Down the Hatch

Child killer Colin Hatch has been murdered in prison. This BBC story tells the gruesome circumstances of that killer’s conviction and it is very sad that the justice system failed to send that man to Broadmoor because he was thought not dangerous enough. How dangerous can one be who systematically abuses and kills little boys. Again, here we see that society does not think that children need better protection from child killers.

It is therefore one of those unusual cases where criminals amongst themselves have taken the law into their own hands and delivered rough justice. I do  not want to see lynch mobs running our land but would want to see more responsible jailing decisions to keep society save and stop criminals to strike again,when that can be prevented.  Still what many justice officials and especially those on parol boards do not understand is that many criminals know exactly what they have to say and how they have to act to appear pleasing to assessors but then go on to kill.

If Justice disciplines the killer of Colin Hatch with severe punishment and sets a precedence to show that criminals that kill almost certain child killers will be severly punished that will send a shock wave around the country.

High Court rejects Ripper appeal

For people like the Yorkshire Ripper, or Peter Sutcliffe, his real name is, a whole life sentence has been passed, meaning the whole life. For people like Sutcliffe, the death penalty is more than appropriate, to shorten his life and the misery he puts us all under. Even being locked up, he still gives people the creeps and having to pay for his upkeep in our taxes is a burden.

The Ripper argued he acted on God’s will. I do not know what the church makes of that, because it could be using and abusing God’s name for wrongful purposes, which is a sin under religious rules.

The High Court rejected his appeal against the whole life term and the report here does not mention any hint of meaning in the Lord Justice’s reasoning that the Death Sentence would be appropriate for the Ripper but I think it would. The monster killed 13, planned to kill others, has admitted the killings and there is absolutely no chance of the wrong person being put to death. The Americans would not hesitate to end that monsters life at the earliest opportunity. Why do we pay to keep him alive?

A paradox crime, whom to blame for it?

I always get myself engaged when such horrid incidents happen but feel calmed by the sober words of President Obama who hailed the brave bystanders and their reaction to the events. He found that their behaviour prevented further damage and by taking Jared Loughner’s gun and ammunition away.

There is little point in the Right blaming the LEFT and vice versa. People with mental problems like Loughner are a result of our liberal society. They allow themselves to be driven from the path of righteousness and become vulnerable to doing the wrong thing. Loughner helped his own dilemma by abusing drugs and seeking little sobering of his crazed condition, not even realising anymore how crazy he had become.  In such a circumstance our liberal society has little to offer such a person by way of discipline other than imprisonment or death penalty after victims have been created. It is this point that I try to find a solution to, it is the fact that I do not want to see victims of such crazed persons like Loughner.

There always will be criminals but I think would our society take greater steps to control individuals we would see less victims.  I think it is a result of individuals’ lack of personal discipline so that they allow themselves to be driven into crime and disorder. In this case there seems to be nobody having been there to remind that man, how wrong he was, other than the college that tried to deal with his anti-social behaviour during classes.  He was reprimanded for drug abuse by the police but his political radicalism was never taken into consideration and he might well have had terrorist motives.  He could well have acted alone, stimulated by what he saw on the Internet.

As a society I think there is nothing that we can do other than lock those persons up. And such a severe case, to hand out the death sentence, which is the prescribed method of punishment in American law. I do appreciate that some individuals would fare much better in heir lives with early intervention but then how does one measure that discipline that would have to be handed out without breaching the personal freedom of individuals. I think that American society and legal specialists should look into measures that could be taken to control such obviously out of control individuals before they can commit such atrocities.  Maybe our Freedom of Speech/Expression is not controlled enough to take into account the harm some very provocative material can have on individuals. 

Not only in the USA but also in the UK it often becomes apparent that a certain type of people would be better off living in communal housing, that could be connected with some type of social care supervision. We should also look into better protection of parliamentary representatives and make  it a standard that they meet constituents in safer locations and could for example use court houses where visiting constituents could be screened for what they have on them before they enter. I don’t think we should risk the lives of democratically elected people’s representatives by not doing anything to make their positions safer.

