The German weakness

The biggest one is wanting to equalise everything or make it the same.

One party, one uniform, all looking the same, the odd ones out.

Translate this to today, the EU suffered from laws about odd looking veggies or fruit and now it’s the turn of the iPhone charger, which is just different. Germans still don’t like different

Job-share in biblical times

Very interesting that Al finally solved the Dead Sea Scroll mystery. Al concluded that two different people worked on the same piece. So they worked in shifts and shared the job.

Very time-efficient.

But, dated third century BC, unfortunately the content of the scrolls, did not magically transform into modern technological advances.

Hence the bible being a bit of a riddle for many young people today.

Joan ‘arc a mitigation disaster

After watching the Joan d’Arc film, my mind went into overdrive, analysing the situation from my point of view.

Joan d’Arc was clearly a forerunner for women’s lib and the freedom of women to behave in a non-sexist manner. Interestingly the British defend that right to the hilt.

At the time when France was under British rule, during the 100 year’s war, Britain tried to calm the situation by bribing the French King and I suppose also the Catholic leaders of the area in particular Pierre Cauchon in 1431.

Perhaps also the Catholic Cauchon tried to consolidate their situation and unite all present, French and British alike under Catholic faith, by sentencing Joan d’Arc to death and burning her as witch; The classic punishment of the day. This simplistic public entertainment didn’t impress all.

How wrong could the the Catholic church be as not long after the British denounced the Catholic religion completely and gotten rid of it in 1536 under Henry VIII

The Pope realised that mistake in 1456.

As an act of preserving Catholic supremacy over the situation after all, Joan d’Arc was canonised in 1920. During the French revolution previously the French beheaded English aristocrates, as a sort of delayed reaction.

Setting international standards

What humanity needs is an international set of professional standards, that enables all communities of the world to set rules of human interaction.

Even the smallest indigenous communities have standards that are set to enable the community to thrive.

Depending on location and environment, the more primitive societies made the most of what they had but set moral standards to prevent sexual exploitation or unhealthy live styles.

Most major religions are centred around the unquestionable servititude towards a divine being – a God –  and the rulers in charge identified themselves as being a direct descendant of that God. Of course that developed through from ancient times via the Greeks, Romans, then Christians in the west and Muslims in the East.

Through international communications it becomes clear that a lot of such communities exist world-wide, communities who teach their children, that their God is the only true one.

Conflicts are created when one community teaches their followers that they can exploit anybody who is not part of their religion as for example Daesh or Isis did. They said it was OK to exploit anybody sexually who was not a strict Muslim.

This principle leads to tribal conflicts on smaller area disputes as they can happen in African tribes for example, who roam wild areas and conflict with each other over territorial disputes.

Modern gangs, even in western societies use the rape of another gang’s members as a tool of control and stamping on authority. The rape of the women in other tribes is also an ancient method of destroying other cultures.

Religion started off as a moral code to regulate personal and family life to restrict behaviour to acceptable standards to avoid disease transmitted by sexual activity for  the members of any particular community.  Where later on science came in was when ‘doctors’ found  cures for common illness through scientific research, developing medications that could be administered and also by finding hygiene rules to avoid water contamination for example.

Setting a commonly accepted code of standards is important to avoid local and wider conflicts and to enable humanity to develop.

Whilst primitive cultures enslave their followers by simple dicatatorial rule, e.g. everybody must follow the laws of the leader, modern society exploits the poor by having rules, which create dependency. Universal Credit is a nodern example of that because it drove recipients into prostitution or they could not afford to live.

Other countries developed away from religious Gods and became Communist, again using strict dictatorial rules to regulate society.

A lot of states now have nuclear power and use that as a threat to keep foreign influence away.

I really do not think it matters what type of rule a society has, it just matters that each member of any society can live with a freedom of choice and without having to loose dignity.

Yes, the ability to choose aslo depends on intellect and brain function. This can vary from individual to individual. Yet professional standards should regulate good standards of living and enable everybody to contribute to the best of their ability.

Unfortunately much of modern society is determined by venture capitalism, a form of control over people, by making those with the most money privileged. Whilst it doesn’t matter how people gotten rich, they do not loose their wealth, even after they have been found to supply humanity with dangerous products.

Using advertising and mass-media, any producer of any goods can use streaming to attract people to buy their products and get rich, may that be cigarettes or e-cigarettes, alcohol or petrol cars.

Modern societies life-styles have been driven by a desire to have comfort in the home and use less physical activity.

People are required to use their energy to work for an employer and then have little time for their personal lifes. Laws force any person to work for any employer who will give them a job, not allowing the individual to choose.

This produces a downward social spiral. Dismantles family life and the ability of the individual to choose a healthy profession over an unhealthy one.

Earth warming has now become the biggest threat to humanity but the mechanisms that drive international trade, which is mainly responsible for earth warming, are not being dismantled.

When I say international trade I also mean the goods that are being traded and the production of which causes a big carbon foot print.

Wars and conflicts have an enormous carbon foot print. The use of fossil fuels, which also produce petrol, diesel and plastics is a major source of carbon.

