Ofcom to regulate harmful content

How could I ever forget that I spent 3 years as a litigant in person at the High Court in London – and part of it in relation to an infringement of my publication rights also at the commercial court-.

The whole aim of my efforts was to help reduce harmful content and to keep publishers to sensible limits on how to report things to do especially with terrorism.

Remember at the time a Labour Party member put pictures of the blazing machine gun logo of Baader-Meinhof on a website to report about ancient history.

It should be made illegal to use the logos of outlawed terrorist organisations to report about something, just as it is illegal to use certain Nazi salutes and phrases.

Using the logo of a terrorist organisation to report about something actually brings the organisation back to life and promotes that organisation. I fought against that, and though I lost, I now feel that the government has finally woken up to the manner of publication as well as to the content.

Actually I think libel laws are not fit for purpose as they allow the use of harmful pictorial material without making it illegal to do so. That is why I formally lost my case but now the purpose I pursued is finally winning.

Ofcom will now be given power to regulate harmful content. Hopefully they will also realise that school children and local communities are sometimes receptive to the promotion of unlaw aims by the use of pictures and logos that are associated with terrorists.

out of the blue

The past seems to catch up with me as I just received an email, from an individual, asking me to get in touch because he read my articles about Robert Dougans and he has been hounded by that man for years.

May I please ask you to understand that I literally could not even remember who Robert Dougans was at first sight. I literally had to search my site and read those articles myself and it all came back to me. The last entry about that was in 2010 and it is 2020 now. I had to throw away the old case files as they gotten mouldy. I have not even gotten the space to store them.

This is all ‘Water under the Bridge’ now. In reflection what stands out for me is the fact that it took the court 3 years to throw the case out. I spent hours and hours each week/months almost attending court. I was running my own business under the supervision of the DWP. I also had a disabled person to care for.

I produced enormous amounts of paperwork and had to bring that to the court in large suitcases. That took a very long time too.

The rules then said that a litigant must see the case through to the end to be able to complain to the European Court of Human Rights.

That person contacting me did not leave an address, but seems a prominent person with their own website. I may contact them.

I don’t think a ‘Litigant in Person’ situation would be able to arise with today’s Employment laws as the employment rules are much stricter enforced.



Wrestling with the washing machine

washerI have a rare Kenwood washing machine. It was just in the shop and the cheapest model at the time. I often buy odd brands when they are cheap and on offer.

Today, I wanted to put on a wash and the water inlet didn’t work. OH, my, I panicked. I filled with the spout of the watering can but that didn’t get me far.

I remembered that when in doubt check the filter. Trying to open the filter wasn’t a good idea with water in the machine. I was very happy to realise that the spinning still functioned.

Once empty, I opened the filter and a lot of water came out together with 2 large coins and half a lolly stick.

Once cleared the machine water-fill function works again.

Always check the filter first. I already looked online for washing machine prices and there seems to be a shortage at the moment. Prices are quite high, especially if you include installation and recycling and the waiting time is about a week on an average delivery.

Doesn’t surprise me that some families can’t afford one. Come to think I had to wash all the washing for a family of 7 in the bath tub, wash, wring and dry manually. I gotten quite strong through that activity and not realising how strong went to a local Kung Fu club at the time and some muscle men were surprised when I was able to push them over. Not the master though, he was just unreal.

Now, as I am nearing 70 – well I like to make myself older rather than younger – and I just had a severe gout attack, I enjoy my washing machine and I am happy I got it working again.

Oh, no, it was just an illusion. Apparently only part of the electronic circuit board is still working but the programs do not. The machine will not fill up with water.

Whilst there are repair programs in place, I have had years of experience with that, I think that it is better to buy cheaper machines and change them rather than expensive ones and keep them for decades.There is always a lot of grime building up inside the machine, even though I use cleaners and Calgon. It’s those hard to reach places, where germs breed inside the machine.

