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So Agent Hotchner argued that he rather sees serial killers locked up for life to show how they are a failure rather than have them put to death, so that they can’t think they won and go down in glorious death.

But then he resigns, citing his and his child’s safety because some serial killers, many of which make up state penitentiaries, conspired to frame him and reported him to the CIA who sent SWAT teams round to arrest him on the basis of a convicted serial killer giving information to the CIA about Agent Hotchners apparent misgivings. All of the data was forged by the convicts but the CIA had to arrest the FBI agent on the strenght of the lifers evidence.

One could argue, if you put on the death penalty then the totally deprived individuals who committed such heinous crimes could no longer cause any harm to the living.

What is the point in fighting crime and putting criminals behind bars if those sentenced can then use electronic communications and friends on the outside to murder retired agents, steal their identification badges, pretend to be from the bureau and commit further crimes like murder?

You can’t make any progress if those sentenced do not improve and do not show any betterment but only use their time to cause more damage to law enforcement and civilians.

Serial killers are the most depraved type of human beings. If you watch Criminal Minds, it is completely off the chart how reprived those individuals are. I do not know whether the material on Criminal Minds was taken from real cases or not. But if anybody who lives in normal society can detach themselves so far from reality and our laws as to murder others without any care for social norms, are they really able to ever improve or are they so damaged that they are no longer able to learn?

On the other hand you could argue, just do not believe a criminal convict without any doubt of its merit. Should the CIA have taken the word of a convicted mass murderer to arrest an FBI agent?

In the film the whole block of mass killers staged a mass breakout. Making agents have to re-capture at least 9 extemely dangerous mass murderers.

Considering that these criminals cause severe danger to the private lives of agents, it is not in the interest of human kind to allow those convicted to conspire to undermine society further once in jail.

It all depends on quantity, you may be able to keep a few depraved criminals in jail but if you got a lot, they can cause real damage by the sheer volume of their support systems and they can bring society to the abyss.


250 shades of deprivation

crime scene do not cross signage

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The more I watch Criminal Minds, the more it becomes clear to me why those laws against bullying and child abuse came into place.

Many perpetrators came from broken homes and were terribly abused during childhood.

Yet, the most common factor a lot of the crimes have is facility. Criminals have remote facilities available that allow them to commit crimes without others noticing it.

Remote locations, weapons and a deranged mentality are three factors for the criminal intention to materialise.

On the counter-side is often a victim that is timidly agreeing to be kidnapped. Unless victims were outright knocked out, at the point of abduction, they often agree to be taken away with some threat.

Today we have a lot of support available in schools to help kids with special needs and monitoring in place to prevent abuse at home and in school and other public institutions.

But in a small country like Britain where there is little space to hide from detection, in a country like the US with it’s huge geographical distances, it is much more likely that criminals occupy remote dwellings, abandoned buildings and have weapons than here in the UK.

We all live on top of each other, in houses, flats, which are easily overheard. Our culture has adapted to a nowhere to be able to have complete privacy lifestyle. Any indiscretions get overheard and reported by nosy neighbours.

Perhaps over-population is a defence mechanism of humanity to avoid brutality that can only occur in remote locations from depraved individuals, who have no sense of civil behaviour towards others.

Fighting off those nasties

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Still watching Criminal Minds and I have reached Season 8. We talked about abductions and it seems that making a loud noise in case of an abduction is the best tactic to avoid being killed.

If somebody holds a knife or gun to you and threatens to kill you unless you come along what chance have you got if you go along quietly? The chances of being found by somebody, or even missed, are remote but if you make a noise that is likely to frighten the assailant off and others will notice it.

If they are determined to kill you, they will do it there an then but the chances of getting away are greater if you fight them off straightaway and you have a chance to wriggle out of the firing or stabbing line by moving about.

But when an abductor has you completely in their power, they can position you as they  like, torture you and then kill you. So fighting them off immediately is the best chance of success.