The Giffords attack should have been prevented

Reading this latest report, thanks to God, the Congress woman Giffords is still alive, though in critical condition. The report says she has been shot right through the brain. As described in my previous post late last night, which was not completed because I have to have some sleep each day, I linked to both an MSN report and the attacker’s own YouTube posting in which he describes himself as Terrorist. Here is another chronology.

I am more than surprised that the local law enforcement and crime prevention officers did not pick up on this guy and that he was not under surveillance to carry out this most disgusting crime not only on one politician but on the whole community, killing innocent bystanders like a 9-year old child and a judge. Please click on this link becasue police believe the attacker was driven to carry out his attack and did not act alone.

This man deserves the death sentence as he obviously systematically prepared his crime and was well aware of his actions. He describes himself as well-educated.  I am astounded that the US police agencies did not have this man on their most potentially dangerous persons list. This is of great concern to me as to what law enforcement reckon to be a dangerous person because the criteria with that terrorist is quite clearly, self-detached, happy to call himself terrorist and listing all sorts of books, which were written by mass murderers as his favourite, his left-wing involvement and – what is not known to me – his own life-style and he is most likely not a family man and therefore should have been under constant surveillance.

We had an attack on a local politician carried out by a single woman with a knife, which only severely harmed the politician concerned, yet this matter of attacks on local politicians is of great concern in today’s world and  I shall make enquiries how well our local politicians – and the community around them – are protected  from potential attack.  I am more than surprised, that the Americans despite all their well-developed security services have been unable to detect this most dangerous man’s postings on YouTube and/or that they had been dismissed as harmless.

I can also again only reiterate that the slow introduction of violent argument into politicians campaigns makes it much more difficult for the police to determine danger because when such rhetoric becomes common place, it is hard to distinguish who means it and who doesn’t.

I think we should clean up political campaigns and politicians should lead by good example and not make any violent threats to the other parties,  not in word, picture, not jokingly or in any other capacity. Police forces cannot go around and watch all those who use threats as a matter of speech in every-day situations. Yet this particular attacker was also a left-wing loner who posted some very weird video with terrorist content  on YouTube. The content of that video sounded like a last good-bye.

It also does  not make the job of the security services easier if all sorts of people post false accusations about other’s potential involvement with terrorism now or in the past as the police will spend valuable time checking up on this when in fact the really dangerous people, like that terrorist in the US by nam of Jared L Loughner, carry out their vile trade undetected.

I am not convinced that the actual politics involve play any role as it should be a matter of principle that all politicians are protected from attack and that matters of democracy must be dealt with strictly within the law. We cannot tolerate that politicians with controversial views are gunned down to make a point.

To add to this post, I would like to remark that I find it naïve to say the least, that the Congresswoman did not have any type of security at that event I understand that she had already received threats before and knowing that she supported firearms ownership, and knowing that in the USA there exists a sad history of murdering politicians with firearms, it would have made sense if she had put in place some personal security measures.  Here in the UK we have a register of vulnerable persons and I do not know whether the US authorities make protection available to politicians who have received threats of that nature.

stop violent rhetorics and symbolism in politics

I said it many times, warned that those jokingly put up violent symbols and words can push some people over the edge and they then actually carry out a vile and violent act, that normal people would not dream of doing or be capable of.

I do not wish to say that Mrs Palin’s posters were the reason for the Giffords’ shooting but there remains a strange taste in the mouth of those who read the pre-story to this shooting and how politics in the US get uglier and uglier in the face of tough election fights and challenges.

We must at all times remember that we have to repress our fantasies and not carry over violence to life political propaganda. What some see as sheer fantasy and funny others see as a sign to act upon.

Not for all people are fantasy and reality clearly separate worlds, we see it often enough that people cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality and when somebody of position uses violent rhetorics, some may see this as a sign to act upon or just use the occasion to spread further discontent upon already quarrelling parties.

