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The German weakness

The biggest one is wanting to equalise everything or make it the same. One party, one uniform, all looking the same, the odd ones out. Translate this to today, the EU suffered from laws about odd looking veggies or fruit and now it’s the turn of the iPhone charger, which is just different. Germans still… Continue reading The German weakness

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Job-share in biblical times

Very interesting that Al finally solved the Dead Sea Scroll mystery. Al concluded that two different people worked on the same piece. So they worked in shifts and shared the job. Very time-efficient. But, dated third century BC, unfortunately the content of the scrolls, did not magically transform into modern technological advances. Hence the bible… Continue reading Job-share in biblical times

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Joan ‘arc a mitigation disaster

After watching the Joan d'Arc film, my mind went into overdrive, analysing the situation from my point of view. Joan d'Arc was clearly a forerunner for women's lib and the freedom of women to behave in a non-sexist manner. Interestingly the British defend that right to the hilt. At the time when France was under… Continue reading Joan ‘arc a mitigation disaster

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Setting international standards

What humanity needs is an international set of professional standards, that enables all communities of the world to set rules of human interaction. Even the smallest indigenous communities have standards that are set to enable the community to thrive. Depending on location and environment, the more primitive societies made the most of what they had… Continue reading Setting international standards

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The hinges of Brexit

There are several dimensions to this Political independence Commercial autonomy Environmental concerns Historically there were during the 1600 - 95% of war between European nations the 1700 - 75% of war ..... the 1800 - 45 % of war 2000 - 0% conflict so far Considering that the UK government pledged to cut Greenhouse gas… Continue reading The hinges of Brexit

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New thoughts

The political correctness changes from time to time and we get trained how to express ourselves in the correct manner. I find it quite amazing that people who behaved according to generally accepted laws and behaviour suddenly find themselves prosecuted in old age for doing things wrong. This blog exists since decades and hopefully I… Continue reading New thoughts

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Royalty is thicker than gas

I can smell a total royal knees up in the matter of the sour gas contract being awarded to Shell rather than Total. The Royal connections of the Dutch to the Royal House of Abu Dhabi could be playing a role and explain why the French republic got left out in the cold. Just as… Continue reading Royalty is thicker than gas

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The conflict exists since 6 AD

I am a little puzzled by the gist of an article on the BBC about a far right movement building up against Islam and it would be the first time in British history that this happens. I thought that the Christians and Muslims have been arguing with each other for supremacy of the earth since… Continue reading The conflict exists since 6 AD

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Widespread rioting in London

It started off with the shooting of one individual who lost his nerve and apparently shot at a police officer and now everybody puts their bit in to make the trouble as widespread as possible. Because after all you cannot imprison hundreds of people, it has become a political problem and disaster for David Cameron,… Continue reading Widespread rioting in London