Everbody’s first instinct should be self-preservation and survival. In some instances the threat that children’s lives are at risk of course takes prevalence on any decision making.

If you chance running away you are more likely to dodge the bullet than if you don’t.



Spending time

I’ve now arrived in season 7 of Criminal Minds and find it fascinating and reassuring that law enforcement upholds moral and legal standards for all of us. I am watching it on Amazon Prime Video, which is included with the Amazon Prime membership. Overall good value for money.

It’s amazing to see how chain reactions of human emotions lead some to comit the most serious crimes against others.

I think that the sheer amount of space in the US scatters people further away from each other and so the lack of overlooking can manifest in remote locations being used for criminal purposes.

Things like remote forests, empty buildings, country buildings.

But also security issues like open windows, lack of window catches, open doors and easy to open doors help offenders gain access to dwellings.

Yet not all murderers offend by entering the victim’s homes but they also abduct in open spaces, using weapons to threatend victims once they are near enough.

What is particularly concerning that there are members of the public services who also abuse their positions to abduct others.

That just reassures me that all the security measures taken today, to assess public servants and those in positions of trust are definately needed to safeguard us all.

So many individuals have not gotten the moral compass within them to self-control and avoid falling out of bounds with legal restrictions and let their emotions run wild and attack others just because they had a hard time themselves.

Just shows, you can’t trust others because they look friendly either.

Spending time


Bought those chocolates as a gift for our consultant who operated on my daughter’s shoulder as a thank you. As all appointments have been moved to virtual and I even had to remove her stitches at home, I resigned to having those chocs for Easter.

Half that box has just over 800 calories and that is easily eaten in one day; at the end of which I felt a lot of energy and I exercised whilst sitting and watching the series of Criminal Mind on Amazon Prime Video.

It’s amazing what one can do without even having to leave one’s chair. Just have a small weight or full bottle and exercise the shoulders whilst leg muscles can get improved by simple movements whilst sitting down as well.

Of course streaming allows the occasional standing up and stretching.

The Criminal Mind films show how easily perpetrators can enter victim’s homes because people do not lock their doors and even often call out for perpetrators if they hear noises.

We have to become much more protective towards ourselves and do not allow others to enter our sphere’s so easily.

We once sat in our living room when suddenly the balcony door opened and some guy stood in our living room. My son recognised him as a neighbour and all ended well but from that day onward, (it happened some years ago) I never leave my balcony door open, not even for a moment. Always lock your doors. My front door closes automatically and is security enforced.

I didn’t even open my door when my neighbourhod knocked and offered me some grocery delivered by mistake and asking whether I wanted it.

Being cautious and careful is a new way of thinking, promoted by social distancing, we can think about picking up germs and problems from mixing with others.  I never enjoyed hugging, kissing and touching others for greeting purposes.

The social distancing must make a huge impact on drug dealing and the problems brought on by it. That is most welcome by all, I suppose.

I don’t know anybody affected by Corona Virus personally, it must be awful if you are affected.

I am keeping busy with online games like Scrabble and watching videos.

The media puppets

For entertaining useful general up-lifting watch Healthcheck life each day.

Shame, that I’ve taken the Christmas decorations down this year, as this time now, feels just like a loooooong Christmas. Even better because it recreates the time of rest we used to have in the older days.

Yet around Christmas time there was a hype in the media about people with mental health problems and an increase in domestic violence.

But all that talk about mental health suddenly died down completely. The Sunday Times, published a graph showing the real impact of deaths from Corona Virus and it is microscopically small, in relation to the mass of the population.

But this outbreak has been played up so much by the media, that they are literally seem to be under some kind of threat not to report about other problems occurring as a result of Corona Virus isolation.

Today we hear reports that even the Police will no longer investigate some crimes, criminals being released early. People have to stay with those they normally live with and some manage that only because they know they can leave each day.

