The dictator’s speech

I think that the Boris speech at the Tory Party Conference was just an empty shell of promises, which were not even the most effective remedies for the ailments that society suffers from.

There is the promise to spend Billions on new hospitals. A real populist measure, that does not expect people to live more healthily but merely offers to treat their illnesses.

The promise of a higher living wage. This measure will drive up food prices even more and make it impossible for smaller businesses to continue trading.

The promise of a new EU Brexit agreement. It has already been rejected by the EU.

I must admit, I would be aroused by Boris’s speech had I been in the audience. But then if you watch the speeches of other dictators, who electrify large audiences, you will see that it is simply an emotional effect and psychological trick that makes people happy to listen to some speakers.

The reality is a different matter.

It makes sense to improve A&E care

I was turned away myself once from an A&E Department just to be re-admitted by a caring GP. Frequently we hear of those horror stories that patients get turned away from A&E units just to die at home.

Behind all those outcries that resulted from such negligent patient treatments is now probably the attempt to re-organise A&E care in London. I welcome the proposed changes. I am terrified would I have to go to A&E with an urgent problem because I could be turned away by some doctor who is not very well qualified to judge on my particular condition, if I had one.

The last time I went to my local A&E with a cut off finger tip, I witnessed how regular visitors to the unit with mental health problems had to be coaxed out of it with a lot of diplomacy. That resulted in me feeling very uncomfortable because others were somewhat aggressive in tone and strongly moaning whilst I was waiting for my treatment.

It makes sense to downgrade former A&E units to 24/7 urgent care centres, whilst fewer specialised A&E units can perform urgent surgery if needed.

However what the wording of the article indicates is that most current A&E units do not have the required amount of well trained doctors available currently to be able to deal with requirements sufficiently.

Closing the Garden path

Have we been led up the garden path into believing that the splendour of unlimited luxury will last forever. Without having to worry about resources and costs people were led to believe for generations that they could have children and see the doctor whenever they needed to and suddenly, all over sudden, the bad old Conservatives come along and put a stop to it all.

Day after day we read new reports about hospital closures, wards being sold, staff made redundant and the protest marches get longer every day.

For those with conditions that they did not contribute to themselves by living negligent to their own health, those news are double shocking.

Quite obviously health services have to try and keep costs down and use as few resources as possible. Despite ardent health warnings being on cigarette packets, I still see even teachers standing outside a private school every day, smoking their lungs away as if they do not know.

People need to be sensible and put away those fags, eat reasonably and make the most of their money in order to enjoy what they got.

But the latest cut-backs come as shocks to people who sometimes just do not want to change despite ample warnings.

Perhaps the government should put up big billboards in every high street saying, that unless you stop smoking now you might not get cancer treatment if you do contract cancer from smoking as the hospitals have not gotten the resources.

Maybe doctors should discriminate more against those who bring on their own demise despite knowing what they do to their body will ruin their health.

But now governments have been given ample warning that resistance to germs is fading and that antibiotics become useless soon, perhaps they should screen more and make it more difficult to travel and carry those germs around the world. I cannot see any other practical way forward unless new drugs get developed soon, we all risk getting TB regardless of our own efforts to stay healthy because the government allows limitless travel and even wants to make flying easier to carry those TB germs into Britain quicker.

Perhaps in a few years people will have to start wearing face masks to stop the spread and catching of disease?


The Big NHS debate

I always thought it was silly to break up the big, national NHS organisation as it was because it is simply cheaper to buy in bulk and share resources rather than run a service on a local level, having to stock up materials, foods, and service personnel.

Whilst we had the big UK NHS, centrally run, we had cheaper resources at hand. What brought this down was the inability to cope with health conditions that originate from unhealthy lifestyles. Too many fat people, too many high blood pressures, too many heart problems, too much cancer, too much diabetes.

Yet instead of changing people’s perceptions of life and what they do to their bodies and simultaneously be more strict on what can be sold and bought over the counter, the government changed the way health services are run.

This only makes it even more expensive to help people who are not taught efficiently how to help themselves.

Producers can still come along and sell products that slowly but surely erode health. Not enough is being done to make buying cigarettes really unpleasant.