Our democracy must keep to dignified and verbal, written campaigns of good taste and high style. I am at this moment not informed who the killer was and what the motives for the killing were. Yet this despicable and cowardly act has already spread further blame amidst the political scene and the only positive thing that can come out of this callous murder is that politicians come back to their senses and act civilised and as a good example and see politics as a good-nature competing activity for the benefit of us all.

My prayers this week in church are with the victims and their families.

PS:  According to some YouTube video this Jared Loughner, if that is the one, describes his final thoughts on a video there and he describes himself as a revolutionary who does not belief in conventionalism. It seems he applied to be in the army. If that is the one, but its highly likely. But I am not 100% certain. Yes it is confirmed by MSN to be the video of the attacker.

An eye for an eye

Just listening to the radio I learn that a man has been jailed for the 73. time for committing the same type of drug addicted crime and he keeps on getting short-term sentences without any prospect of him stopping his habitual law breaking.

Some people say that the criminal justice system in the UK is the most liberal in the world and that we are the laughing-stock of the world whilst in Saudi Arabia people had their eyes surgically removed to equal damage done to a victim and now one man is sentenced to having his spinal cord severed as punishment for injuring and crippling his victim that way.

The commentator asks the very interesting question how can we retaliate without becoming savages?

I would say there is not only the obvious physical or financial damage there is also a lot of emotional and moral damage that can be inflicted through crime and how is one equally punish for that? A bloke that makes girls pregnant, just to get married to a woman but then leaves all his girlfriends single mothers is hardly being able to get equal punishment. Or somebody whose pride has been damaged cannot get equal retribution either.

The theme of crime-prevention of course is prevalent in all discussions and the underlying social problems cannot be addressed in a hurry. I heard on another blog yesterday that the Taleban stoned to death a woman and a man who went sexually astray to keep the good morals going in Afghanistan but this is not the type of punishment anybody would even consider here in the UK for blokes making girls pregnant without any type of financial or emotional help to raise the child.

The Human Rights Act allows anybody the right to a private and family life even if that involves taking drugs in that private setting or being immoral and even  if we cut out all drugs and drink we still would get some that could not cope with any laws.

Also the population numbers and density of housing play a part in crime and the ability to defend oneself is practically zero both in terms of instrumental equipment and physical strength.

I think that only social pressure, naming and shaming, can help to prevent crime because if anyone who has committed the same crime 73 times sees their poster plastered around town or on TV or an a website to warn his fellow citizens of his inclinations will think about changing their lifestyle if he then also is shunned socially for doing so.

Drug addicts should lose their jobs if they have one, that includes especially high earners, so that those who chose clean living get a chance to be rewarded for being lawful. but instead we see that those breaking laws keep on getting rewarded by not losing their jobs, so that keeping the law has no rewards but a clean police record and no money to show for it.

In the end it boils down to financial rewards and if those who break the law can keep on living in luxury, then keeping the law seems nothing but stupid.

The Crossbow Cannibal

Of course I am most concerned that again a serial killer got himself established to murder 3 women and what surprises me, that the man has so little understanding of reality that he calls himself a Crossbow Cannibal even in court. If someone is so far removed from the real world, it is astonishing to me that nobody had reported him before for odd behaviour. It seems almost certain to me that this murderer would have used that self-description in all circumstances, e.g. the pub.

One must always report it to the police if people call themselves concerning names and not laugh about it and see it as a joke. I do not think that anybody sane would find it funny to call themselves such a name not even as a joke, unless of course it is Halloween and dress up time.

I am interested in crime and behaviour problems and early crime detection, my favourite author was Agatha Christie and Edgar Wallace and read those books even as a teenager. But always wonder whether we could not do more to prevent crimes from happening by profiling and early learning intervention. Studies must show what those people were like as children or what event has caused their life to go into this terrible path. Maybe also physical abnormality could be a cause.

