asking for is a systematic reconsideration of all policies and their health implications but not by using standardised rhetoric but by using real input without consideration whether it loses some industry money or not.

I still belief that had I been allowed to win my cases it would have laid an important corner-stone in publication law that could have been used to stop those wanting to incite violence on inaccurate information by flirting with terrorist concepts in their publications and using other people’s names for doing so without foundation.

Obviously the Norway Breivik activity must have put an important dampener on the Conservative – Labour relationship. During my libel case Labour relied heavily on Conservative Support just to get one over on the [former] Germans but Breivik has proven to the world that the Conservative mind really doesn’t care less about Labour at all and recent developments in politics proof that point too. UK law is immature and so are UK politicians, just thinking again that this Conservative cabinet is full of inexperienced policy makers.

The stupid thing about our democracy is that each government blames the previous ones for failings, what a lot of gutless behaviour that is. No wonder people stay at home at polling day.

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