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I agree with Councillor Shafi Ahmed, when he said during the Standards Advisory Committee tonight, that he prefers in person meetings as people can concentrate better. This morning I went to a half-half meeting, expertly delivered by THCVS. The room was well equipped but there was no reception for data for those who were not… Continue reading Meetings

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SNT officers no stay

I0 years ago I had discussions with Tower Hamlets Police about the continuity of service local police officers give to the community. Then Met Police agreed to extent the stay of an officer in an SNT Ward to 2 years. Now we are back to less than square 1. At a recent SNT Ward Panel… Continue reading SNT officers no stay

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ASB Awareness week

I'll spend the next seven days concentrating on #ASBawareness week. A keen Neighbourhood Watcher, I can come along to police engagement sessions and hand out Neighbourhood Watch leaflets and I also hope to sign up new members. Community interaction over safety concerns is a concept, which is not included in most other engagement activities you… Continue reading ASB Awareness week

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A day of a volunteer

Since I've retired I spend my time volunteering. Keeps me busy, the brain active and I think more healthier than without doing anything. Friday 15. July 2022 10 AM going to community centre to let work man in to fix the boiler 10:30 AM whilst waiting for the worker been told that the contract of… Continue reading A day of a volunteer

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Closing popular bus routes

Another bit of drama created by Sadiq Khan is his desire to close the most popular bus routes because of 'government cuts'. Obviously it is designed for maximum anti-government protest. Nobody who has to make cuts would cut the most popular routes, as those routes obviously make money for the service provider. It is sheer… Continue reading Closing popular bus routes

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Special measures for Met Police

The Metropolitan Police has been put in special measures by the policing watchdog after it highlighted systemic problems including scandals and a failure to log 69,000 crimes. Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services cited “substantial and persistent concerns” about performance including failures to stamp out corruption and properly investigate crime. This… Continue reading Special measures for Met Police

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concerning crime trends

I am quite amazed that the police only advertises Crimestoppers for Anonymous crime reporting instead of seeking more service provision from localised providers. It's a bit like having only one hospital for all the sick in Britain. Britain has a population of over 64 Million, yet only one anonymous crime reporting service among constant complaints… Continue reading concerning crime trends

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centralising services – Facebook

The positive first, Facebook has developed a way to determine what is deep fake and where the image comes from, reports Microsoft News. However on the other hand, the social media platform Facebook now acts as intermediary for all types of contract service if something is lost and wants to control how service provision works.… Continue reading centralising services – Facebook