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The urban myth that you need a car in London to get around, is really a myth. Scientific examination of transport has proven the following:

The following numbers came up or moving people around town:

  • 22.000 people using trains
  • 19.000 people walking
  • 14.000 people cycling
  • 9.000 people using buses
  • 2.000 people using private cares.

Read about all the details on New Scientist from where I gotten those numbers.

I had a dad who worked just down the road and needed to take his car to drive there. So that car dependence is just a little bit of an addiction.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan will let us have a car-free day on 22. September 2019. I love the idea, better than the whinging Boris Johnson always did talk about needing large family saloons all the time.

Apparently Talk London is consulting on having car-free days once a month. Bring it on.

London Transport is amazing, with Central Line trains running every minute.




Bernard Hogan-Howe new Met Police commissioner

This is today’s announcement that Bernard Hogan-Howe has been appointment by the Queen today. As a Neighbourhood Watch volunteer I look forward to the constructive relationship with the new Met Police Commissioner and hope he does a lot for Neighbourhood Watch in Tower Hamlets and helps actively to re-instate it as a working Association across the borough.

I excitedly read over his distinct qualifications and his desire to get rid of crime to a nil crime level, that makes a refreshing changes to Commander Rickett’s attitude who noce said that crime couldn’t possibly get any lower in Tower Hamlets. I am also very pleased that he seeks to re-classify Cannabis as a Class B drug.

Though I have to be careful what I say about Commander Rickett as I do rely on his support for my planned Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association.

This Association will bring the partnership between local residents, business and the police a step closer together from the currently working in SNT panels, which are police led and initiated. Neighbourhood Watches are local organisations, led by the community, which further law and order and also play critical friend to the police. There is an essential difference whether individuals only come together every couple of months to meet the police or whether those individuals committed to Neighbourhood Watch and are registered associations with a continuation of service of the community and not just off and on discussions.

Here in Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch has been neglected by the council as one can see from their website, whereby they refer people to the local SNTs.  I an howver hopeful that Andy Bamber and/or Detective Inspector Rickett will endorse our application for funding to encourage more Neighbourhood Watch activities in Tower Hamlets.

We all want to enjoy our neighbourhoods, we all want to be proud of our neighbourhoods and we want to live in peace and prosperity.

Happy Birthday Boris

It’s Boris Johnson’s 47th birthday tomorrow on 19 June 2011 and the Back Boris 2012 campaign could not get a better start than to wish Boris Johnson Happy Birthday with good wishes for his next year.

Boris Johnson has again brought out travel card wallets, which is very appropriate, since he is in charge of transport. This time the wallet contains a scan code for smart phones. Boris has so far done a brilliant job and his latest project is London’s overground rail network that will put 20 of the 33 London boroughs and 30% of all Londoners within 15 minutes walk of an Overground station. In the next 4 years Boris will spend £4.6 Billion to make London’s Underground more reliable.

On transport, severe delay and disruption are down by 5% thanks to measures to improve traffic flow on roads. Crossrail will increase London’s transport capacity by 10% and provide a £42 billion boost to the economy and generate 30.000 jobs. Olympic venues have been completed in time and on budget.

Boris has the special campaign website called BackBoris2012. And you can contact his team via e-mail if you wish to help with the campaign.

Thank You!

Thank You!. says Boris Johnson for registering support for his bid to be re-elected for London Mayor. Register your support here

Election Day

Yesterday I went up Bethnal Green Road and saw Mr Abjol Miah, the local Respect parliamentary candidate standing at the bus stop outside the post office, giving out leaflets. I told him that I remember him having knocked on my door previously and I then told him I am a Conservative and I am going to vote Conservative too. He mocked me, saying that one sees more Respect members than Conservatives in the area. Just earlier in the day a large group of Conservatives, among them Zakir Khan’s mother stood outside our local C.o.E. school giving out blue Conservative balloons and I thought that made great impact. Therefore I went up to the Conservative office in Brick Lane, got some more balloons and marched back down Bethnal Green road to show some presence in the area.

Today started with a cold morning and now we have a beautifully sunny day to come out and cast the votes. I think we have one of the most hotly contested elections in a long time and the voting took a steady pace. I thought there were more people coming out this time.

