drilling for Mayor

This Drillminister guy is rather refreshing with practical ideas how to integrate communities and actually stop homelessness.

Well, he can’t speak as well as all those polished public speaker can but he does make sense. He wears a mask and says his father fought against the Nazis.

Chinese wear masks all the time and we don’t worry but if somebody in Britain wears one it’s uproar.

I am getting tired of the politicians who come up with the same old policies and forgetting the actual people that make our communities.

I like his attitude saying what he says is important.

Copy cat

Rebecca Long-Bailey seems to latch onto Boris Johnson’s success with Northern voters. Her being a northern MP of course makes a case for winning back voters by promising extra commercial activity in the area, if they only choose her Socialist scheme instead of Boris’s.

It is true that an important MP will stimulate an area and them going away will deaden the town. Just look at Kirkcaldy, the home-turn of Gordon Brown, that city centre died down once Gordon Brown hung up his coat.

I think promising a reverse Britain policy is just another pipe dream and not realistic. Unfortunately capitalists have nothing to offer that looks beyond immediate profits. But, what this country needs is a long-term government strategy that takes account of climate change structures like the widening of mouth of the river Thames.

Boris Johnson seems to love to Parallelise,

East from West in London with the airport plans

North from South with civil servants re-allocations.

The river bank and the buildings need to be re-allocated around London. There is no case for abandoning London as commercial and political centre.

Quite clearly because Capitalism, which is completely inflexible and unable to make structurally sound but momentarily unprofitable decisions, will bring the downfall of this society if we do not snap out of it.

A government-led sound strategy is the only solution.

The UK is a small country, the land-mass is about only double the size of land that is currently occupied by the Australian bush fires. There is little space to experiment. What needs to happen is that the Capitol London gets re-structured, with a re-allocation of the River Thames shore line and all buildings around it need to be shifted outwards.

Unfortunately Cross-rail has been built in a very short-sighted way and will become obsolete within 50 years. But that should become a reason to abandon London and shift all activities northwards.

We need to preserve the Greenbelts, the farming areas for important reasons. Shifting London northwards will destroy large swathes of our countryside.

Yes abandon the current Houses of Parliaments, built new ones further away from the river Thames, make a wonderful modern building that is not stuffy.

The power of the city

London used to be top city in 1895 with a population of 5,974,000 but has now sunk down well below others.

Whilst Bejing was the no 1 city in 1500 with a population of 672,000 with London not even reaching the top 10, it is now the leader with most growth with London being in 4th position. See the animation to see the development from 1500 to 2018.

London rose in the latter part of 1800 till the beginning of 1900 and then fell back sharply after world war II.

By 2100 London is not even expected to be in the top 20. However, caution has to be given to that list as it doesn’t include predicted sea-level rises by that time.

Whoever is in charge of policies in Britain today is not doing this country any favour by making policies, which will not lead to a growth either in size of our city or will help develop it.


fast movers

red bus on road near big ben in london

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

The urban myth that you need a car in London to get around, is really a myth. Scientific examination of transport has proven the following:

The following numbers came up or moving people around town:

  • 22.000 people using trains
  • 19.000 people walking
  • 14.000 people cycling
  • 9.000 people using buses
  • 2.000 people using private cares.

Read about all the details on New Scientist from where I gotten those numbers.

I had a dad who worked just down the road and needed to take his car to drive there. So that car dependence is just a little bit of an addiction.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan will let us have a car-free day on 22. September 2019. I love the idea, better than the whinging Boris Johnson always did talk about needing large family saloons all the time.

Apparently Talk London is consulting on having car-free days once a month. Bring it on.

London Transport is amazing, with Central Line trains running every minute.



Bernard Hogan-Howe new Met Police commissioner

This is today’s announcement that Bernard Hogan-Howe has been appointment by the Queen today. As a Neighbourhood Watch volunteer I look forward to the constructive relationship with the new Met Police Commissioner and hope he does a lot for Neighbourhood Watch in Tower Hamlets and helps actively to re-instate it as a working Association across the borough.

I excitedly read over his distinct qualifications and his desire to get rid of crime to a nil crime level, that makes a refreshing changes to Commander Rickett’s attitude who noce said that crime couldn’t possibly get any lower in Tower Hamlets. I am also very pleased that he seeks to re-classify Cannabis as a Class B drug.

Though I have to be careful what I say about Commander Rickett as I do rely on his support for my planned Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association.

This Association will bring the partnership between local residents, business and the police a step closer together from the currently working in SNT panels, which are police led and initiated. Neighbourhood Watches are local organisations, led by the community, which further law and order and also play critical friend to the police. There is an essential difference whether individuals only come together every couple of months to meet the police or whether those individuals committed to Neighbourhood Watch and are registered associations with a continuation of service of the community and not just off and on discussions.

Here in Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch has been neglected by the council as one can see from their website, whereby they refer people to the local SNTs.  I an howver hopeful that Andy Bamber and/or Detective Inspector Rickett will endorse our application for funding to encourage more Neighbourhood Watch activities in Tower Hamlets.