People are still given just blood pressure tablets when they complain of high blood pressure because of being overweight, instead of getting a few overweight, high blood pressure sufferers into a group and lecturing them on how their fat bodies cannot cope with the excess fat and that losing weight would bring down their blood pressure.

Whilst it is more healthy to prepare and cook your own food, using wholesome ingredients, it is now cheaper to buy ready-made meals, which may contain fats,which are not too good and other ingredients, which are not as healthy as if we would not eat them.

I heard on a radio discussion program that in the USA, junk food manufacturers sponsor US schools and colleges and that the students must contract to eating the junk food if they get a place at that school. That just shows how bent today’s world really is and how placid our political leaders are to business proposals. There is no put your foot down attitude from political leaders that depend on the financial support from businesses to get into office.

Of course the healthiest way to live is keeping busy but since politicians support businesses who employ the least possible amount of people, we cannot see much improvement on the working front. Nowadays the Department of Work and Pensions pays employment consultants to find work placements for the unemployed when the companies should be glad to get the free workers and the companies getting the free workers should pay for the cost of finding free labour. Why should the tax payer have to fork out for that as well. The government now thinks that we must be grateful that companies allow us to work for free.

Altogether the basic approach to governance stands on its own head and has become ungovernable. The government is corrupt and unable to fulfil basic functions.

We can see it on the Free Schools policy. Why would a local child want to learn to meditate in a Yoga school just because the child lives in the catchment area of such a school when the principles of that school, do not meet with the commonly practised culture of an area. It is quite noble to allow all types of religious cults in Britain but why in little local schools. That is the wrong principle to apply to education. But whilst we see that the government is prepared to spent millions of fringe group education, it is not prepared to allow natural healing methods within the NHS framework. So why teach Yoga in school when doctors cannot dispense the herbal remedies that would be appropriate for the spiritual healing as well.

The NHS is quite happy to fill people’s mouths with lots of Mercury, so much so, that there is a danger to polluting the atmosphere when dead bodies are cremated, when Mercury is known to be the most poisonous metal around. Since fillings and root canal treatments are happening from the 18th century the instances of mental degenerative diseases have dramatically increased too.

The government is unable to put one and one together and muddles along to cut costs at the wrong end instead of healing the symptoms, it just covers them up.

The Great financial confusion

Today, I mean society today, reminds me a bit of what I belief the Great American Depression was like in the first half of the last century. Jobs losses, cuts in services and misery all around. Stickers are on lamp posts to save the NHS and stop nurses from being sacked, articles in the papers that hospital waiting times get longer. Indeed my own hospital appointment was put out that little bit further as well. The most ridiculous suggestion I read recently was that a financial consultant has advised the NHS that they could save money by stopping tonsilitis operations. So lets all have some very sore throats in the future then.

Yet I do understand that, as a nation, we have to make with what we’ve got and earn what we want to have. But when I hear that we cut disability benefits, it makes my blood boil to find that alcoholics can get disability benefits so that they can buy more booze and overweight people get disability benefits and a mobility scooter. Often, so I hear some disabled persons spend their benefits on drugs as soon as they emerge from the post office with the cash, whilst the dealers wait outside for them to relief them of their cash.

So why does our wonderful new government not bring some sense into public finance and divert benefits to those who need them and cut them from those who suffer only because of their own excessive indulgences. Why do so many people refrain from drinking so they can do their jobs that little bit better, why do so many show responsible attitudes and earn very little money with it, like those aforementioned nurses, who are in danger of losing their jobs, when others can just let the pig out and get rewarded with extra benefit pay-outs?

I think what a government must do first of all is bring sense into this madness that we call today the welfare society.

I received my letter that my ability to apply for a pension has ben put off for another 5 years, but where is the job I am supposed to be doing whilst I am too young to receive a pension? But on the positive side I can claim 50% off my bus fares whilst I am unemployed and look for work. That is putting value for money where it is needed.

I often think that life has now become so complicated that even those who sit in positions of power do not know any longer were to direct resources to because people on good incomes just do not understand what life on the bread line is like.

Rents are artificially inflated by excessive housing benefit levels for modern housing developments whilst council flats stay on low rents. Often the modern housing has small rooms whilst old-fashioned council flats are comparatively large flats with old-fashioned amenities like bathrooms, kitchens and hall-ways.  We see 1 bedroom studio flats advertised from 170 – 240 per week whilst 4 bedroom council flats can cost as little as £120 per week. Whereby the 1 bed studio is only 1 room whilst the 4 bed council flat has 4 bedrooms, kitchen, bath, hallway and living room.