I began the election day at St. Elizabeth School polling station, and stood outside with the local candidates Matthew Smith and Nur Baksh. There was a crowd of Respect Party members and eventually the police came along and said we are too many and block the footpath but we Conservatives were assured we are OK, we had 3 people standing there. Respect were very civil to offer all other parties a breakfast of croissant and hot tea. But when the police talked to them, Respect agreed to cut the number of pollsters to 4, to reduce their numbers. I passed on the croissant but then enjoyed the tea. It was also very nice to see the old friends and neighbours that came to vote and I felt really at home.

I spotted a film camera across the road and Channel S came over to interview Nur Baksh and then asked me; not being a candidate myself I was taken by complete surprise but managed a comprehensible answer.

I then went off to Bow East to help with a final leaflet drop. My bad eyesight took its toll and I fell over like a plank of wood at an address where I didn’t see the steps in the path up to the door. I now nurse a very bruised knee and my leg feels like a plank of wood as well.

Yet I am hopeful we will get a good result and the turn-out looked promising. What we need is a majority in the council to make effective changes needed. But even then the outcome of the Mayor consultation vote is also important because all the councillors cannot function properly if a mayor takes over the running of the local council.

Pawns on a chess board

I love chess, well at least I like it a lot but chess is a game to be played on a board with figures being moved around in tactical moves to disable the other side’s King. Tower Hamlets is not a chess board though but the Labour Party treats it as such, moving and shoving, placing candidates out of their natural habitat to other locations as to manipulate the electorate.

I am more than pleased to read that Dr. Anwara Ali had enough of this and decided to join the Conservative Party to be able to stand in her home area of Bow West. Especially as Dr Anwara Ali also knows people there, this usually comes with being a local GP.

From the skill’s side of things Dr. Anwara Ali is a highly respected professional and those type of people simply cannot help but become Conservatives as good practise and good thinking is a Conservative trait that always attracts the best minds.  There is nothing wrong with being able is there?

Yippie and three cheers to Dr. Anwara Ali.

I read this story in the East London Advertiser and recommend this paper for the best and detailed local news, the paper in which Lutfur Rahman is reported to have said that Dr Ali is out of touch. How can Mr Rahman possibly make such a remark about an East London GP who is devoted to help poor local residents achieve better health care and does so each day in her doctor’s surgery. How can he call her out of touch?

Canary Wharf : City Pride

Just been to a meeting in Canary Wharf and I must say the rooms are very high, so its understandable that the ceilings in City Pride can be lower with more floors at the same or lower height compared to Canary Wharf. What this shows to me is that the councillors who argued on the evening of the planning permission for or against City Pride, didn’t seem to have had the essential architectural or technical data beforehand to make informed contributions to the debate.

I think that in such planning permissions councillors should be supplied with the technical data in full, given presentations to explain projects so that on the evening of the decision making in the public council chamber they actually know what they are talking about.

A very dense high-rise development

You thought the biblical tower of Babel story is just a lot of old toss but if you want to read it and compare it to the current developments in Tower Hamlets you can see the doom and gloom looming at us from the distance.

Yesterday’s “Strategic Development Committee” meeting at the Town Hall of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets was extraordinary to say the least both in the result and the conduct of the Labour run council.

Three planning applications were dealt with in an extraordinary manner. When one application wasn’t approved by democratic means the chair took it upon himself to allow them anyhow. But that is a chair one can hardly understand, he mumbles into the microphone and I don’t accept excuses that English is not his first language, he should at least try and pronounce his words in such clarity that both the public and the other attendees can at least hear what he is saying.

The recommendation is that tower blocks should come in clusters this had been taken by Tower Hamlet’s Labour council to mean where there is one there is going to be another and there are going to be more and more of them. I think it is down to the typical cynical attitude of New Labour that they don’t even see its necessary that their members are understood as long as they make the decisions that are in the interest of Nu Labour. but in the past tower blocks were used mainly for business whilst Tower Hamlets council now wants to use it for housing.

All applications were vehemently opposed both by the Community and the Conservatives Especially the development of a huge tower block at 15 Westferry Road, caused high emotions against. And those emotions are certainly justified.

Even the Labour councillors had some valuable contributions to make to question this development, which comprises of a 62 storey high tower block that is planned mainly for residential use. But that is not all the units within it themselves are too small to comply with social housing guidelines and therefore unfit for housing permanently of persons in need of social housing.