We all want to enjoy our neighbourhoods, we all want to be proud of our neighbourhoods and we want to live in peace and prosperity.

Happy Birthday Boris

It’s Boris Johnson’s 47th birthday tomorrow on 19 June 2011 and the Back Boris 2012 campaign could not get a better start than to wish Boris Johnson Happy Birthday with good wishes for his next year.

Boris Johnson has again brought out travel card wallets, which is very appropriate, since he is in charge of transport. This time the wallet contains a scan code for smart phones. Boris has so far done a brilliant job and his latest project is London’s overground rail network that will put 20 of the 33 London boroughs and 30% of all Londoners within 15 minutes walk of an Overground station. In the next 4 years Boris will spend £4.6 Billion to make London’s Underground more reliable.

On transport, severe delay and disruption are down by 5% thanks to measures to improve traffic flow on roads. Crossrail will increase London’s transport capacity by 10% and provide a £42 billion boost to the economy and generate 30.000 jobs. Olympic venues have been completed in time and on budget.

Boris has the special campaign website called BackBoris2012. And you can contact his team via e-mail if you wish to help with the campaign.

Thank You!

Thank You!. says Boris Johnson for registering support for his bid to be re-elected for London Mayor. Register your support here

Election Day

Yesterday I went up Bethnal Green Road and saw Mr Abjol Miah, the local Respect parliamentary candidate standing at the bus stop outside the post office, giving out leaflets. I told him that I remember him having knocked on my door previously and I then told him I am a Conservative and I am going to vote Conservative too. He mocked me, saying that one sees more Respect members than Conservatives in the area. Just earlier in the day a large group of Conservatives, among them Zakir Khan’s mother stood outside our local C.o.E. school giving out blue Conservative balloons and I thought that made great impact. Therefore I went up to the Conservative office in Brick Lane, got some more balloons and marched back down Bethnal Green road to show some presence in the area.

Today started with a cold morning and now we have a beautifully sunny day to come out and cast the votes. I think we have one of the most hotly contested elections in a long time and the voting took a steady pace. I thought there were more people coming out this time.

I began the election day at St. Elizabeth School polling station, and stood outside with the local candidates Matthew Smith and Nur Baksh. There was a crowd of Respect Party members and eventually the police came along and said we are too many and block the footpath but we Conservatives were assured we are OK, we had 3 people standing there. Respect were very civil to offer all other parties a breakfast of croissant and hot tea. But when the police talked to them, Respect agreed to cut the number of pollsters to 4, to reduce their numbers. I passed on the croissant but then enjoyed the tea. It was also very nice to see the old friends and neighbours that came to vote and I felt really at home.

I spotted a film camera across the road and Channel S came over to interview Nur Baksh and then asked me; not being a candidate myself I was taken by complete surprise but managed a comprehensible answer.

I then went off to Bow East to help with a final leaflet drop. My bad eyesight took its toll and I fell over like a plank of wood at an address where I didn’t see the steps in the path up to the door. I now nurse a very bruised knee and my leg feels like a plank of wood as well.

Yet I am hopeful we will get a good result and the turn-out looked promising. What we need is a majority in the council to make effective changes needed. But even then the outcome of the Mayor consultation vote is also important because all the councillors cannot function properly if a mayor takes over the running of the local council.

Pawns on a chess board

I love chess, well at least I like it a lot but chess is a game to be played on a board with figures being moved around in tactical moves to disable the other side’s King. Tower Hamlets is not a chess board though but the Labour Party treats it as such, moving and shoving, placing candidates out of their natural habitat to other locations as to manipulate the electorate.

I am more than pleased to read that Dr. Anwara Ali had enough of this and decided to join the Conservative Party to be able to stand in her home area of Bow West. Especially as Dr Anwara Ali also knows people there, this usually comes with being a local GP.

From the skill’s side of things Dr. Anwara Ali is a highly respected professional and those type of people simply cannot help but become Conservatives as good practise and good thinking is a Conservative trait that always attracts the best minds.  There is nothing wrong with being able is there?

Yippie and three cheers to Dr. Anwara Ali.

I read this story in the East London Advertiser and recommend this paper for the best and detailed local news, the paper in which Lutfur Rahman is reported to have said that Dr Ali is out of touch. How can Mr Rahman possibly make such a remark about an East London GP who is devoted to help poor local residents achieve better health care and does so each day in her doctor’s surgery. How can he call her out of touch?

Canary Wharf : City Pride

Just been to a meeting in Canary Wharf and I must say the rooms are very high, so its understandable that the ceilings in City Pride can be lower with more floors at the same or lower height compared to Canary Wharf. What this shows to me is that the councillors who argued on the evening of the planning permission for or against City Pride, didn’t seem to have had the essential architectural or technical data beforehand to make informed contributions to the debate.

I think that in such planning permissions councillors should be supplied with the technical data in full, given presentations to explain projects so that on the evening of the decision making in the public council chamber they actually know what they are talking about.

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