On our council estate, there used to be a laundry community area where residents brought their washing to do communally. Nowadays we all have our own flats with our own machines. I appreciate that this mass production of machines has a considerable carbon foot-print. Yet, I can see no attempt of town planners to change our life-styles in a hurry.

Communal laundries with extremely sturdy machines are one idea, but they need to be kept clean professionally constantly, perhaps with steam cleaning or something like it. It is just too much for individual householders to have all tha equipment. Our living spaces get smaller and smaller, we cannot store a plethora of gadgets on individual bases.

So another new machine it is for us.

A strong woman

The women pushed these days into positions of power are often the type who have their maternal instincts removed and instal policies a woman with maternal instincts and children would not make.

Just watched this first discussion about the outcome of the Grenfell Report where the female London Commissioner Dany Cotton of the Fire Brigade caused concern for victims by defending the behaviour of the officers on the day, saying she would not change anything on the information she knew at the time.


A picture of my mother working as nurse at the end of World War II

A typical old-fashioned female would have felt sorry and come up with some more potentially life-saving answers to please the audience.

Margaret Thatcher, the first female British Prime Minister  is the classic example of a desensitized female who becomes even more stringend in her disregard to people as an old-fashioned Conservative man would. She hated working-class families and dismantled the unions. She started the process, selling off council flats, so that poor people had their bases taken away.

Theresa May, destroyed any integrity working-class people had via zero-hours contracts, Universal credit and a further reduction in housing security. Theresa May took it one step further from what Margaret Thatcher had started.

Now Esther McVey, feels no shock for leaving poor females in an old cock-roach infested block of flats whilst she proudly proclaims success for a new housing development for rich people nearby.

I can remember the old-school Conservative government well. A mixture of sexist males who would find generosity in their policies towards poor families with children and provide family-friendly policies. At least people still had proper rented homes with benefits to match demand and poor families had a chance to settle into family life.

All this changed with strong females at the helm who came up with policies who would punish people who dared having families without the money to do so. It’s the Conservatives who invented the Female Dictator figure. I think it is sad that woman allow themselves to be used in that way, just to prove that they can be as efficient as men.

I think women, wo made it into the richer, upper crust, want to show their superiority towards those poor, unfortunate woman who have no choice but survive in the poverty they have been given.

My own sister is an excellent example. Unable to have children herself, she always disregarded me as some unmentionable entity. Living in Britain with a poor man but lots of children, my sister refused to speak to me. When my father died, my sister tried everyting she could to deprive me of my inheritance, guaranteed by law and engaged a solicitor to snatch my quarter of my inheritance of me. She didn’t succeed, as many of you know I am good with legal arguments.

My sister has lots of money but cannot find a penny to help me or my children. Of course my inheritance is long gone, paying back debts, I had accumulated whilst my sister, as a spinster finds solace in counting her money.


Back to reality


Johanna Kaschke a judge at London Swimming Regional Champs

Just decided to air this blog again, after I had been hiding it for years because of the shame of losing this libel trial. But history is what it is and we just have to live with it. Apparently we are now being defined by our online history and seeing that employers now choose employees by their public profile, I can well now understand that it is absolutely hopeless for me to ever get a well paid job.

What has happened so far?

I am a pensior now and I volunteer a lot to keep busy. I volunteer with

  • my local community centre
  • my local Safer Neighbourhood team and Neighbourhood Watch
  • for British Swimming at competitions as a swimming judge/starter

I am not active in politics at all. It is just amazing how small local activities of a female to do with political parties or interest groups get blown out of all proportions. Does it have to do with power-sharing?

Just having watched Dragon’s Den this week, there is now an online business that offers to clean up people’s public internet profile for a yearly membership of £70, so that it is easier to get the well paid job.

I think I will pass on that and allow the people who so completely and utterly bullied me online to live with their own conscience.

In the meantime, after having left the Conservative Party and been politically abstinent for years, I tried to re-join the Labour Party but was refused membership by my local association apparently just a year after I applied, apparently when I posted a picture of  being at a Jewish synagoge durinng a multi-faith celebration of the yearly Holocaust commemoration, which also included Councillor Islam for Bethnal Green. I declined an inviation to appeal the refusal.