Of course we cannot say lock them away from the start but psychopathic behaviour should be recognisable. I have read somewhere that psychopaths are very good at behaving in a way that they are expected to behave and as soon as they fooled their captors and they get released they go straight onto the business of murder again. Our world is built onto obedience and obedient attitude can be learned.

I often think such terrible people like Stephen Griffiths may have been abused as children and there is nothing more important than weeding out the child abusers. Maybe we should punish those who abused children who then turn into crime at the same rate as the kids they messed up when they were young.

It is always easy to train a child to be obedient but that does not stop abuse. Teachers and Social workers  nowadays have more powers to root out abuse because of multi-agency working with the ‘Every child matters’ agenda, but unfortunately staff shortages and lack of appraisal don’t help those professionals who need the most encouragement.

Unfortunately the death penalty won’t help people who are so deluded that they cannot understand the difference between right and wrong any more, they would commit the crimes regardless of punishment. Maybe we should introduce social checkups on vulnerable persons to see how sound their minds are.

Unfortunately our old-fashioned social meeting places like pubs, clubs and churches get rarer every day and we are coaxed into a Home life, where we get everything delivered to our doors and do not have to go out to meet the neighbours. The old-fashioned whispering campaigns in villages soon sorted out weirdos but unfortunately today’s CCTV cameras cannot have the same effect. When I was younger and went out to the pub in the evening, the next day my relations could tell me exactly how much I had drunk because they had been informed through the social networks and that is what we need today, social networks, especially in the cities.

What we need are pubs, clubs that are professionally run and able to give social support and meeting places to our locals.

The bias towards inclusion

I am 100% behind David Cameron and the Conservative education policies  on this one because Labour tries to deny that disabilities exist. There is no one cap fits all approach. Some disabled children thrive well in mainstream schools, whilst others would suffer. Under Labour we have seen intolerable changes in the approach how disability is measured. Prior to this Labour government learning disabled persons were tested and results expressed in a mental age scale. E.g. Their ability to understand academic tasks and that was measure against the ability of normal children to do those tasks and accordingly their mental age was established. A physically 40 year old could have the mental age of a 5 year old if he’s math’s capability was that of a five year old for example. But test were very comprehensive and took over weeks to complete.

Labour then came along and gotten rid of those, fairly expensive tests and invented vulnerable adults instead. Of course a similar description would befit a child of sorts that suffers from a learning disability other than Dyslexia or Autism, those tests would  be carried out for mental retardation only.

Nowadays each and every learning disabled person is biased towards including they are treated the same as everybody else and we have seen the result in the latest tragedy, the Michael Gilbert case, where a learning disabled man was systematically tortured to death and he was unable to seek help against his torturer but believed he has to tolerate treatment including having to stand in boiling water, being beaten daily, attacked by giant lizards, constant other abuse, and walked on his stomach until he died. That is what happens when mentally retarded persons are left to their own devices. They can fall into the wrong hands but they are treated as included but are very vulnerable, but instead of apportioning the proper tests, Labour do not give the person proper care. This Labour government wants to save money and not bother to go to that expense and that is what is meant by bias of inclusion. Of course the killers must get the maximum jail term that is possible today but we as a society have a duty to prevent such grave deprivation.

That young man desperately needed help and did not get it because under the current system he was to be treated as to be included into society , when all he needed was a sheltered home and someone to look after him, like a social worker.

The punishment of his killers can never be long enough because Michael Gilbert never knew in his lifetime what it meant to live and that others cared about him. He died a most desperate and lonely death and that was because he was treated llike any other adult who was potentially lined up to get a job and that is what he wanted but when he tried to line up at the job centre his killers came and bundled him into a car and tortured him some more.

Would we still have special work places for disabled persons like we used to have Michael Gilbert could have enjoyed an almost normal life but he was left to fend for himself and so  could not manage.

Inclusion is onlly a bias if it is applied to those who are better off not to be included but get special care instead. Without doubt there are many disabled persons and children out there today who deserve to be included and would do and do very well already. Often physically disabled children excell in school disciplines and they must be given the chance to attend normal school. I have a bit of a feeling that some schools simply are not equipped to take disabled children because they have old-fashioned buildings with lots of stairs.