It seems the modern developers need some type of guarantee that they can generate certain rent levels to make their investment worthwhile. It seems that not only housing cannot be levelled out to generally acceptable rates so that everyone can afford to live somewhere but also the benefits cannot be distributed effectively to those who need them really.

The UK’s 2-class lifestyle has now divided not only housing, rents and wages but also benefit levels into ridiculous and helping addicts to purchase their alcohol and drugs even better and into those benefit levels to those who can just about afford food and basic clothing but nothing else.

The UK is unable to find a formula that allows fair rents and fair benefits and wages.

Quite obviously if council home rents where adjusted to modern commercial rent levels, rents would go through the roof whilst benefits could not be raised to cover the cost because housing benefits artificially inflate rents in the private housing market. Addicts could not come off their addictive substances if they got less disability benefits because there is no efficient health service in place to help them to come off the drugs/drinks. Yet it is often only because of high benefits that local drug dealers and off-licence shops stay in business. I should say its a bit of a fine mess the UK is in.

PS: See here an article and statistics from the Department of Works and Pensions

Care in the Community

Francisco Goya, The Madhouse


With the greater flexibility of social care tenants, and especially those with persistent mental health problems and those who have psychotic clinical conditions, often aggravated by illegal drugs, the Care in the Community provision seems out-dated and ineffective. 

When social housing was provided by councils on housing estates with long-term tenants, it was easy for a locally stationed housing or estates officer, who knew his customers well to check those in need of extra health provision, with the abandonment of permanently stationed local service workers it has become incredibly difficult to watch those in constant need of supervision. 

Often people with clinical psychosis look just like you and me  but can often, in the matter of social relationships,  become dangerous to partners, girlfriends and others they chose to interact with. This may often end up with GBH or OABH that repeats itself over and over with new and unsuspecting persons, entering in communication with someone they believe to be friendly. 

Yet there is no warning available if persons are known to repeatedly attack those they get into relationships with. We do now have a step forward to Sarah’s law but very little information about adults that just cannot cope with other people and end up attacking them sooner or later. 

Today we have flexible housing arrangements, the ability to move wherever someone chooses and remote and out-sourced care workers who have no long-term knowledge of patients or the social network they usually converse with. 

It is practically impossible for a person to know if somebody they meet in a pub has a string of GBH offences on their record or not, they have to experience an attack before they realise the danger.  Is it really fair to the rest of a community to protect the privacy of one dangerous individual and allow that individual to keep on causing harm to others who do not know him/her or is it in the interest of the community to disclose such problems. 

It is obvious to me that people with mental heath care needs, often cannot get the treatment and supervision they require and offenders are allowed to carry on their trade until they harm someone so severe that a long custodial sentence will keep them off the streets. 

Is that fair to the rest of us, or isn’t there something in between that helps prevent victims? Why do we always need victims to put someone away for a long time, we should have an intermediate solution whereby people with known drug and/or mental health problems get screened or have to live in some sort of sheltered accommodation. 

Why not introduce mental health screenings especially for those that have already fallen foul of the law and are known to take drugs and/or attacked others.

Better health treatment in sight

Several members of my family had to cope with early releases from hospital, firstly I was discharged when I suffered from a life-threatening pancreatitis and had to be re-admitted the same day via the GP and one of twins, who were born premature and suffered lung and breathing problems were chucked out from hospital to free up beds. That is such an irresponsible attitude to measure need by bed spaces, that policy ignores the needs of patients and only satisfies statistics.  I gratefully read this article that the new Conservative government changes admission policies and pays hospitals only for the admission once within 1 month instead of twice.

It is more than callous and unethical to discharge patients and then get paid for treating them twice. It can be anticipated that patients will have to be readmitted if they are urgent enough but it is still gambling with people’s lives to discharge them in the first place. Thanks to our caring Conservative government our health will be better looked after now.

Andrew Lansley, the new Health Secretary will unveil the new plans shortly, and that makes me even more glad to have supported the Conservatives to run government again.

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