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Common Hold

What is needed is equal standard of housing for all. Common Hold is another type of management company for buildings owned by a owner management company. It was introduced in England in 2002. I read through the government guidelines. This concept is all about owners of flats within the system having the right to determine… Continue reading Common Hold

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Good local vibes? – the forgotten Chest Hospital

I spend extensive amounts of time speaking to people from all over Tower Hamlets, What they have in common is that they want niceprosperoussafe communities. In one area, they were particularly proud of local involvement, where locals took a lot of interest and wanted to be involved in decision making. I have never seen Dame… Continue reading Good local vibes? – the forgotten Chest Hospital

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Housing and re-generation scrutiny sub-committee

This Tower Hamlets scrutiny committee is meeting tonight and it is filmed and can be watched anytime. That's my fourth meeting today. I attended four online meetings today. No place for hate Tower Hamlets, Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association are a member of the Tower Hamlets Partnership and are happy that the new Community Safety… Continue reading Housing and re-generation scrutiny sub-committee

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A skills-based win

Apparently my business skills and economics, business based set of qualifications, gained in various specialist schools both in Germany and Britain and my great ability to do accounting, are probably responsible for my most recent win of a complaint to the Housing Ombudsman. I have run my own business for 10 years. I had been… Continue reading A skills-based win

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Energy consumption

Use of any type of energy, that is produced with the effect of carbon emmission will contribute towards global warming. If we reduce energy consumption in whichever shape or form, we'll do good for our planet. Lets look at cooking for example. It makes a huge difference whether we use gas, electric hobs or induction.… Continue reading Energy consumption

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cooking with gas

There are calls to phase out gas central heating systems and the use of the utility alltogether. Years ago, I decided to instal a built-under gas cooker in my kitchen because it gave me a choice. I didn't solely rely on electricity to cook my dinners. Yet, the price of gas is going up from… Continue reading cooking with gas

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LBTH council budget 2020

Looking at the latest budget discussions published by Tower Hamlets Council, it seems to cause offense that the council wants to raise council tax by 3.99%, citing among other an ever tightening belt and less funds. So, I look at the docs, which are published in that respect and I find it impossible to get… Continue reading LBTH council budget 2020