I do not think it fair if David Cameron is attacked for a father’s inability to get a place for a child in a Church of England school when it is Labour that is responsible for schooling at the moment. David Cameron has his fair share of disability in his own family and knows the in and outs of families having that particular need.

The case for the death penalty

I never even ever dreamt of the eventuality that one day I could be asking for the death penalty back but now I do. I was severely traumatized reading about that poor vulnerable young man who got tortured to death by a family that robbed him of his benefits, kept him as a slave, subjected him to regular beatings and other torture and eventually killed him and threw his beheaded body into a lake. BBC story

Murderers of that sort deserve nothing but the death penalty. I think all criminals that kill helpless persons like the old, vulnerable, disabled or children alike, should have to hang for it or even given the opportunity to choose from several ways to die. And that is me speaking, and I was always ready to excuse all types of failures but that is really without any excuse whatsoever. The poor young man didn’t even fight back and said he loved the people that tortured him because they are his family. I have now had 2 days of nightmares over this story and simply cannot get over it. And then finally today in church I thought of asking to get the death penalty back for murderers that kill poor defenseless persons of any type.

I cannot even imagine what torment that poor young man went through and I prayed for him very hard today in church. This is not just some other hard luck story, this is the epiphany of what is wrong with society today, is that murderers of that sort can get away with a few years in jail and that doesn’t really put others off from not doing the same. There is absolutely no excuse for committing such a crime, there is no mistake been made to find the guilty persons. We do urgently, urgently a review in how vulnerable people like Michael Gilbert can be protected. Such learning disabled people get a lot of benefits and they tend to trust others without fear and the ability to retaliate and we need to make sure there are mechanisms in place that those type of persons can get checked once in a while to find out what their living conditions are like. I think Social Services or the benefits agency should be under a duty to make regular checks on such people to see how they live and ask them how they do and check for signs of physical abuse in the shape of a medical. That he could be subjected to such tortures and people around him didn’t realise what happened to him is so sad. That is the drawback on benefits by direct debit and internet banking, at least in the days when people had to go to the post office to cash their money, they had to be enough to go there and look good or the post office worker and others would have become suspicious but how this callous treatment could stay undetected for that period of time, whilst the young man’s benefits were robbed from him, should ring all alarm bells in the government. Yet we always hear cut people’s benefits. Sure the young men tried to queue up at the department of work and pensions and look for a job and was bundled into a car and driven off. Such people if when asked to attend interviews for benefits depend on someone to take them there and encourage them to participate but when people just can take vulnerable persons hostage it is not just a matter to change the rules but to punish such murderers with the death penalty, there is no other punishment fitting such a crime.

And there needs to be better enforcement of the Mental Health Act because the victim was unable to ask police for help and sent them away saying it would make things worst for him. If someone is so learning disabled that they are unable to protect themselves from serious harm, they must be sectioned under the Mental Health Act and taken into Authority care.

The “Blue Lagoon” family is now in court to await sentence and I hope they will never be allowed out of jail again. See latest report. From the evidence of that second article it becomes clear that the police knew the problems that young man had and even gave him money for a ticket. Yet it was tolerated that this young man was slowly tortured to death at the hands of that horrible, disgusting family. The young man should have been given sheltered housing and been cared for by a Adult Social Services Care team. It is not compatible for our western civilisation that such persons can suffer such fates.

It has long been my argument that such learning disabled persons often cannot care for themselves even though they look normal. They completely rely on guidance and if that guidance is not given they will tolerate any treatment they have to endure but are unable to function properly and their self-preservence instincts do not work properly. In law they should not be treated as equal to those who have the full brainpower.

I am very pleased to read that the killer got a minimum of 36 years in prison and even his mother got put away for 10 years. Let them rot forever.  I do not think such people can be rehabilitated.

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