Somehow I have the feeling I just don’t fit into political parties and will give that a miss in future.


Miliband sees my point on publishing

Labour has now experienced first-hand how publishers character assassinations can ruin someone’s public profile completely. Reason, political tendencies are being created by denouncing a person’s character using political rhetoric. BBC has produced several articles about this, see one link here. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-24361040

However it was Labour’s own strategy to use those denunciations whilst Brown and McBride worked together. Indeed David Osler, John Gray and others, used the tactics to smear me publicly and I lost a libel case due to the fact that high-profile publisher Iain Dale, started to collect funds and several friends of the defendants used a Conservative lawyer to produce mostly falsified evidence in court. The court was of course only too glad to accept the evidence because it helped to protect the British flagship publisher Der Spiegel.

But one of the defendant’s ally, namely Iain Dale is already falling victim to his own bad character. He recently assaulted a peaceful protester and got a caution. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-24285711

Important curb on Human Rights

That you are now getting your Jobseekers Benefit suspended, for further investigations, if you do any type of unpaid, voluntary work in your spare time, is an important breach into the Right to a Private and Family Life.

Especially Neighbourhood Watch is an organisation that forms from residents within a local area who simply want to protect themselves from crime and help the vulnerable neighbours.

That people are now not allowed to go to meetings with local friends and that such activity infringes a right to Jobseekers Allowance is an unlawful breach of an Important Human Right.

Unfortunately I have no energy, money, nor do I get any legal assistance to fight them. But if anybody is interested looking into this it would be good.

At the moment I am scared to go to meetings with neighbours because the DWP is investigating my activities and I have made a claim for Jobseekers Allowance on 15 April 2013 and that is now frozen till 18 June 2013, so that an investigation into the way I spend my time can be carried out.

I apply for about 3 jobs per day, have been to a job interview when asked to, so the DWP cannot accuse me of not following the rules on Unemployment benefit, but regardless they breach all rules just to get permission to snoop into people’s private lives that way.

Previously the DWP only suspended your benefits if you did unpaid voluntary work and refused the work through the Work Program, but I have not even been put on the work program and they already suspend my benefits for going to meetings with neighbours in my spare time for the purpose to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour in my area. Neighbourhood Watch works closely with the local police but DWP doesn’t like this.

My whole family now gets terrorised by the DWP, family members get called to their office and threatened with legal action for no reason. Other family members get DWP letters on their birthdays to announce benefit changes. It is quite obvious that we are being stalked by DWP.  Important decisions always fall on birthday dates of family members.

I have not been accused of any law breaches at all, but simply the fact that I am unemployed gives the government the right to suspend my benefits if I go out of my house and do other things than shopping or looking for work.

The treatment we get is worst than being given a curfew or restricted rights via a court order. The DWP just takes over our whole lives.

What also gives them the right to investigate every corner of your life is the fact that you give a data sharing consent as Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. Therefore I withdrew all data sharing consent I gave to Met Police because the combination of Met Police data sharing consent and DWP investigations just about ruins people’s lives.

I hae also been informed by the Chair of the London Association that Human Rights Laws do not apply to Volunteers. So another reason not to volunteer.

I won my appeal against DWP

I am always better on paper than in person. I thought previously the judges were put off by me. But on this occasion HM Courts and Tribunal Service found in my favour because the DWP wanted to stop my Jobseekers Allowance because they said I did not actively seek work in the 2 weeks when I organised the Queen’s Jubilee Party.

Victory of Common Sense for all volunteers on Jobseekers Allowance.

Added later. The judge ruled: “The appeal is allowed.The decision made on 18.06.12 is set aside. Having considered all of the evidence the tribunal determined that Ms Kaschke was actively seeking employment from 30.05.12 to 12.06.12. Accordingly she is entitled to Jobseekers Allowance over the period……..”Also the judge remarked that “The Tribunal reached a different conclusion on substantially the same facts”.