But, I suppose the isolation policy will bring crime down that relies on transport and distribution, such as drug dealing.

What about those who need restbite from looking after others.

I think we will get some stark statistics later on in the year with regards to secondary problems caused through the Corona Virus isolation.

There are some voices who question our freedoms being taken away like movement and certain basic human rights of association and family life.

Thankfully most of us can manage because of the Broadband and energy provisions not being disrupted.

TV ads instead of demos

Whilst Extinction Rebellion are trying to sell us their story, they do so by stopping traffic, apologetic, no less, they cause a disturbance.

They say, they need to do this, to make us aware of the climate agenda.

But, what about taking out a TV ad instead. You cannot reach more people than with a TV ad. XR got lots of money, they have extremely rich sponsors, so TV ads, should be affordable for them.

And as it is such a good cause, ITV or other commercial channels may even chip in and half the price?

Apparently the Chief Medical officer, constantly appears in between our favourite program to remind us of corona Virus dangers, he wouldn’t dream stopping traffic to remind a few drivers of the dangers.

Obviously XR want to use the issue to radicalise ‘rebel’s, teach them how to interrupt and feel good about it. They use and abuse us to train political resistance.

The naughty list

I need to support it that Extinction Rebellion are listed on a Counter Terror Police list as organisation of concern.

It is not about the aim, it is about the method. Anybody can pronounce they are doing it for the good of us all but if they, in fact, disrupt our daily lives severely and cause extreme expenses to our policing budgets, which prevents our police to concentrate on other pressing issues, must be seen as a concern to national security.

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Pale horse

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I’ve now watched two different versions of the Pale Horse, a novel by Agatha Christie, my favourite author.

I enjoyed the Miss Marple version more and though old-fashioned, it made it clear and easier to understand how the criminal organisation worked.

Quite fascinating that a criminal organised a gang of helpers who went around the homes of potential victims to find out what their habits were and what potions they used daily.

Then the criminal broke into the home of the victim, exchanged their favourite potion with a similar item but the contents now containing Thalium or rat poison so that the victim died from poisening, which was very hard to detect.

Doesn’t that make one paranoid not to disclose such information to strangers?

Falling snow

Watching all films in the Snowfall series and it is a stark reminder how the drug trade is propelled by a US CIA agent who sanctions the import of cocain from Columbia via Mexico in order to make money because he wants to fund the Contras in Nicaragua.

Once local US families established a viable drug trade the US government agents allowed the trade to expand and little was done to stop and/or prosecute the drug dealers.

This destroyed a lot of lives and communities.

A local cop, who genuinly tries to fight the local drug dealers gets suspended because a lot of pressure is on the police to turn a blind eye.

Once in the drug trade it is almost impossible to get out of it. Governments who allow drug trade to go on, only allow as much as they want and then the people doing it, get treated as criminals; risking being killed by other criminals or sentenced for very long in a jail. If it is found out they became informers then the treatment from other criminals gets very brutal.

The only message those films give is to never get involved in any type of drug trade.

  • do not take drugs
  • do not deal drugs
  • do not tolerate drug dealing

The CIA agent actually sanctions the killing of other agents to fulfil his dream to make buy weapoons for Nicaraguan Contra rebels.

Unfortunately us little people have not enough influence on what’s happening in all these secret channels of governments. They are not accountable enough.

The CIA agent promises his colleague that in the end all drug dealers and networks will be stopped, once he made enough money to help the Nicaraguan Contras. The woman agent who fell for that, got killed by a drug lord and dissolved in acid in the ground, witnessed by a government agent. 

These are very gruesome ongoings and should deter anybody who thinks about it to ever get involved in drug dealing. Watch the whole thing in succession to understand what is going on in the films.

On the local level, even today, in real life, many people wonder and complain that not enough is done to stop drug dealing on our streets. We need to make sure that the police stop the criminals and do not turn any blind eyes.

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