Unfortunately many societies cannot exist unless they engage in trade because all services and labour are distributed due to a GDP calculation that is established. GDP stands for General Domestic Product.

Societies, countries rely on tax collections to provide services for the inhabitants.

Unless governments make a stand and refuse to accept taxes from bad companies, we cannot progress.

We need to exercise control over venture capitalism and control goods and services for their beneficial impact on society before we produce, advertise and sell them.

The hinges of Brexit

There are several dimensions to this

  • Political independence
  • Commercial autonomy
  • Environmental concerns

Historically there were during

  • the 1600 – 95% of war between European nations
  • the 1700 – 75% of war …..
  • the 1800 – 45 % of war
  • 2000 – 0% conflict so far

Considering that the UK government pledged to cut Greenhouse gas emmission to zero by 2050, it seems illogical to leave the EU now.

Leaving the EU and having trade deals with further away countries, would mean considerably more transport of goods, more travel.

The UK is a water logged country and relies on either planes or boats for travel. There is only one land (under-water, tunnel) form of transport that doesn’t rely on flying or boats and that is via the Euro tunnel.

With increasing weather instability, transport by container ships will be endangered. There will also be a reduction of flights because it is very unlikely that the air travel industry will come up with a distinct change in airplane design that is more environmentally friendly.

Yet Britain relies for a large part on air travel. There are now calls to stop inland air travel but the train fares are too expensive to make that affordable.

Whilst I do not suggest that we should have to put up with any political system in Europe, just to get our trade, we need to seriously consider the implication of a break from Europe from the points of environmental change.


Flooding predictions for London for around 2080

What voters deserve is a clear planning procedure to include the worsening weather conditions, the increased demands on immigration because unstable political systems in Asian and African countries as well as increased flooding of large areas will decrease landmass available for people in those countries and they all will attempt to emigrate to saver regions.

Whilst our own coastlines suffer from erosion and raising sea levels will eventually encroach on our land.

A strong European council will be an assurance that political systems in European countries will not break down and revert to undemocratic methods.

Leaving Europe now without a deal makes us very vulnerable as we will be more dependant on trade deals with distant nations, when the transport of goods may be disturbed by worsening weather.

Being an influencer in Europe and remain as such will do us more favour than just leaving without a deal.

Whilst large swathes of English land owners want to break off from Europe because they have got the land to support themselves, the rest of us including London, Wales and Scotland feel very uneasy.

Of course theoretically the UK could manage on its own but the right-wing nationalists have a strong history of violent racism and that is what makes it an impossible thought to even embrace. The Jo Cox murder proved what right-wing terrorists are capable of.

I would say that the threat of war from an unstable future Europe together with worsening weather conditions would definitely threaten the future of our civilisation. Our armies would be severely hampered by the weather and our domestic situation would become severely unstable too. Further away allies may not be able to reach. Even D-Day had to be delayed because of bad weather and weather is going to be much worse. So we have to be very sensible and build alliances whilst it is possible to do so and prevent a shift to the right and into facism.

For these reasons I sincerly hope that a new Conservative Prime minister will be stopped from suspending parliament to push through a no deal Brexit.


New thoughts

The political correctness changes from time to time and we get trained how to express ourselves in the correct manner.

I find it quite amazing that people who behaved according to generally accepted laws and behaviour suddenly find themselves prosecuted in old age for doing things wrong.

This blog exists since decades and hopefully I did not make too many remarks, which are now unfashionable. I apologise if I did not correct anything in time.

Just to say that I am now reading new books and one of those is Steven Pinker’s “Enlightenment now“, which puts a lot of those modernistic fears that swampt the Internet for years into an excellent perspective. The book beams with positivity, just what I need right now.

Apparently a lot of great new books get recommended during the “Daily Politics Show“, which I enjoy watching too.

It is quite often that new trends throw up fears we all have in the back of our minds and appeal to us somehow and we engage at some point or other. There were the anti-vaccine people, the anti-GMO crops discussion and so forth.

Often radicals do exploit our fears and stear us into undesirable directions. We have to be careful and stay on the level playing field that is acceptable to all.

I think it depends what logarythm one is switched onto because social media always shows us stuff again and again we once looked at and keeps our minds on a certain level.

That is where the Steven Pinker book comes in because it clearly shows a very good set of comprehensive statistics that put human development into perspective world-wide. A book not to be missed.



Incas sacrificed attractive or gifted girls

Young gifted girls were taken from their families, given rich food, cocoa leaves and alcohol and were left to die in a tomb 6000 miles above sea level.

Royalty is thicker than gas

I can smell a total royal knees up in the matter of the sour gas contract being awarded to Shell rather than Total. The Royal connections of the Dutch to the Royal House of Abu Dhabi could be playing a role and explain why the French republic got left out in the cold.

Just as I gotten myself a new gas cooker, I can now rest assured that there will actually be the gas to cook my dinners.