That is also a factor in so many appeals being won in cases involving disability. There at least 40% of appeals are won and of those 40% 1/3 present no new evidence.Margaret Hodge says that the fault lies firmly within the DWP. My sentiment entirely, as I previously mentioned about Iain Duncan Smith.

I am not disabled but find that there is some tuning necessary between policy and facts in Jobseekers procedures. Job Advisors are very trigger happy and routinely threaten claimants with legal action against them, just in case and to be intimidating.

But also look at the amount of time that has elapsed between the wrong decision being made and the appeal being allowed by the tribunal; that makes 7 months of stress and is also a waste of time and tax payer’s money; though at least a good judge got a job.

The age of the new fascism

What I really again wanted to say is how disappointed I am with the news reporting and also with the news reporting on the BBC website in that it is not inventive analytical enough. Politics evolve and repression can take various shapes and forms and what websites like the BBC again and again put into our heads is that repression and fascism has to do with direct annihilation and putting to death of people by governments like during Hitler times or Pol Pot for example.

Yet what we see today is a new type of fascism, a fascism by stealth.

What we see is that the new Conservatives try to get rid of our economy altogether by slowly throttling it. They mask it all up saying they need to clear our debts. But, as I already hinted in my last post, our economy is based on the creation of debt and if enough debt has been created in the form of orders to industry for example, when consumers borrow to order goods, they then need to be made and people get employed to make those goods.

When the Conservatives now say they want to get rid of debt, they simply throttle the whole economy because nothing will move forward. This then leads to a situation whereby the people who are living within a society slowly but surely are starting to turn against each other and one sees an increase in murders and crime. People become more disillusioned and turn onto open revolt, as we have seen it during the riots and as we now see it happening in Syria.

Here in the UK we managed to stop the riots but in Syria they are not so lucky.

But what I find most interesting is that Cameron now seeks to introduce an economic model that seem s to match the one Hans-Martin Schleyer tried to introduce into Germany in the late 70s, just before he gotten himself kidnapped and killed. The Germans then blamed everything on the Baader-Meinhof group and that is also very simplistic of them to do so. Luckily for the local situations, the Muslims here in the UK exercise a lot of restraint and stop themselves from falling into the chief-suspect category for anything that goes wrong.

It had been said that during the beginning of the Hitler era, he staged self-made terror events, to propel himself into power and I think that the whole Baader-Meinhof phenomenon was abused in Germany to drive through changes and to blame all sorts of crime onto this illusive Baader-Meinhof group, who were said to work for the Communists. But that doesn’t make much sense in many respects. Because what Schleyer tried to achieve was in fact a turning away from classic Capitalism into Socialist Cooperative movements, which would have complemented the East German Communist regime beautifully. Now why would a Communist state finance terrorist to kill somebody who wanted to promote Socialism in a Capitalist state?  I belief that the East German files that were “found” where plainly planted to disorienting us. It was so very convenient for the German government that a lot of those Baader-Meinhof terrorists gotten killed or supposedly killed themselves in prison and that no proper witness statements from them came ever into being.

I think in Germany a lot of crime was blatantly blamed onto Baader-Meinhof when in fact it could have been some coup from some other direction. It was more than obvious that the Germans still tried to promote the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon as recently as 5 years ago by entering a film about them to win an Oscar. Der Spiegel offered me thousands to get the copyright on an article, using my name to falsify history and I refused it. It is more than suspicious that a large magazine knowingly wants to print falsities and pay people to put their names to the falsities.

Today the government does have a problem, they have no terrorist movement in the UK to blame crimes on, thanks to the good restraint of our Muslim citizens, there is hardly any terrorist activity going on at the moment, that the government could blame crime on.

This government simply slowly wants to throttle us, they try it with the Greeks and that is the tactic to simply starve people out of live slowly but surely. There is little sense in currently used tactics other than making people’s life a misery, needlessly I need to say. There is no proper purpose in the current government tactics, they do not even want to promote green living and environmental health, they simply just try to starve us out of our existence.