Quite correctly a Conservative councillor assumed that this tower block is going to be higher than Canary Wharf because it got 20 more floors in it, but remarkably the City Pride development is actually lower than Canary Wharf despite 20 more floors. Councillor Peck, making sure everybody was aware that he is speaking as a tall person, said that the floors within the building must be very low and so voted against it. Councillor Omer also remarked that the water supplies must be a problem, we all had warnings of water shortages even without large high rise blocks in the area.

Councillor Archer brought up the argument of density and whether such density would be allowed in other areas of the world, to which the answer was no, but in Hong Kong there is a similar building and so Tower Hamlets will now progress from being the poorest borough in the UK to also being the densest borough in the UK and second place in the world after Hong Kong. What a proud moment for Labour, stack them high is their motto.

I am most concerned about the units not being fit for social housing and an argument brought that only the richest will be living in there among a community of poor is not what will actually happen. The Council now uses such properties to house homeless persons there for short term leases and this whole new tower block will be stuffed full of homeless people and will create a vertical ghetto. They just get around social housing and minimum housing standards for social housing by building private housing that they then let to people with social housing needs, simply because there is not enough good standard social housing available. The mind boggles.

Labour’s answer to poverty is to create higher concentrations of poverty. I think this will end in a social disaster, and this tower block is going to be a huge security and safety risk for the people who live within it and a crime hot spot, I predict.

This development was proposed at a cost of £30.000.000 and when it was voted down by 4:3 the chair took it upon himself to allow the planning permission to go through despite the democratic vote going against it.

Remarkably developers were able to submit e-mails on the afternoon prior to the meeting to suggest higher grant funding when the opposition were kept to strict deadlines and some signature petitions and solicitors letters to the Gladstone Place developments were brushed under the carpet as not legally important, to which the Liberal Councillor remarked, that just because the Council’s lawyer said they are legally not viable that it has happened in the past that in Judicial Review they were found to be legally very viable and voted against.

The Gladstone Place development was strongly opposed by local residents who submitted 2257 signatures and letters against whilst the council says they only received a fraction of those. Strong opposition was focused around reduced car parking, that would effect adversely visitors to the adjacent Roman Road market and over-density.

An environmental impact assessment is persistently refused by the council as unnecessary whilst opponents demand one and incidentally this is the 2nd application for the Gladstone place development because the first one, exactly the same is being opposed with an application for Judicial Review in the High court and the progress is halted whilst that is going on. this second planning permission application can now also again be opposed with an application for Judicial Review. Private Eye also ran a story about this called Tesco Towers.

The whole consultation process is put into question repeatedly whereby residents are presented with surveys, the results of which are then taken to excuse those developments. But what bothers me is that the people completing the surveys are not told what the real impact of their answers is going to be. The opposition also produced a solicitor’s letter against the Tesco Tower developments, which the council solicitor recommended to be ignored.

There was a lot of booing from the gallery against all Labour decisions and especially the City Pride decision attracted some very strong reaction from one visitor who promised to take this on, probably meaning an application for judicial review about this as well.

Conservative councillor Archer shone with clear and concise contributions to the discussion, questioning the reasons, grounds and decision making for the new tower block developments and attracted large and loud applause each time he spoke the same as all other Conservative councillors and Claire Palmer who argued that the Gladstone Place development would simply cost a lot of tax payers money because of the legal challenges to it. Apparently the protesters are not against the supermarket but the high rise building that comes with it. Bow in this part is really just a little village made up of little houses and feels pretty rural in places. Looks like New Labour wants to turn Tower Hamlets into a type of Manhattan.

All together it was THE most controversial evening of decision making I have ever witnessed and it appeared that the Labour councillor were set from the start to accept all planning applications the developers proposed. We heard of Labour Party funding scandals to do with housing developers in the past and I wonder what the implications of this evening will be.

The erosion of the family


Is in my view the biggest threat to our society today. We see more and more single people and single mothers because of housing policies.

People do often not understand what the political palaver and gibberish means, the policies and strategies outlined in abstract terms contribute considerably to a lesser participation in elections.

Politicians should explain in simple words, to attract the layman’s view on policies and issues of common concern.

As I outline in my post For all Star Wars Fans and also on my own web site, I feel that the breakdown of family and therefore the family becoming less important for children are the biggest single risk factor in society turning fascist and incoherent to social needs.

This trend is underlined by housing policies. When I attended an Defend Council Housing meeting as the House of Commons a Conservative MP stood up and said: "If it weren’t for council housing I would not have been able to start my family".  This is a very important sentence to explain what I mean. I am not necessarily implying that only council housing can ensure housing for young families but what is important that a young family has got a chance to start without having to have a child first.