What worries me slightly with all excavations, whether gas or oil is what it does to the earth’s crust when those layers of material are sucked out of the earth and a vacant space is created underneath. Seeing that the earth’s core is ca. 6000 C, about as hot as the sun, we can do with any bit of bolster to shield us from the heat. Surprisingly little is written about this subject but I can imagine that in generations to come they may regret that this material has been extracted for some reason or other.

That just reminds me to ask myself why we have heard so much about various gas explosions in all types of countries, even as far away as Prague

Normally we rarely hear about gas explosion and now suddenly they seem to turn up everywhere? Are we being told the truth or had the media only just started to tell us about gas explosions that happen all the time?

I would urge anyone who smells any gas, to call 999 immediately.

The conflict exists since 6 AD

I am a little puzzled by the gist of an article on the BBC about a far right movement building up against Islam and it would be the first time in British history that this happens. I thought that the Christians and Muslims have been arguing with each other for supremacy of the earth since about 2000 years now.

Just remember Hannibal who attempted to cross the Pyrenees with his herd of Elephants to conquer Europe for the Punic war that preceded Islam. That conflict between Carthage and Rome went ahead in around 200 BC and proved the end of the Hellenistic kingdoms,which were then followed on by Islam that got established in 6 AD.

Of course the bible only mentioned those religions and movements that were known to Apostles at the time of writing and then Islam was less alien to Christians because at least it followed a similar concept as Christianity in that it believes in a God. That is the angle used to convince Christians that the Islamic God is at least equal to the Christian God and the argument strikes well with even prominent Christians such as the Head of the Church of England,the Archbishop of Canterbury, who called for an introduction of Shariah law but is now resigning his post.

Tactically it is a wise move from the EDL not to want to proceed with demos in London’s Muslim heartland of Whitechapel because the tensions caused would be counter-productive; but they do it in more remote areas, which are not so naturalised to Islam like Denmark and the northern hemisphere.

The Knights Templar are the most prolific pro-Christian force known to us and were portrait in important popular works. They have a slogan quoting Amos saying can two walk together unless they are agreed. So its not the first time in British history that an anti-Islam movement takes off.

Yet this move to stage an Anti-Islamic protest in an European nation shows that even those who argue against Europe can see some use from this union.

Widespread rioting in London

It started off with the shooting of one individual who lost his nerve and apparently shot at a police officer and now everybody puts their bit in to make the trouble as widespread as possible. Because after all you cannot imprison hundreds of people, it has become a political problem and disaster for David Cameron, who cannot now enjoy his holiday.

The riots in London  cannot be answered with fire power as that would put  us on the same level as Syria and we just condemned their human rights record.

People have snapped under the severe sanctions David Cameron put upon us and then left for his summer holiday. Apparently he sent me an e-mail wishing me a good summer break whilst he was probably talking to himself because I can’t afford to have one properly.

Riots broke out in Tottenham, Enfield, Walthamstow and other parts of London where people started to loot and burn down shops, those newly branded ones that are the latest consumer strategy of the businesses.

David Cameron wanted to put the country on austerity measures without a war. Whilst the British are excellent enduring war time measures in peace time even they lose their legendary cool and snap as it is just about a bit too much for everybody. Even agricultural thefts have increased considerably. Probably people go out to the farms and steal food now as they have no money left to buy it. Here in London we have food banks for those desperate to eat. It now takes a very long time to get a benefit claim allowed as well. In some Tesco stores they slash prices to very low levels on special offers on last day date products.

It would be possible for the courts to prosecute a few people but you simply cannot imprison hundreds of people, there are no jails left to put them in and the government can hardly open up German style labour camps to house all the rioters within them and put them to work. Does Arbeit macht frei Mr Cameron?

I think it is time for David Cameron to step down and take his government off from parliament as the whole thing has just turned ugly. People are very unsatisfied losing their secure tenancies, losing benefits etc. A huge change in lifestyle had to take place for many and they simply cannot cope with the changes in circumstances any longer.

What did our vicar say this week? She said that Chaos brings out the truth. Well the truth is that the government strategies of Cameron are not working. As a member of the Conservative Party I was not asked at any stage what the policies are going to be, it was done over our heads, all I as member ever got was leaflets to give out, texts on how good I am and thanks for being a Conservative. That is how far the democracy in the party goes.

Yet it has proven that the policies are wrong, that the double of Cameron and his pal the Chancellor George Osborne are fictitious to say the least. This has got to be the most inexperienced government in the history of the country. Of course the older more experienced members just stay stumm and hope for the dust to settle but I don’t think that Cameron can enjoy his governance. He is good in writing books though, really, nearly convinced me. I love reading books.

The police only charged a relatively low number of people with theft, about 16, but they know that if they charge too many they cannot imprison them all, that is probably why police kept a relatively low profile, to just let it all die down. Yet the event cannot be ignored and the strategy just to make a few people scapegoats is probably not a good one. We have seen the most amazing array of people being arrested and charged over disorder offences within the last year and it is really getting a bit embarrassing for the government.

Definitely, as I said before, the Conservatives are not what they used to be, I must have been living in the past, as they say, because I remembered the good old times.

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