We must repel this new trend to rob us of our livelihoods, to rob us of our right to celebrate God. I think the denial of God and fascism always goes hand in hand no matter what face this fascism shows, whether they openly kill people or slowly throttle them or whether they make them turn onto each other, they always deny God and that is truly the work of the devil. You could ask the question is secularism equal to Satanism and that is an interesting question instead. But the fact is that this government wants to stop families from having children and that is a crime on humanity.

We keep on lamenting how bad things are in China, we complain about the Human Rights abuses, that priest are not allowed to preach, that people are forced to kill babies because of the one child policy, yet we do exactly the same here in the UK, we just don’t see it because it is right in front of our own door.

Justice Eady, the truth is still waiting

I have now suffered several, in my view botched judgements that I had to endure simply because in civil law I am not entitled to legal representation. The case involves an originally British publisher, Der Spiegel and an employee of a Spiegel subsidiary, Lloyds List, which now bought into Der Spiegel. Mr Osler is extremely left-wing and supports all sorts of left-wing groups from Anarchists to Communists. He works in Lloyds list especially on the pirate issue, e.g. Somalis hijacking British ships. Of course several British women have become victims of Somali terrorist activity recently.

Justice Eady found for Der Spiegel, found for Mr Osler and found for all the other defendants involved in the UK left-wing Labour movement. They were spurred on by a member of the Conservative Party who volunteered, without being forced to in any way, to defend Mr Osler, whose defence then benefitted the other attached defendants. British law was so pleased with the performance of Mr Dougans that he became Assistant Solicitor of the Year, that is how the British reward those who work in the best interst of their country. Mr Hilton of course was supported by the big and rich Gay Support Network as he is an admitted and known Homosexual. But still all the Britishness and Gayness doesn’t allow a court to find wrongly on the evidence.

So, yes I am a German immigrant, now in possession of a British passport and I dared to attack the former Axel Springer empire over one of their publications. Of course one needs to know that Springer was implanted on Germany after World War II to dismantle the Hitler propaganda machine.

Why was I picked on by Springer? It is not known.  Tthe reason why I was arrested can be seen from these documents here, which are from the German Prosecutor from the 70s and 80s. There are 3 documents, all of which are translated. It is more than clear from the documents that I was arrested in line with an investigation against a Wilhelm Boenninger whom I do not know and who, according to my research, is never named in connection with any Baader-Meinhof activities anywhere on the net. There are a vast number of Internet pages, which list known BM or RAF associates. That name is not there, neither is mine. I never met a man called Wilhelm Boenninger and assume it is a case of mistaken identity. See letter from 12 March 1980, Ref 8 Js 500/75. I then was compensated for false arrest and the false imprisonment suffered See letter from 16 March 1978, ref 4StR Es 158/77. Also enclosed and then I received a letter from the German authorities certifying that I was never, not even remotely under suspicion of RAF association. See the underlined word on the bottom of page 1, letter dated 10 April 1980 Ref 1BJs 93/77.

Yet Mr Justice Eady felt fit to belief the palaver of Mr Osler, who argued that all arrests in the 70s in Germany must have to do with the Baader-Meinhof Group. The British publication machinery, including the BBC spread rumours that in Germany up to 35% of the population were in active support of the Baader-Meinhof group, which is a statistic that is very hard to belief. It is false and mere rubbish. You must imagine that if 35% of the population were in support of something then every 3rd or 4th person you would meet in the street would be involved into a criminal gang and actively supporting them. That is practically unthinkable and cannot be supported in any rational argument.  Apparently there is no broadly conducted survey that could support such a statistic, a survey that would have been conducted in Germany itself, asking ordinary German citizens and not just the demonstrating student minority that is so readily portrait on UK websites.