Because today the practice is that only young women with a child have a chance to be housed, with or without the partner.

Any young man on a low income who wants to do the decent thing and get married first and start a young family with both partners or only one partner in employment and on low wages would not even get off the ground, especially not in London and in areas where rents are unaffordable high for low earners, who earn just enough to be over the benefits threshold.  Young men spend longer times now to live in with their parents because there is not even hope to plan a marriage with a partner. It’s only those who start off having children who have a chance to get housed.

Of course you cannot discriminate against single mothers with children because once they are born they are in this world and I do not think that any other discrimination positive or negative would work.

Its often plainly a cultural thing and our young families are forced to crowed in with their in-laws until the children arrive for them to be able to claim their own home.

Frankly I do not know a solution to this but it should be a priority to devise a strategy to solve this crisis, one way would be to reduce immigration, which places an immense strain on our housing stock and also to help regions of low economic activity to attract an influx of settlers and also to promote a restriction in family size for all people whether religious or not. I think if people will not restrain themselves voluntarily now we will get to a situation like it is in China today and that should be avoided.

Young persons on low wages depend often entirely on tax credits to make ends meet and we should strive to reduce the dependency on state benefits and increase the ability of our citizens to life without having to subsidise high prices for all sorts of necessities because this is what tax credits and benefits basically guarantee, it is the price structure for goods, services and properties.

I am not advocating that we go back to the dark ages and leave people just to fend for themselves because it would lead to unimaginable exploitation of the weak but it should be a priority to seek a solution to the matters outlined.

What is apparent that we have the few who earn millions for providing a public service without having personal liability for their policies and measures and we have the lots of low wage earners who struggle to live a decent lifestyle and very little chance and choice to become self-employed or change employer. The Labour answer is amalgamation of services cutting out of high paid managers in council services for instance but that is not the much needed comprehensive answer to today’s problems.

During Labour’s reign the gap between rich and poor has in fact increased to the detriment of the poor. We need structural change and we need it now and only the Conservatives can provide for this. Common sense is what we need.

For all Star wars fans


who may be delighted to know that the Empire strikes back for real, in the biggest council shake up for 30 years. the perception of Empire though has changed, there is on one hand the Socialist Empire that reduces local democratic input and there is the Conservative Empire that wants to give the running of local services back to the local people.

Amalgamations and Centralisation of services, slashing of the bad, bad managers posts, to sell it to the masses, is the latest populist strategy the Labour government invented.

So far not any modernisation of services has reaped any benefits. Under Labour we’ve seen the most changes taking place in the history of men within a span of 12 years and we only got deeper and deeper into recession.

In Tower Hamlets we see basically the same happening. Services being centralised without much or not sufficient consultation but as compensation we get to have a say how local monies are being spent. I am on one of those panels myself but have little input apart from certain objections to wordings on publications, the policies are all ready made from above.

In our immediate area we had 420.000 pounds to disperse and the council ensured the young vote had a good say and drafted in plenty of 11 year olds to have a say.

Not one extra police person was bought by the fun loving youngsters, despite this having been a choice on the menu. However, I shall attend a post-discussion about the effect of the popular vote to spend the local budget by 100 lucky registrants.

Socialists always had good methods in selling their self-destructive policies, Hitler is the worst example here, who was a national socialist, but now even for the occasion of the G20 conference we already see all the Communists and Socialists blaming the bad Capitalists for all damaged done to our environment, when they forget to say, that all our problems are due to Socialist administration of our public affairs.

The youth are always the most vulnerable and easy prey for those selling discontent and I feel that less local administration combined with less family contact may draft young people into believing that today’s Socialists are actually beneficial. Hitler employed a very similar policy with his Hitler Youth, as I have outlined on my own web site. In Germany young people were drafted away from their families so the family had less influence over them.

These UK council administrative changes today cost the democratic process dear because the more centralised the better the top-down management and less input from the locals. With less actual democratic consultation but more populist policies and youngster drafted in to support them we gradually see a return to those populist policies fascists to heavily rely on.

Incidentally those changes affect Parish councils, because Parish and town councillors now have less power. This can have a good side if services rely on a political view but can also be bad for local democracy and the direct input of elected councillors.

In my view Labour should have listened to the locals who protested against the top-down changes and the locals were right to try the best they could to oppose those changes.

 BBC NEWS | England | Council shake-up affects millions

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