It simply pleases the British mentality to think that the Germans were broadly in support of Baader-Meinhof but that is the reason for Justice Eady’s judgment against me. The fact is that not anywhere in any official paperwork available from 1975 – 1980, not anywhere is there any mention of any political orientation. There is no way that anybody could come along and reasonably argue that any arrest that took place in Germany in the 70s, must have taken place because of Baader-Meinhof activities. Especially also not as at that time Germany did not know a Terrorism clause within Criminal law. A terrorism clause was added in late 1976. It was Der Spiegel that couched my arrest in an article about Baader-Meinhof and Eady J cleared Der Spiegel of publication  in the UK  during my case against Der Spiegel when later he accepted doctored evidence from Osler that it had been published. This is an obvious miscarriage of justice.

Osler seems to be the babe of the court. He works for Lloyds List the subsidiary of Der Spiegel and in particular mostly on the Somali Pirate issues. Several women were kidnapped by Somali pirates recently. Judith Tebbutt, a disabled women, was snatched, her wheelchair left behind, her husband murdered.

The Paragraph 129 as it was in use then was so wide, that anybody would be arrested within it, including Travellers, religious sects like the The Church of Scientology and all would be accused of potentially wanting to throw over the German state and be potential terrorists, there was no actual proof needed for such an accusation. That was the climate under which arrests took place in Germany in 1975. It would be unthinkable today that this could happen with the Human Rights Act in place. It was plain and simply state persecution that allowed the imprisonment of indiscriminate amounts of people so that the state could weed out undesirables and collect information from people. Thousands fell victim to this.

There is no way, that I was ever assumed to be in touch with the RAF or Baader-Meinhof, there is no proof that the state even sought it was possible. The letters proof it, one even says, that I was never, not even remotely under such suspicion.

Not only did Eady J support the dismissal of my case because he thought it was an abuse of process because the difference between a compensated criminal arrest and compensated Baader-Meinhof arrest is too small, he actively supported in his judgement the notion that my arrest must have been for left-wing activities, for which there is no proof available at all. Not in any letter from the German authorities is this actually supported. I protested about this rigorously during the draft-judgement state but Justice Eady knows that without that left-wing element, his judgement cannot stand, and so he put it in just to make it work.

Justice Eady decided to please Der Spiegel, to please the left-wing Lloyds List employee. Why? Probably its a racist and sexist motivated judgement, that might also have religious grounds. What the British have established to be an anti Hitler propaganda tool, has turned into a pro-British propaganda tool and bends facts to please the British instead. Mr Osler later posted on Mr Gray’s blog, that I was defeated just like the Germans in World War II and the police promptly allocated a crime number for that posting but refrains to prosecute because the fine they could achieve would not exceed £50.

Of course I think sexism plays a big role. I am a single women, not associated with the typically important English male or even female (that if I was a Lesbian, which I am not). Many nasty posts have been produced during the course of the court case, mainly from men with revolting comments, that even one female high court judge remarked upon and then Mr Osler dropped his claim for costs. Unfortunately distasteful sexual comments were all over the Internet on this case.

Unfortunately for me, the whole justice system in Europe is now so impenetrable, that the single judges in the European Court of Human Rights also just tick off applications by unrepresented applicants as not being admissible, like they do in 95% of the cases. They cherry pick cases to hear and mine was not there.

The truth on my cases is still outstanding and I feel I am a victim of a miscarriage of justice.  It is my opinion and I have Freedom of Expression.

One recent reader comments that the court must have been listening to the case for so long to cash in on the payments from the state, which covered the costs for my applications because they need the money. That does not please the British Tax Payer.

I still belief and think I am correct in doing so, that there is a considerable difference in a general arrest and an arrest with specific suspicions of supporting and sympathising with a mayor terrorist group, who solely work from an illegal underground network. That is what the posts implied. Even in Germany the authorities did put such specific accusations in their arrest warrants, but not in mine, which was jointly with one other person, who also never was associated with known terrorists. I am glad to have been cleared of BM involvement, even with the British judgements, yet I was still made to loose the cases.

I shall add links to this shortly and further docs to download as proof

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